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Comment 26 Nov 2019

It'll happen some day ...they can be right 1/12 just like a broken clock.

That said ... I am an abused child of the Cooper years and I will NEVER take a win for granted. Every year I am mentally prepared for the worst ... had my heart stomped on too many times.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

Second your Jos A Bank comment, but Suit Supply is pretty decent quality, depending on the level you select. 

That said, I'd suggest that a made-to-measure or bespoke option is the WORST choice for a first time suit buyer ... you don't know what you don't know, so how are you going to make the detailed choices that are required? You can spend $1000 for MTM or $2500 and up for bespoke and get some gawd awful thing that looks like it belongs on the set of Jersey Shore (is that still a thing?)

Comment 21 Nov 2019

I have a lot of suits, more than i need for the line of work I'm in, because I love them, how they're made, and the quality of a fully canvased, hand finished, well tailored suit is a thing of beauty. I have never paid more that $1000 for a suit, but that's because I'm extremely careful on what I buy, from where, and for how much, but some of my suits would retail for $4k. You do get what you pay for, but expensive does not necessarily equal quality. 

My advice on those new to suit buying is as follows: 

1. Fit is the most important element in a suit ... which leads to:

2. Get to know your tailor. A good tailor is more than someone who shortens pants hems ... they can adjust nearly element of a suit so that it fits you as it should. In this, you will REALLY get what you pay for, so read online reviews critically and find someone who knows how to deal with tailored clothing. I've paid as much as $200 to have a jacket adjusted, but they practically took it apart and put it back together ... his rates were high, but the seamstress in the corner of your local dry cleaner could NOT have helped. 

3. Fit is most important, but particularly in the shoulders ... this is the aspect you need to nail and by far the most difficult to alter after the fact. Do not get something too big, everything will hang wrong and you'll look like you're wearing your dad's clothes. Do not get something too small, the suit will pull, be uncomfortable and the seams will be the worse for it. Try on lots of jackets, figure out what is truly too small, as a well-fitted suit can feel snug the first time you wear it, but your perceptions adjust.

4. Buy off the rack unless you're very oddly proportioned. Different labels will cut for different shapes, so figure out "who" fits you. If you want to go a bit custom, do investigate Suit Supply, they have pretty good quality for made-to-measure (which is not a custom bespoke suit). 

5. Your first suit should either be a medium/dark blue or a medium/charcoal gray ... get one of each. No stripes or plaids as you build your suit wardrobe ... they are more formal and less versatile. Stripes and plaids are ALWAYS on sale ... stay strong.

6. Try to stay with 100% wool, for durability and longevity. Worsted wool or super 100's will be more durable than super 120's or higher.

7. Quality of suits varies highly and mass retailers (Macy's), tend to carry the lowest quality examples. You can get a gorgeous, fully canvased super 120's suit by Eidos for $500 or less if you shop online from someplace like SaksOff5th ... you can spend $500 for a garbage Calvin Klein white label at Macy's.  I actually like the quality of stuff at Banana Republic ... much higher quality than you would expect for the price point, and their shirts are pretty good too.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Maybe he's better than 2018 Haskins, but that's not the choice ... we had a better QB in 2018 with Haskins, and We'll have a better 2020 QB with Fields ... and this year we are not being held back by QB play. While the ideal scenario was that Burrow would have stayed here and played for us this year like he's playing at LSU with Fields getting ready to take over next year, that was NEVER going to happen. So you get 3 years of excellent QB play in exchange for this year of Burrow ... I make that trade every time. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I’d take Drew Brees if drafting ... that kid was a witch at Purdue. Put him on those Florida teams and he’d destroy all of college football. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I’d take Drew Brees if drafting ... that kid was a witch at Purdue. Put him on those Florid teams and he’d destroy  

Comment 08 Oct 2019

I mean ... it's fine ... Do I agree with his order? No, but I agree with the content of his top 3 and his top 8 overall. In the world of a playoff system I only start to care if he has us outside the top 4 ... and even then it's a long season and things will change. Not all of that top 8 are going to be undefeated at the end of the season so the order will right itself - so #1 is a symbolic honor at this point in the season regardless

Plus, they kicked our asses the last time we played and I'm not going to make an argument against them until we return the favor and prove it on the field. 

