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Comment 28 Jun 2020

Dang.  Not sure I would claim that for Ohio State fandom.

I thought it was a decent idea on paper just turned out to be received like a lead balloon.  LeBron, who has done nothing criminal in his whole career (that we know of) was treated like a heavy felon.  I guess the actual circus of the event and the whole "taking my talents to South Beach" sounded extremely conceited and left a sour taste in the mouths of fans everywhere by openly creating a super team.  Probably the first and last time someone makes an announcement like that.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

I go 1/3 to students. 1/3 to big donors & corporate. 1/3 to the public via lottery system. 
I don’t allow season tickets and have each game be requested when the window opens similar to how they do it now. For a one year exception, will have to deal with it...while keeping donations rolling in. 
Maybe dedicate one of the non-conference games to alumni tix mixed in. 

Comment 03 Jun 2020

I went to Ohio State and somehow graduated. Also was in undergrad for the 2002 natty. Back at a time when the school was easier to get into then it is now. All these young nerds are making the degree look. better and better...although at this point in my career makes no difference other than bragging rights. 

Comment 03 Jun 2020

The offense overall got lost in a sea of trying to get everyone touches. It was never a true identity one way or another. Never a ride the hot hand. So the cohesion was not good and the play calling was worse. 

Braxton specifically - I think is not a true receiver so they weren’t running him on true routes with a route tree. His touches were gimmick type plays or break downs where he got lost in coverage and was very open. Just don’t think the staff wanted to spoon feed a delicate frame a boatload of touches, especially given all the other skill player studs on that offense. 

Comment 02 Jun 2020

For me, it’s any/all scandal. I hate the off the field black eyes. The Woody punch, TatGate, Zac Smith. I would love to get rid of those. Especially when Tressel played those guys in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas. Terrible look for our program...and later playing those guys and then the Florida Gator bowl probably cost us a title shot against a weak ND team in 2012. 

On the field, I would originally say the Florida game in 2006. If we focused, played our game, and Ginn didn’t get hurt I think history is different. But that also probably changes Urbans trajectory and path to us. With that being said, I go 2015. I would have loved for us to just simply pound Zeke like 100 times a game and muscle through the B1G while we get our QB situations ironed out. Then we could have pulled the old Tressel tactic and open up the offense for Michigan and the bowl(s). That team had all time potential but never got out of 2nd gear until after the loss. We could have just fed Zeke and ran option and probably destroyed the conference. 

Comment 29 Apr 2020

I think anybody who has been on a sports team has had games where they lost and had no business losing. I can think of several instance where one of my teams lost a game where the other squad probably didn’t have a single player that would have started on my team. For whatever reason we just didn’t show up and to them it was the super bowl. Luckily for us, our margin of error was much greater than OSU’s beauty pageant to navigate the B1G and get to the playoff. For us everyone made the playoff so the loss only helped us regroup and shred folks...kind of like 2015 OSU losing to Sparty and then woke up and demolished Michigan and Notre Dame. 
Thats why they play the games. 

Comment 16 Apr 2020

This happens with Bama every year.  They start slow in recruiting and then as signing day closes they get a tidal wave of 5 stars. 

Every.  Single.  Year.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

Notre Dame was set to join in the early part of the 1900s...however, they were black balled by Michigan as the conference evolved from the Western Conference into the Big 10.  Michigan refused to play a growing/improving ND and got everyone else in conference to stop playing them as well which had the unintended consequence of actually helping to grow ND as they had to travel to take on challengers.  They were able to spread coast to coast and also appeal to every single catholic school boy in the land.  We all know the rest...

For what its worth, I would welcome ND with open arms.  Especially if it mean adding another good school with them and dumping Rutgers and/or Maryland.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

USC is one of those programs that feels like they SHOULD be good every single year.  Just lock down the west coast and they're loaded with talent (in theory - easier said than done in the day and age of recruiting).  However, very much like Texas, they also feel like there is talent but some ingredient is missing from getting them over the hump and into the playoff hold.  It also doesnt help that the PAC12 is in shambles and leaves USC with no margin for error anywhere in their schedule.  It's extremely hard not to have a slip up somewhere along the way - see numerous loaded Buckeye teams who slipped up and missed the playoff by splitting hairs due to weak Big10.  Conversely, if they handle business and mow down the PAC12 they are a sure take for he committee.

If Helton doesnt dial in the recruiting classes like USC should they will fall from that Texas tier down to a Florida State slump.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Going back to Bo, Michigan never lost - they were always cheated, be it refs, the other team cheating or even fans. Always an excuse that they got jobbed. Harbaugh has really revamped that scenario and fans on blogs do the same. They revert to the same old holier than though schtick. Always omitting the fact that Michigan basketball has vacated more wins than any program in America. Omitting that they were named under sworn testimony that recent players were taking money, that Woodson and Marcus Ray were on the take from agents, RichRod had extra practice. Harbaugh is operating in gray areas with camps, hiring coaches/parents, and taking international trips. Point being, the playing field is close level whether they want to admit it or not - they just aren’t that good anymore. Even historically, if you looks at wins and records - many of their wins came when teaching a school the game then beating them 3 times over a weekend. Michigan was often cited to have ringers who weren’t enrolled in school but back then they didn’t have media like today nor the dollars on the line. I won’t mention wins over high schools and YMCAs as many universities count that. But again, once the playing field leveled out, they’re just not that good. 
I think the #1 problem is no big time players want to go to an arrogant school and sniff their own farts out of wine snifters. 

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Like many, I can’t stand Dabo. He reminds me of the Righteous Gemstones. A religious pastor with the most F’d up, corrupt, hypocrisy behind closed doors. BUT his team is defending national champs and have been sleepwalking while mowing down their schedule. He’s gotta motivate somehow. He’s turned to the “us against the world” schtick. 
We owe Clemson an all time ass whoopin. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Yep. Day is definitely smart enough to know the program history and pitfalls/keys of rivalry games. Day saw Urban’s prep and I’m sure knows about Tressel, Cooper, etc. He probably says those coach speak lines outwardly to keep media vanilla but they’ve been prepping for these games for weeks if not all year. I think Rutgers game is proof. 

Also, Franklin is drunk on Axe Body Spray and Harbaugh is just a B- coach who is unstable.
I like our guy.