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Comment 10 Oct 2012

OSU's Football Team (Band substitutes in for 2nd half and scores 27) - 63

Gene Hackman's team - 3

Comment 19 Sep 2012

Braxton Miller's Legs - 28

The UAB dragons (or serpents, or reptiles or whatever they are) - 10

Comment 15 Sep 2012

shoot! earlier prediction taken. new one:

Buckeyes 40

Cal Yogi Bears 10

Comment 29 Aug 2012


Well, since I'm now officially enrolled at OSU, I can now seriously root for the Bucknuts and not feel like a poser (shh..don't tell my fellow grad peeps at U of Illinois) 

Ohio St-42

Little Miami-0


Comment 13 Oct 2011

La Bamba closed??? DAMMIT!!!

Going to a game is cool there simply b/c you feel so much closer to the field. Even in the cheap seats you feel relatively close to the field.

U of I '95  

Comment 07 Sep 2010

Fighting Sweater McVests - 42

Miami County Penitentiary - 21   -