Comment 07 Oct 2019

 I was once in a social circle that included a guy who played tight end for Ohio state near the start of John Cooper's tenure - he would tell stories about starters who arrived looking like superheroes who never picked up a weight or made it through a position group meeting awake ... Marlon Kerner is a name that comes to mind but I'm not positive about that? 

Regardless, the point of the stories was that even among a super talented group of athletes there are those who were given more gifts and there are those who make the most of what they were given ... and that those are not necessarily the same people. Whenever a kid comes to Ohio State who flashes the markers of greatness but then doesn't ascend to that level I just assume that he doesn't have the recipe of talent and work ethic and pixie dust... it's not that he's a bad kid or isn't working hard (and is likely working harder than I ever have) ... just that all the pieces for success don't align. This seems like one of those situations. 

Comment 04 Sep 2019

it's a bit of a shock to go for a burger at lunch and come back to the office smelling like an ash tray.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

New Riff is ... not good. At least the 4 year that I sampled.

Admittedly my palate is not as refined as some when it comes to brown spirits, but i found it quite harsh despite the positive hype, and I'd softened myself up with a flight of single barrel before hand. 

I was in the 513 from 2016-2018 and if there is one thing that I miss it is the many excellent bourbon bars just across the river. 

Comment 27 Aug 2019


My recipe ... Season a 2lb london broil with Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and Smoked Paprika (lots of each), and grill until medium rare. Also on the grill are quartered onions, green bell peppers and poblano peppers (and jalepenos if your palate demands heat) - to be grilled until charred. While letting the meat rest, peel the charred skins of the peppers and onions and coarsely chop. Chop the london broil to bite-sized pieces, reserving juice. In a dutch oven render 1/2lb chopped bacon, when crispy add (lots) of freshly chopped garlic, the grilled onions, peppers and beef and reserved juice. Add 6oz decent beer (i drink mostly IPA's but most anything will work), 2-3 cans of tomatoes (stewed/crushed/diced, whatever). Add tomato paste until the sauce looks like the color you want. Add beans of your choice ... it's nice if you've thought ahead and re-hydrated dry beans, but i usually go the easy route and use 1 can of black, 1 can of garbanzo and 1 can of navy or pinto ... canned kidney beans suck. Season as you go or you'll need to add a decent amount of coarse kosher salt at the end. I also usually hit it with black pepper, more smoked paprika and a generous shake of tamari sauce for the added umami. 

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I am generally not disagreeing with your comment, but It would be easy to make an argument that being *somewhat* happy to move on from Meyer would be example number 1 of a spoiled fan base ... the man is a top 5 (?) all-time college football coach who is at an age where most are in the full bloom of their prime. We as a fan base should be aware of how good we've had it, how unusual that is, and thankful for the past 2 decades with the understanding that this run of excellence, like all things, will come to some sort of an end ... it may very well be that moving on from Meyer (at an age where he's likely to coach again), accelerates the time frame for the inevitable slowing of a historic pace of winning. If/when Meyer moves on to another coaching position he will look to take "his guys" with him. Having to replace a group of guys critical to sustained all at once only ups the chances that one or more of the hires will not live up to the standard.

While it appears that Day is well-equipped for the job, just like a new starter on the team, we won't really know how good he's going to be until he's done it for more than a game or 3.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

While OSU is a college coaching destination it is certainly not THE coaching destination. There have got to be a million things about coaching at Ohio State that are each a major pain in the ass ... someplace is always going to look better (even if it's not). Let's say you're coach at Ohio State and get offered the HC position with the Cowboys or the Patriots ... you suuurrrrrre you want to keep recruiting 12 months a year? That grass might really be greener ... 

All I'm saying is, don't believe the flattery ... no matter what she says, the exotic dancer does not love you.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

I'd suggest that he is being fashionable AND stylish ... each of the looks in this thread are practical. There's nothing there that would look out of place on the street in the city. I particularly dig the jackets, jean and formal, while I'm not particularly fond of the pants-into-socks look.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

He's wearing Thom Browne, a truly iconic men's fashion designer who changed the shape and scale of men's clothing through what amounts to confrontational tailoring. An off-the-rack suit from his permanent collection will run you about $4k. Those socks carry his signature 4-stripes (one side only), are likely cashmere and probably cost $200 minimum. I personally dream of a day where I could pull off that look ... it's not likely coming. 

