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Comment 15 Aug 2017

Follow up question, at what point does B deck become an obstructed view? Or is it hit or miss?

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Based on everything I've read, Myers has a lot of learning to do in Pass Pro.  I think he is a likely redshirt.  I think Victor is going to be a stud and will lock up a starting job, as long as he works hard in the offseason. He reminds me of AJ Green.  I haven't seen enough of the non-Baugh TEs play, but that seems like a position that Meyer chooses the experience, leading me to believe Baugh is a shoe-in for a starting job.

Comment 15 Oct 2016

Off topic,  but I'm buying tix for the Nebraska game, looking at Section 23A. Is that section more of a Stand and get crazy or am I going to get shit the whole game for standing?

Comment 01 Mar 2016
Didn't do the segway tour. We were supposed to do a dune buggy tour but it got cancelled due to weather. I was at the cigar shop which was cool but nothing to write home about (I like a good cigar but am not an aficionado by any means). We also did a Snuba excursion but we were both very hungover so that didn't turn out well. I really enjoyed Atlantis, they have an awesome rapid river (think lazy river but with the occasional big wave and rapids area) and I thought the aquarium portion was awesome. You will find strong drinks just about anywhere yo go, so your friend is right about that
Comment 01 Mar 2016
I was in Nassau for my honeymoon in January. Did a day pass for Atlantis (think it was $150 a person) that gave us access to the aquarium and water park. Obviously pricey, but I think it was worth it. Aquarium was pretty cool and the lines to all the water park attractions were nonexistent. And if all else fails they have a casino.. We spent about 5 hrs there, would have spent more but it was only 70 degrees. Downtown Nassau we checked out Graycliff cigar and chocolate factory and there was a cool brew pub, can't recall the name but it was just outside of the cruiseship port. Something with Pirates in the name. For authentic Bahemian food head to the "fish fry" district. Probably 10min cab ride from the port.
Comment 07 Feb 2016

You can have a handgun in chicago, that law was changed years ago. You can also conceal carry with a permit.

the majority of the violence is on the south and west sides, but even still it is restricted to much smaller pockets. Probably 95% of the crimes are gang on gang. You dont know what you are talking about if you think otherwise.

-southside Chicagoan