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Comment 08 Aug 2020

Spring football in the Power Five Conferences would be a joke. All Seniors worthy of being drafted would sit out. All juniors worthy of leaving early would sit out. Class of 2021 players wanting to enroll early to get a start on their careers would be screwed and set them back a year. This could bring about U of M and NW in the Big Ten Championship game. God help the Big Ten

Spring football could be the the last straw that causes the Power Five Conferences to leave the NCAA. Which in turn would be the demise of the NCAA. 

What was most telling, was when the Big Ten preferenced the announcement of no pads, with "On advice of counsel". 

Comment 31 Jul 2020

If MLB would deal with their issues the fairest and simplest way there would not be a problem. If a team can't play a game due to the virus they must forfeit those games. That rewards the teams with good sensible caring players and it punishes the teams that should be punishes for their failures. What do they want to do?? Treat them like a rain out! Like all contests, the fittest survive. 

Comment 31 Jul 2020

The way things are, who wants to play on the left coast? 

Comment 09 Jul 2020

READ..."to any extent"...... There used to be 100's of thousands of cases/year of the viruses/diseases given. Now just a handful. There will be a vaccine for this virus and IF everyone gets a vaccination, there will be just a hand full of this virus per year. BTW, the biggest reason there are "outbreaks" is because there are people opposed to vaccinations. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

Can't legislate stupidity. All you need to do is see the young people shoulder to shoulder in pools and lakes across the county on the 4th of July weekend, drinking beer and partying, not wearing masks. It is impossible to lock up every teen and 20 something to stop this virus.