Comment 24 May 2019

same. Though after I turned it off I would perform check-ins to see if they'd figured it out. same thing with the most recent Iowa debacle.

The games over the past decade that the bucks have lost seem to rarely have been nip and tuck affairs of two great teams slugging it out ... it most often seems like OSU simply fails to show up. When it's clear that's the case I pull the ripcord and save myself the aggravation. I'll risk missing a comeback if it means I go have a lovely day with my wife and kid instead.

Comment 20 May 2019

due to his status as perhaps the most famous athlete in the world at that point, any service would have been read as an endorsement of the military and the military action ... thus refusal to serve even in a "morale-booster" capacity.

His stance came at great personal cost, it shouldn't be underestimated.

Comment 10 May 2019

Did our OL struggle all season? I honestly don't remember that ... but I look at Kirk Barton, Alex Boone, Doug Datish, TJ Downing, and Steve Rehring and see a line that should hold up in college football. Some NFL or borderline NFL talent, but all those guys were credible starters.

It HAD to be an out-of-shape Troy Smith and a hung over OL. It had to have been conditioning and game plan ... We got our asses kicked so bad by Derrick Harvey (4.84 40yd) and Jarvis Moss (4.7 40yd) that I thought those guys were going to be all-pro ... but they were mostly  busts in the NFL. They were very good/great college players and that's it. 

Comment 10 May 2019

 if they played that game 10 times, I think UF wins at least 8.

I remember during the 2006 season thinking that the team I was watching was the most talented I'd watched in my lifetime, surpassing the '96 or 98 squads that seemed to drip with athleticism and 2002 (amazing team/roster, few representatively dominant performances).

To check my impressions I scanned the rosters of OSU and Florida ... And despite the head-to-head outcome I'd largely take OSU's team if given a choice. We had arguably the better QB (that year), WR, RB and interior DL. Not our strongest group of DB's as a whole, but the LB's had a sophmore Laurinaitis and JR Marcus Freeman. The OL might not have been amazingly talented but it was veteran, which will win you a lot of games in college football.

In short, I was hoping to review Florida's roster and say "wow, we didn't see that coming but should have ... that was an incredibly talented team." Instead, I will have to live my my sense of disappointment about that game, believing that the team celebrated for 2 straight months and got their ass beat by an inferior roster, (but better team). They could have been immortalized by their accomplishments, instead it was a gigantic blown opportunity that negatively changed the national perception of the Big 10 and OSU in a way that is still in evidence. I'm going to go drink a beer.

Comment 02 May 2019

Rankings matter and team performance is likely well correlated to overall recruiting rank ....

However, and just for internet-conversational purposes ... I'm not sure that first round draft status is entirely the best measure of WHY rankings matter. In the NFL draft you still see guys get selected in the first round on "traits," as opposed to performance. For an easy and familiar example see Rashan Gary and J Peppers - how many times in the lead up to his selection was it mentioned that Gary was the #1 rated recruit with freakish athleticism ... who oh-by-the-way never played up to has ranking or athleticism.  Same with Peppers who looks like an action figure and would probably place pretty high in "most athletic man in the NFL" competition but still can't cover. For non-up north player examples see guys like Tunsil, or Nkemdiche, who got the benefit of the doubt regarding mediocre college performance in order to still go in the first round because "freak." 

Regardless ... the data is interesting. I'm actually interested in how those draft picks performed after being selected ... that is, did the 3* and below guys go on to have good careers, or did they underperform their draft status? how about the 4* and 5* guys.

Ultimately, in the NFL draft I want my team to draft the best performing players who have the athletic traits that predict their performance will translate to the pros. I don't want freaky-athletic guys that will have to get "coached up" when they're getting a paycheck (especially UM strong safties or OK St cornerbacks). 

For Ohio State I want mostly the same thing, great performers who project well to the B1G, plus freaky-athletic "project guys" sprinkled in on top ... so I care about rankings as a by-product of that, or as a pre-indicator of whether my team is getting what I want it to have.  i want the best players and athletes on my team led by the best coach. Give me that and I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy 3 to 4 hours of college football viewing 12 to 15 times per year.