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MEMBER SINCE   September 24, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State: 1/12/15
    Non-Ohio State: Tie, Blackhawks Stanley cup runs or 05 White Sox World Series
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Da Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Da Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: Whitesox

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Comment 10 Mar 2020

Andy - Are you planning on a 2020-2021 preview once Matness is over? I’d be very interested in hearing your insights on next years very early projected roster

Seems like there are questions at almost every weight class 

125 - Does Heinselman take the next step, or do one of the other guys push for time (smaller Decatur?)

133 - Who fills this spot? Seems like Jordan D cant handle the cut

141 - Jordan D? D’Emilio?

149 - Is this Sassos true weight? Or is he going to bump up or down?

157 -Echemendia? Hayes get another year? Seems like Cleary is more of a filler

165 - I assume this is Smiths to lose, but where does Kharchla fit in?

174-again seems like Romeros to lose, does Kharchla push him?

184 - anyone to consider besides Jordan?

197 - assume Hoffman?

hwt - chase or gas tank? Can either cut to 197? (I have no clue what either if them are weighing in at)

Comment 15 Sep 2018

stayed with a buddies uncle in Norman. He was dropping us off on gameday and we asked him to stop so we could buy beer. He said “you wont need it, your wearing ohio state shirts, everyone will welcome you to Norman and give you beer”. First tailgate we walked past : “Heyyyy. Welcome to Oklahoma, you want a beer?”. And it continued that way for the whole day.

Iowa had a great tailgate, although I knew people there so im not sure how it would be for a couple complete strangers. 

My buddies and I do the same kind of trip every year, this year we are going to Miami at Va Tech.

Edit: WVU is on our list, how was that? (My group of friends includes an Oklahoma, Va Tech, Miami, WVU, and Notre Dame fans, so we will be doing sll of those schools before branching out into random games

Comment 21 Nov 2017

Its the only way to keep everyone involved and setting their lineups. We do $200 buy in. Weekly low man pays high man $20. Second lowest score of the week pays $20 to a pot that goes to the regular season winner. Playoff winner takes the whole entry fee.

Comment 21 Nov 2017

. In my league low man of the week pays high man of the week. Gives people a reason to keep playing even when they are out of contention. In that case, or something similar, the 1-7 team has every right to trade and try to make his team better for the weekly payout. If it is within reason of course

Comment 06 Nov 2017

All of the Iowa fans sitting around me were in just as much shock as I was. That was the most raucous atmosphere of any game, including games at the Shoe, that Ive been too. The first 5 minutes of the game in Norman was a close second.