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Comment 4 hours ago

I really doubt that many were lied to in recruiting, but more likely they heard work hard and you’ll play, they don’t and they don’t.  

i have to think that with Luther it’s either not fitting with teammates or not understanding or liking the offense, which a lot of this season seemed like it was playground offense.  It did get better by the end of the season.  Luther played some great games but also had some that he looked totally lost.  

iIn my opinion if a good point guard is available, maybe, but not a 2 guard.  

Comment 02 Apr 2020

I don’t think the lack of workouts will hurt him, nobody else gets to work out either, so the draft stock should stay about the same except for whatever else the scouts dig up on eligible players, character issues etc.  But the  virus could severely impact European teams and put any new signings on hold for a while.  But I think his mind is made up to go.

However, if he comes back, do we have enough roster spots?  I thought Towns put us over the limit.

Comment 29 Mar 2020



Cleanliness (50 points): Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Aesthetics (20 points): Is it inviting? Is it a pleasure to visit?
Size (10 points): How big is the bathroom? Does it provide handicap stalls?
Location (10 points): Campus bathrooms have to be easy to find.
Supply (10 points): Are paper towels, soap, and toilet paper adequately stocked? 

Cleanliness and location are contradictory for scoring in my mind also, hard to find is often the cleanest, and hard to find usually is more private, also a plus.  I'm surprised quality of graffiti is not a score, but it's been a long time since lived on campus, my be there is no graffiti anymore.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

This year's team seemed to play very well when Kaleb was on the bench.  I would not be too worried if Kaleb leaves, Liddell is going to be a monster, with a few expected games where he wasn't as good, he kept improving all year.  Young is a great rebounder when healthy, and Jallow was a very good rebounder a couple years ago. On defense, Young is good, and always plays as hard as possible, Liddell has nice shot blocking ability, and is improving on guarding.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

There is a lot of hopefulness here, I’m hopeful that this last surgery works and that he regains full mobility, we certainly don’t need another player at less than capacity.  A lot has to fall into place.  And I hope that Holtmann is certain that Kaleb is leaving.  It wouldn’t be a problem if there were no project players taking roster spots.  I’m a lot more excited about Sueing and Jallow being able to play this coming season, and hopeful for Towns.  

Comment 19 Mar 2020

" "greatest generation" could basically walk to their local steel mill with no prior experience and receive a good paying job". After WWII unemployment was rampant, the rate may not have been as high (and probably not as accurate), but it jumped all at once when those guys came home.  My Dad told of going out in the yard and shooting a shotgun in the air to chase the bums out of the yard after he came back from the war.  They lived near a railroad track and lots of vets that couldn't find jobs were riding the rails.  Those steel mill and factory jobs came a few years later.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

So are we also going to shut down retail establishments, like grocery stores and restaurants?  I was at a HS tournament game at UD Arena tonight, I feel a lot more vulnerable to germs at a grocery store than I did at the game.  What really is the difference?  I was also at a funeral home today, there were people there from all over the country, some had flown in, way less people than at the basketball game, but possibly much riskier.  It's kind of like finding a hundred holes in a boat and fixing the five largest ones and thinking that will keep it form sinking.  It may look good to some, but mostly ineffective.  

Comment 09 Mar 2020

This works great when everybody works, as we saw yesterday there were too many times when players were caught standing.  Hopefully Young will be ready to go this week, he never suffers from lack of effort or attention.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

You have to expect a lot of bad calls at breslin, but you overcome that with effort, it's not happening, especially inside, only Liddell wants to play.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

I think C.J. has stepped up to the challenge and has bought in more, he seems much more attentive, taking much better care of the ball.  But the entire team has played together better lately, which sometimes happens with a boatload of injuries,  Carton, Young, and Gaffney are out, Muhammad and Ahrens have recovered some, and Liddell has really benefited from the extra PT.  Hopefully we can get Young back and his previous injuries have gotten a little better also.  I don’t worry too much about fatigue, unless you have to play that first day of the Big Ten tourney, but foul trouble, like we just seen where Kaleb was victimized by the refs, or where he gets frustrated and does commit the fouls.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

I heard Lucas interviewed once where he was asked about fundamental skills and teaching kids to box out on rebounds.  He replied that he never wasted energy boxing out, he had studied how the ball went off the rim and backboard, sohe watched the shot and knew where it was going and he went where the ball was going.  It seems unusual for someone with such ability to also be a bona fide genius, bus obviously he used his intellect in the game.