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Comment 23 Jan 2019

So are you just scared to get a job and go to work? Schooling at that level is basically a scam and can bury you in debt for the majority of your adult life (outside of select professions). You should spending your time looking for a job that can lead to a career. Not listening some twat read a power point he plagiarized. Unless you want to work til you die, you need to be accumulating wealth and assets; not debt.

Comment 19 Jan 2019

Huggins whole career is built around recruiting talented kids who slip thru the cracks due to academic or behavioral issues.. it's not every coaches strategy and a lot of institutions won't put up with it

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Probably because he's solely responsible for one of the embarrassing 'gates' this decade. If he had a track record for HC success it might out way it, but the last thing the NFL wants is viewers being reminded of Bountygate.  His ceiling is as a DC and he's pry lucky it's that high with all concerns/lawsuits surrounding player health.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Probably because OSU has one of the only coaches in the country with multiple Natty's under contract and after this fiasco they don't want to turn around and see him on another sideline next year.

Bite the bullet, pay the contract and keep him behind the scenes. If he can help with recruiting, RLW, mentoring day, or anything else it's just a bonus

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Yeah been touched on in a lot of threads. Sounds like he came to fill a position that was never vacated and just coasted while collecting a check. It was also stated that said DB loves to troll fanbases and to take it with a grain of salt.