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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Front row watching OSU beat UM for the championship. And being right there for the alleged pass interference. It was a holding and the UM fans (I was in their section) all agreed.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Keith Byars running without a shoe for a td
  • NFL TEAM: Browns, Bucs, Dolphins and Jags. Despair.
  • NBA TEAM: Magic

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Comment 13 Nov 2019

Hab, I give you credit for admitting you came over to this site to check on Buckeyes' point of view, though you did not go as far to say you were a troll.  I strongly disagree with many, if not all, of your opinions, but that's OK.  Everyone has opinions.  Except that "my opinions happen to be right, it is just unfortunate others do not see it that way or are able to comprehend my intelligence."  -quote from one of the greatest intellectual minds of our era- me.

Anyways, I do give you credit for playing rope a dope and taking your beatings, and providing entertainment.  FYI, in the future, for those who do not read posts very often, you should on occasion admit up front you are a UM fan,  I believe others would be more polite in posts. (out of pity and sorrow..haha-sorry cheap shot, I know).  I do believe 11W  posters actually have respect for another fan's opinions. There are some that openly post as UM fans that myself and others respect and enjoy their perspective.  When they spout BS we can call them on it, and if we do they can call us on it, it's all good discourse. And if you live in Michigan...I'm sorry.  :)

Comment 13 Nov 2019

I wish I knew how to do it, but I would post that video of the "lady" fan jumping into a fray with the  wrecking ball music dubbed in.  I don't know how to attach the link. the video on youtube is "female alabama fan comes in like a wrecking ball on ou fan". google it, easy enough to find.  I really cannot watch that enough.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Ski I agree.  How should OSU drop when they more that took care of business and everyone knew AL or LSU had to win the game?  If we are number #1 and played like it, how should things change?  I do not know this for sure, but the PFB committee is supposed look at the teams anew after each week. As such, I cannot disagree that LSU has a heck of resume to be #1 after playing at AL  (yes I watched the AL LSU game and the LSU coaches fd up on times), but still.  

I know it will not happen, ever, but the CFP top 4 should be picked by the Vegas sports bookies (yes I know all the issues that make it impossible), but the Vegas bookies spend more time evaluating games, teams etc, full time as a job as opposed to the those on the CFP committee who review clips.  Yes the lines move  some based on betting trends, but Vegas is pretty good at analyzing games and they want to nail the score exactly so everyone loses except the house.  Just a random thought.  Never going to happen, ever, but for thought.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

7 sacks for the team, excellent.  OK, I will be that guy who says "I wonder how many Chase Young could have had too?".  However that dismisses the job that his replacements did in the game.

Somewhat unrelated note, (but since it involves OSU and big ten-why not), can't wait to talk to an NFL game watching bar buddy who last week vehemently argued Vanderbilt only sucks because they play in the SEC and they would be second best in Big Ten and ACC.  Looking back he said that to help make his Gators look good for their game against Vandy yesterday.  But he seriously believed that and could not be convinced otherwise.  I had to cut him off, too many beers.  

But in retrospect, who could be the second best team in the ACC?  The ACC sure doesn't know.  Anyone want to tell the ACC teams this is college and that losing does not help them get a higher draft pick?

Comment 30 Oct 2019

We may be getting off topic here, but Navy you opened that door and I am going to walk on through it. .  I am not sure if my number was listed or if it was just idiots dialing my number by error because it was similar to a Marriott hotel here in Orlando.  I started to have fun with it after a point as some people would start yelling at me that I was in fact the Marriott.  I even told one, would a Marriottt employee say "f*, f*, f*". like I just did?  Would Marriott also want to decline business and take reservations.? She was quite persistent I was the Marriott.  I finally just said, OK fine, and I took their reservation.  Not sure what happened to that crazy lady and her family when they got to Orlando and tried to check in.  But heck I spent about 10 minutes trying to convince her I was not Marriott.

Side note, I was not a sarcastic SOB to anyone at first, but was always quite polite to those who called in error to help them out.  Not their fault, and they are trying to set family vacation plans.  I helped them out.  Actually one of them we got along so well and she was so appreciative we discussed my recommendations on attractions, places to eat etc on their visit.  HOWEVER, when there were pushy people like noted above,  my sarcasm reared its head--- to quote the late great Macho Man Randy Savage "Ohhhhh yeah, its go time!"

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Stantman, I will share a funny Vegas story as well.  I had a buddy (who is smart as heck and great attorney but knows shit about Vegas betting), he comes back and and gives me a betting receipt.  He was proud that he got into sports betting and bet the buckeyes to win the NC at 10-1 odds.  HIs bet..$5.  I told him I appreciate the thought but not logical to spend $900 on flight, hotel, etc to collect $50.

Comment 03 Oct 2019

I Neb loses because of this suspension (not saying it will in any way) but it really doesn't affect OSU (or shouldn't).  If Neb loses, that is a loss against a team we will beat (assuming).  If NW loses, they lost to a team we beat.  Granted, I do understand that it always looks good for national pundits to see a televised game with teams with better records at the time they play.  Either way, OSU take care of business and all will be good.

Comment 03 Oct 2019

I had some Vegans over to a pool party cookout (yes I said cookout not BBQ as that would offend cooks who say grilling burgers, chicken WITH BBQ SAUCE and hot dogs is not a true BBQ (don't want to get into it here).  But they were kind enough to bring over some veggie burgers for themselves.  I tried one and ...not bad.  Just bought some again today at the store, not because I hate meat or am a vegan, but the things are pre cooked and after watching a Buckeye game on DVR at 3am, they cook up in a minute in a microwave.  With a bun cheese, etc and favorite burger toppings, (though not a fresh cooked burger) not a bad late snack.  In seconds to boot.

Comment 28 Sep 2019

yeah there are bad snow storms especially up near the lakes, but in Ohio didn't have to worry about a hurricane landing a tree on your house. (been there, it sucks)