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Comment 02 Mar 2018

how do you lose to PSU 3 times in one season... no matter how overall season went, how do you lose 3 times against PSU.... not MSU or Purdue... but PSU... 3 times.

Horrible coaching adjustments ... what was last play all about? you took TO to do that?  

last 1/3 of the season showed, we over-achieved majorly and true color showed up.. glad we will make NCAA... and that's a big win for sure, but very disappointing end..

losing 3x to PSU... that's just great

Comment 18 Feb 2018

back to reality... a team that has overachieved but ain't going anywhere when it will matter... 

people who think this team will go far are living in dreams...

at least finally we will make NCAA.. that's a progress and should be applauded..but who is scared of playing this team?  

let's win 1 in NCAA and call it a day... helluva better than Matta days of past few years... which were unwatchable. 

at least I can watch competitive games and seeing us win more than lose is good 1st step

Comment 18 Feb 2018

i missed watching most of the year but watched last few games.  my thoughts are

1.  this is no top 20 team.  

2.  CJ Jackson is horrible; turns ball over too often and disappears.  

3. Dakich hardly shoots the ball even when open.  what's the point then?  

4. guard play is very poor and mediocre at best.

5. KBD is decent but he's double teamed constantly and at this point, opponents will not let him have an easy game.  We have to beat opponents with other players.

6.  Kam is a mess since returning.  3 game suspension killed his year... 

7.  Tate has become a solid player.  like him a bunch.  rest of the team - not so much, including KBD.  KBD will need to come back and get better. 

I say we might win 1 game in NCAA .. and that would be GREAT

Comment 25 Jan 2018

1. first time i am watching every game and actually enjoying college BB again since god knows when.  thanks bucks.

2. can't win them all, but this one was heart breaker.  PSU was hot from the start and never cooled down.  Our D was not as stout as previous though.  

3. Foul troubles cost us some points; gotta keep cool and avoid stupid fouls by 2 of our best players. 

4. Losing is a good thing at times. I think this 'could' serve as a motivator to get up and go play hard 48 min and start a new streak.  we have tough road games coming up - Purdue, Indiana, even at PSU again, and lastly @ TTUN... we could easily lose all of these games if we don't come out and play hard, smart from the start.  great season could easily become not so great in a heart beat. 

can't say  i will lose sleep over it.. great game.. more fun than watching those dysfunctional Cavs...those are unwatchable

Comment 04 Jan 2018

great news indeed.. 

but honestly, i hope Ryan retires from football and enjoy rest of his life healthy and finds a different passion... he has millions in the bank and family... why return to football?  (sure, it's his passion i get it, but is it worth it to potentially re-injure and then what?)

he will be great at whatever he decides.... but think long term health and family

Comment 30 Dec 2017

bye JT..thanks for the work man..

bye Tressel-ball... hope for new year bringing different style of football. 

last 2 years have not been joyous to watch quite honestly.... 2 underachieving years by our standard and expectation, given our talent and scheduling.  

next year - tough games - TCU in texas neutral site... @ PSU... new QB... 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

nothing will change unless 5 power 5 commissioners want a change.  sure, pac 12 and big ten got left out this year, but one year disappointment won't cause any major push for change. Big 12 got left out in 2014, instituted a conference championship this year (although it could have backfired if TCU won)... 

Delaney seemed calm today on ESPN.  he said he was surprised and disappointed but supportive of committee... Pac 12 prob knew they wouldn't get in anyway, so no big surprise.  

Having said this, I joke w/ my SEC friends that ESPN and current playoff committee should just have a top 4 SEC teams every year and enjoy themselves, while Big 12, ACC, Big Ten and Pac 12 form a new playoff structure with conference champions participating - very simple. no politics no bias.. just 4 conference winners... 

so ESPN and SEC can have their fun.. and no one will argue with them with their top 4 SEC playoff series... and rest of country can enjoy true championship w/ 4 conference champions on FOX....

at least now, most of the country know how crooked the committee is - structurally as well as personnel who are mostly old men from southern heritage who have little respect for anything but southern football.  it's pretty shady actually but most people aren't aware

Comment 04 Dec 2017

sure.. if u say so...

will see what happens...

we will NOT win a national championship w/ Holtmann... who will come to OSU?  over KY, Duke, Arizona, UCLA... give me a break.. in BB, you truly need elite 5 stars in your team to win it all... 

if the ceiling or goal is to make it to NCAA.. yea.. fine.. Holtmann will do... i guess.. 

I doubt Gene hired Holtmann w/ expectation of a national champ... that ain't happening

Comment 04 Dec 2017

1. Gene being a member = hurts the team if anything not the other way around.  he can't be in the room when osu is discussed.  they want Gene in to make it appear, big ten / midwest is represented.  but how can it be when 50% of the members are old and from south?

2. Delaney was politically correct today on ESPN.  he said he was disappointed and a bit surprised but supportive of the committee.  either he has no balls or he realizes that OSU gotten in a couple of times while being on the fringe in 2014 and 2016. (although 2015, we were surely top 4 team and should have been in).  

