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Comment 08 Mar 2012

It's a money thing.  That's all.  ND will bring in the Moooooolah.

Bring in Rutgers, and N'western and Indy don't need to worry about the basement anymore.

Maryland?  GT?  Poo!  Maybe BC or VT.

Comment 07 Mar 2012

Mom needs to get into her sons business and demand her son do the right thing.  OSU FOOTBALL!

Moms know best.

Comment 24 Jan 2012

Maybe someone at 11W can ask the coach about the ESPN bias etc.  I'm sure he knows some things from working around Mark May.


Comment 25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas from The Kingdom Of Tonga.

Thanks to the 11W staff for a wonderful year of "reads".

ps: please tell me the cat pic with Urban isn't real.

Comment 24 Nov 2011

It will be 6am Sunday morning here in Tonga when the game starts.  No TV, internet is a step above dial-up, and Scarlet and Gray Radio streams intermittingly.  I just sit and look at the gamecast on ESPN.  I'm excited!  It's GAME DAY!  

My beloved BUCKS, beat the holy crap out of tsun!

Comment 21 Nov 2011

Even though this year has been dysfunctional, as far as OSU football goes,  I'm trying to be optomistic about saturday's game.

Our lossess in the BIG to MSU, NEB, PER, and PSU have only been by 19 total points, and then the win over WIS!  (msu-neb-psu top 25 teams)

This is rivalry week!  OSU and tsun.  I'm still going to pace the floor, have shortness of breath, think bad thoughts, curse the refs, and HATE the maze and blue with a passion.  This is a week talked about all year!  I'm not allowing "dysfunction" ruin my week.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Will Mark may now jump on the OSU bandwagon since his co-worker (friend?) Urban Meyer is (maybe?) HC for the Bucks?  

Comment 02 Nov 2011

Hopefully Miller will get that opportunity to "air it out".  Maybe see 15-20 zips down field.  This will give Miller a great confidence boost going into PSU and UM, and of course, not looking past Perdue.


Comment 31 Oct 2011
I'm with ya on the JT thing. He took the temp Colts job, (making chump change to pay the light bill) and will return for next season.
Comment 26 Oct 2011

I consider myself a realist. If Wisconsin shows up to play, we'll have to wait until next year for a "BIG" championship.  Then again, I can't help myself for going into idealistic mode.  "WE" got this one.  O-H

Comment 19 Oct 2011

No one is going to take the "WE" away from me!  "WE won national titles,"WE"won BIG ten championships!  WE ARE OHIO STATE!