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Comment 21 May 2018

Cracks me up how certain people are that JB is a great QB (or DH for that matter).  Neither has played a significant amount of snaps.  Cool it, guy left, left a hole in OSU's depth chart, pry got screwed by Meyer/OSU for doing so, and now let's move on.. CFB is big business and big business gets ugly.. Not really interested in Joe Burrow anymore 

Comment 07 May 2018

I try not to think about that stuff.. I was more referring to cellular data my first nest I didn't have unlimited data so it became an issue.. with Verizon's unlimited plan now it's not an issue

Comment 07 May 2018

Nest is nice if you don't mind it tracking your coming and going.. if you do, you have manually adjust it on the wall or phone and it will eventually learn .. Sends you a monthly report on how you're doing and what you can do to lower utilities..

Super easy install, passcode protected (awesome for my toddlers that can now reach it) and pretty aesthetically pleasing..

Comment 30 Apr 2018

J Hilliard will most likely be on this list next year (depending on how this year pays out)..  Some of these guys didn't make it for a variety of reasons out of their control

Comment 28 Apr 2018

Huge fan of the Marvel movies.. never touched a comic book..

Seems like the most supported theory (although I am intrigued by Wes' comment) is getting the time stone back and using it to undo most of this. If that's the case who can use the stone if Dr Strange is gone? Anyone? 

Man watching Peter go was tough..

If Dr. strange or some one else was warping reality I think it would've just been a show for Thanos and a lot of character to character interaction wouldn't have taken place..