3. I rather see more objective, analytical tools to determine the top 4, along with conference champions are the only teams that qualify for playoff period... 5 champions and then 1 w/ lowest rankings or metrics is out..  sort of what Joel Klatt is suggesting.  I can't stand this current human biased approach from old men who haven't changed w/ times.  

as everything, this system won't change ... not anytime soon... you would need 1 year when no SEC team is in.. then there will be uproar and push for change.  how does this happen w/ so many committee members being biased?  

well, you need one year, where SEC teams all just shit their pants and suck... and other 4 power 5 get 1 team each into playoff... imagine that.. have zero sec team.. what do you think will happen? 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Committee is a fraud for sure -  not based on OSU decision but the inconsistencies week to week (i.e. last week "5-8 are very close" to this week's "Bama is unequivocally better" ) or year to year (2015 OSU would have been in the playoff w/ this year's year, it's resume.. one year, it's 'eye test').  In age where technology, AI, IoT, driver-less cars, and other amazing analytical technology being available, we allow bunch of old men from old school from 'southern region' do whatever they want to do to put teams that they want in - then reverse engineer arguments to justify.  Of course, ESPN homers put on a show with redundancies and facade that everything is the way it should be.  

It's a farce... OSU got the better of it last year's farce (guys you know we should not have been in last year)... and this year, we got the worse end of this farce... at the end, it's a farce period. 

nothing will change any time soon.  This means, you just have to win every game... or at worst, one loss early and no blowouts and win the conference.. this gives you legitimate chance each year under this farce.  

Comment 04 Dec 2017

nice job bucks... 

so we put our future on  Holtmann.. a coach w/ short history of coaching... no wonder BB always plays second fiddle to football. wish we took BB a bit more seriously.  I mean school having a will to win championships rather than just a good showing in big ten down the road.  

Comment 04 Dec 2017

2018 Bama schedule:


Ark State

Ole Miss


Louisiana Lafayette





MS State




nice of them to play Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette and Citadel.... 3 s.h.i.t. teams.... 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Joel did a great job on networks today.. appearing everywhere..

i am not as upset about OSU not getting in.. After Iowa, I didn't think we would or should.  I AM upset about Bama getting in for all the reasons Joel stated. 

Further revealed about makeup of committee (50% from south).....misleading statements from Holcutt week to week....inconsistencies year to year...

I am all for conference champions getting in only... even if that means we get left out at times... why else do you play the conf championships for?  really... 

and i hate 8 team playoff... 4 is fine.. 

Gene being in the committee helps ohio state Nada... zilch... why is he even there... that only helps the SEC argument that "osu had its own AD there so it's fair deal that OSU got left out"... 

Comment 04 Dec 2017


if anyone is surprised that JT cannot take us to promised land is as stubborn as Urban Meyer is.  it has been clear since last year, JT is not elite.. he's 2-3 star QB caliber playing with elite 4-5 star talents all over the field... he's 5 star + in leadership w/ 2-3 star QB abilities. this is not a knock on him as he tries his best.  but his best isn't same level as Clemson's, OU's or other elite program's QBs.  w/ the talent we have, we prob don't need a 4-5 star QB talent but someone at least who can be counted on in passing consistently and he does not have that.. he's a horrible passer period.  he's not even top 20.. top 30... top 50.. in passing skillsets. 

JT would have never won 2014 championship if he started 2 games against Bama and Oregon.. we got lucky w/ Cardale and his freestyle play w/ great running back Ezekiel. 

JT has hit the ceiling - winning Big 10.. good for him and let's win one more.. then we need to move on. 

last 2 years has been absolute underachievement for Urban no matter how he is willing to accept it as success.  I think it was 2 wasted years w/ top talent. horrific playcalling.. predictable every game.. refusal to use RBs at times...letting talent sit on the bench at QB..being outcoached several games... i don't think this is success at OSU.. if Urban or anyone thinks it is, then we will never win another championship w/ Urban.  you have to WANT to win it all... Saban does..  

Comment 04 Dec 2017

just b/c urban makes the big $ does not excuse him from making mistakes or making bad decisions.. he's human...salary has nothing to do with it.

there are plenty of fans, myself included, who respect JT and wish him well but in my view, urban has clearly given him too much pass over the past 2 years and has cost us few games.  

this is major reason why despite making it to the playoff last year and then getting blown out, and getting blown out 2 games this year are FACTUAL evidence that Urban's absolute loyalty to JT is misplaced IF.. IF... winning is the ultimate goal.  If getting 9-10 wins are the goal, then he has accomplished that and keeping JT would get it done...

