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Comment 29 Jun 2020
Do you notice an uptick or downtick in site traffic immediately following a loss, and has it changed over the years? I personally stay away knowing I will be reliving it in one form or another in every article for the rest of the year, but I know plenty of people prefer to talk it out. Just wondering how the majority handles it.
Comment 29 Jun 2020
Oh, for sure. Don't forget the Heisman hangover and the fact that the whole team spent the better part of two months being told how much better they were and how Florida didn't even deserve to be there. They had already beat #2 Texas and #2 M!ch!g@n. UF was just supposed to be a formality. Our guys showed up complacent, and Meyer's Gators showed up mad. Even if all we changed with our time machine was a couple plays at Auburn, maybe our Buckeyes wind up taking an undefeated UF more seriously. Another time machine idea: get Gene to take the bowl ban in 2011, beat the Irish for the National Title in '12.
Comment 29 Jun 2020
27 points? ...Or one injury? Ginn was a game breaker on offense and special teams. I won't try to make the case that we definitely would have won (I can't bring myself to watch the tape again to even want to try), but it would have been a hell of a lot closer with him healthy than it was as it stands. My logic for not touching the 90s remains that the butterfly effect then removes Tressel's promise, "Holy Buckeye", and the most exciting national title game of all time.
Comment 24 Jun 2020
There it is! Every 'Bama fan around me was screaming that he was out of bounds, while my (soon to be) wife and I gleefully shouted "NO HE WASN'T!" right back at them. The rest is history.
Comment 20 Jun 2020
Except JK Rowling recently tweeted some things that some found to be offensive, so we have to avoid the Harry Potter connection, too, if we're already changing names to be inoffensive.
Comment 18 Jun 2020
^This I two possible scenarios: 1. Saban's retired, and the game takes place as scheduled. Alabama isn't as good as they were and this winds up just like our Cal or TCU matchups - they looked great when they were scheduled but wound up only meh. 2. Saban is somehow still coaching, but they pull out at the last minute like they did with the Michigan State home-and-home.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
"Crime" is an extremely strong word to use here. And it's that type of overblown choice of vocabulary that made this a headline in the first place. Hell, Speilman just sold his belongings on ebay for charity. The only difference between that and "Tatgate" was their student status and the "coverup".
Comment 14 Jun 2020
Welcome to the board. (I see you've been here since 2013, but this apparently needs explaining...) If I were replying to you, you would have seen "[number] replies" under your post in "My Account". I replied to Mothra, so cool your jets. We're on the same side here. But definitely lay off the "reading comprehension" and "assuming shit" accusations until you learn how the website works, k?
Comment 14 Jun 2020
Yours is a bad take. Read a history book of you think Ohioans are just as likely to be on the wrong side of equal rights as South Carolinians. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan... The highest per capita manpower contribution to the Union cause. The underground railroad. All Ohio. We don't celebrate traitors, losers, or their flag. On the flip side, give a quick google for the first state to secede over slavery & the location/significance of Ft. Sumter. It's a deep-seated hate in that part of the country.
Comment 10 Jun 2020
I think they accept their role as a baseball school when Jimmy leaves. He was their dream-come-true, can't-miss, M!ch!g@n Man™ savior. If he can't turn the ship around, no one can.
Comment 10 Jun 2020
Agree completely. I don't understand how it could be labelled "selfish" when parents want to support their child (in person, as they have probably done since pee wee) without having to take time off work AND hop on a plane EVERY weekend.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
2" short of a win is called a "loss". Making us "worried" is not what he's paid to do. #5 in the nation is only impressive after signing day is over. It is not something worth bragging about in June. He finished at #11 in 2020. He was #10 in 2019 and #24 in 2018.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
It's not about stopping it. It's about minimizing it. If anyone has a right to see these kids play, it's the parents. And they're probably already sharing each other's germs anyways. If a second group has a right, it's the students who are already on campus. Again, they're contaminating each other already by going to class. What we don't need are people like you and me coming from every corner of the state and beyond to spread what we're carrying around and put everyone at risk when we never would have interacted otherwise.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
I'm a NROTC grad, so I don't live and die on the outcome of the Army-Navy game. It's a different story for the Academy grads in my squadron, but for the most part the rest of us don't care much more than you can imagine you'd care if you worked for Pepsi and your interns played a softball game against the Coke interns. You have a definite rooting interest and it's exciting while it's happening, but the end of the day you know it doesn't have a lot of bearing on what you're there to do. You'd be amazed how many people asked me whether I had conflicted feelings when we played Navy in '09. Absolutely not. Go Bucks.
Comment 07 Jun 2020
Has anyone said anything about a timeline for announcement? Are we talking "any minute now" or just "probably sometime this week"?