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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Evan Turner smacking a half court shot to beat Michigan
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Comment 16 Sep 2019

The actual season is 15 weeks (if you're lucky/good).. he'll have a break for basketball (not sure if he plays a spring sport) then he has all summer for the camp circuit plus a developmental/rotational year or 2 @ OSU.. this is a non-issue, don't make it one 

Comment 31 Aug 2019

Whoever brings it up will be roasted by Saban and lose their credentials.. 

Comment 27 Aug 2019

Whoever it is will muff two before eventually being replaced.. guessing a young dynamic playmaker will get a shot before being replaced by Hill or Saunders

Comment 25 Aug 2019

I'm all about the Lord's chicken at CFA, can't beat it.. people were flooding to the Popeyes by me, lines around the building.. shortly thereafter it voluntarily closed due to cockroaches.. glad I didn't go try it

Comment 19 Aug 2019

So that recruitology Instagram page has a story up (20h ago) telling everyone to go follow Paris Johnson because he's got some 'huge news' coming.. sorry can't upload the screenshot on mobile 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Forget jerseys, I want to know if their 12 piece Dewalt Power tool kit is legit lol.. always pops up as an ad no matter where I go

Comment 05 Aug 2019

No one here seemed to complain when Joey Bosa was  getting high and making AA teams. Marijuana is a sticky subject (npi), not too concerned unless kids have other issues. Something tells me he didn't get kicked out for a possession charge. But I'm a fan, ways in favor of adding talent.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

Opened this thread solely to see if there was any discussion on the ‘no, not the American’ tease.. how hopper tho, everyone was vaporized