We wish JT well.. get one more win... but we are mostly ready for next era... 

for me.. these 2 years have not been enjoyable - mostly b/c we know we have the talent to compete w/ Clemson and Bama or anyone, but i sincerely feel, coaching staff in general and our QB are not up to par to compete w/ top 2-3 in the country (outside of BIG).  

this is not an opinion...any more.. 2 years have played out and it's FACTS... i've been saying the same thing about Urban and JT for 2 years now.  As a fan, it's my opinion and we are entitled to it.  all we can do is give views.. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

JT will hopefully better in life than football... and one he passed recently - Art whom I grew up watching....Pretty sure JT will do fine.

far as college level football goes, he has 1 game left and hope he goes out a winner.

having said that, most of us i know are ready to move on.... can't say he has has achieved all the goals... quite frankly w/ some HC, he might not have ever started at college level (top 10-15 schools that is)... he isn't elite.  but it's just a game.. no big deal.

he will do well in life and that matters more.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

I don't have huge  problem w/ BCS other than i like 4 team format vs top 2 BCS team format.. also BCS took heavy weight towards human polls that I am not fond of... human polls have been around for ages and inherently biased towards voters' geography and other tendencies... 

call it improved BCS w/ more data.. better data... and 4 (or 8 whatever they decide)... i just hate relying on 70 year old men sitting there with lifelong bias towards what they think football is or ought to be... that's what you have... go look at 13 profiles of current members... if this is the board of directors for Google, Apple, Amazon or whatever, would you have these kind of people from old generation sit there and make critical decisions?

Comment 03 Dec 2017

committee is full of 1980 mindset oldies whose eye test hasn't changed in 30 years... not reflective of modern football... poor sample if you ask me.. 

i work for Big Data / Data Analytics company.. and in today's world, it is amazing we use 10-13 people ( 3 could not even vote today) who decides such critical things...and those people are old, archaic, and use outdated human 'feelings' 'guts' and 'eye test' to make decisions.

that's sad indeed... anyone applauding this committee (like Herbstreit) lacks how the world has evolved in the age we live in - big data, cloud, AI, IoT, sophisticated algo, codes, ways to truly analyze players, teams, anything.... 

we can do this a lot better than relying on few old coaches and administrators w/ lifelong bias about what football is and what a good football team is in THEIR EYES..

Comment 03 Dec 2017

first, I am shocked if Urban and team really thought they would be IN THE PLAYOFFs..and to me is a bit disturbing. 

you have QB who can't pass and have performed terribly in big games except 1 quarter against PSU. 

you have LBs that can't cover TEs/receivers and get burned routinely.

lost to OU at home (good loss but still at home by significant margin)

lost to iowa away by 100 points (you get the point)

last game on national stage in front of committee members all watching w/ Bama bias to begin w/ and do another standard OSU show - big plays.. horrible plays.. penalties.. interceptions..pull out a small win.. 

and you think you would be in???  

Urban either needs to go back to his younger / more aggressive days with will to win every game and every down.. vs his "oh, i don't want to work up too much any more like i used to when i was younger" talk... you can't win championship w/ JT type of caliber. he CANNOT Throw. my 6 year girl knows this.  he had 5 years and regressed.  Urban needed to move earlier on QB position and never did out of loyalty.  loyalty is admirable but i rather have Saban like approach when it comes to winning.  

maybe this is the lesson urban needed... 

hope JT wins the last game and move on.. great guy... 

but most of buckeye nation is ready to move on from JT era... it's been most frustrating.. mostly because we have had talent to win 2-3 national championships during these 5 years.. yet we have 1, and 1 blowout loss and partly left out this year b/c of our (and MSU) 2 bad losses in the biggest stage in recent 2 years.  to me, that's a bit of underachievement if you ask me.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

honestly, i don't know why Gene smith (or even other top schools) sits on the committee.. not like it helps... not that i expected any 'better' results because of Gene... waste of time... 

if anything 13 is not enough.. you need more diversity in the committee.. making a huge decisions.. today, 3 couldn't vote (Gene being one of them).. only 10 voted.. that's just not enough.. 

also found Urban stating to ESPN that he thought ' we were in' comment very disturbing.  you lose 2 blowouts - one to iowa and barely beat PSU and WI last night w/ horrible QB play in front of national audience and in front of entire playoff committee watching, and you think we were in it?  

man, I hope urban finally wakes up and changes his way of getting things done... as he gets older, he has lost the edge a bit and too much loyalty to JT... that has cost us few games last few years... how does he not know JT is just not going to win the elite competition ?  i don't get it.. unless he is truly happy w/ winning big 10.. and being in the conversation (vs winning it constantly like Bama)

Comment 03 Dec 2017

one thing clear about JT...

1. most of us love him.. will always be great buckeye.

2. most of us are ready to move on.... for good or worse.. 5 years is way too long for college player of any kind... you are going to get the record books in many stats when u play that long and when the team is this good for that stretch....

3. he will not have a national championship as a starter and rightfully so. he is not that caliber.. don't fool yourself that he could have won it all in 2014 or this year if we made the playoff.. wasn't going to happen... so take solace that we avoid embarrassment and let JT go out in a game he can actually win against USC or whatever.. (not easy but winnable).  

bring in the new era.. way overdue