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Comment 30 Jan 2016

Just want to point out in Randy Ayers first 3 years we went to NCAA Tournament.

1989-90: round of 32 (beat providence and then lost to eventual champion UNLV)

1990-91: sweet 16, lost to St John's

1991-1992: Elite 8, lost to ???? (I have blocked this game out of my memory forever). 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

This article sums it up nicely. After last year's performance and now Braxton going down the Defense MUST step up to a top 10 national level if we want to win the Big Ten. There is no question the talent is there....just need to play up to their abilities. I believe they will.  Still believe this team can accomplish great things.  Go Bucks! 

Comment 03 Aug 2014

Florida's 2006 D-Line was no doubt dominant. But I'll be plenty happy if this front can mirror our very own 2002-2003 front. For 2 years they constantly shut down the run as good as anyone in the country and consistantly put pressure on the QB with just the front 4.  I'm ok with comparing this d-line to one of our own.  No offense to Florida's 06 squad.  Go Bucks. 

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Agreed.  I was more viewing it from a historical standpoint.  It's difficult in just 10 years to overcome decades of championships, final fours, and winning that the Kentucky's of the world have going for them, but Indiana over the past 10 years has no question fallen hard.  

Comment 10 Jul 2014

We have been to 5 Sweet 16's under Thad.  2007, 2010-13.

Regardless it's amazing what he has accomplished.  We are officially a top 10 program now.  It hard to crack the top 5 (Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, etc) but he has no doubt taken our program to heights we haven't seen in almost 50 years.  We can only be lucky enough to have him for another 10 years.   Thanks Thad.  Go Bucks 

Comment 10 Mar 2014

6'2" and will graduate B1G All-Time leader in thefts and a 2-time Defensive POY.  Sometimes in life it's all about heart.   With a leader like that it's easy to still feel something special could happen with this team over next few weeks.  Go Bucks

Comment 18 Dec 2013

When you look at how teams have reacted to the new rules and how it has impacted their defensive philosophy, it should make buckeye fans ecstatic about our team.  The new rules have almost forced teams that don't play great defense to either allow teams to do what they want or play zone.  But it has in turn allowed us to be who we are....a great defensive team that doesnt foul. The rules work to our advantage bc teams can't play the Same defense as us bc they aren't as skilled at it.   This team, with its depth and experience, really might be Thad's best shot at cutting down the nets.  This team probably best represents who he is as a coach on the floor better than anyone.  

Comment 06 Nov 2013

The great thing about this year's team is I don't see us needed time for us to  "find who we are".  The top 6-7 in our rotation all have played big-time minutes and know what to expect from our coaches and league play.  We should hit the ground running.  Loving may take some time to find his role but if he can contribute 8-10pts and 4-5 boards a night, that should be plenty for this team.   I would be shocked if we are not right there at the end with Sparty to win the conference crown; as well as another top #2 seed in the Big Dance.  

Comment 09 Jul 2013

We are extremely lucky to have Thad leading our program. He's a winner and does it the right(clean) way.  You can tell by looking at his coaching tree the kind of man coach Matta is.  All his "pupils" run clean programs and have them in contention year after year.   Really hope he remains our Coach until he retires.....I would offer him that contract yesterday. 

Comment 28 Jun 2013

What caliber of program Thad has built here is simply amazing.  It cannot be understated how great of a coach we have.  Ohio State has always had the necessary tools in place to build this type of program yet no coach since Fred Taylor was able to sustain this level of success.  There is really only one item left to achieve and we all know what that is, but I have absolutely zero doubt he will eventually cut down the nets. 

Comment 07 Jun 2013

Gray box def deserved for this IMO. But good news is still good news gray box or no gray box.  This class as freshman along with the 2011 class as seniors should make for a very special season. 

Go Thad and Go Bucks!!!

Comment 07 Jun 2013

Agree with your statements but speaking from a person who lives in California.  Yes many parts of the state are nice but, besides the dreaded snow in the winter,  Columbus as a city and area has much more to offer than Sacramento.   SF, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite; all a 2 hours + drive away.  Sac-Town is a rather boring state capital. 


Point attempting to be made.....Stay in CBus Chris!!!

Comment 03 Jun 2013

I noticed that as well.  6'4' guard means you have the ability to handle contact and finish/distribute and to be a factor on both ends of the floor.  This class as freshman (most likely 5 or 6 players) and the 2011 class as seniors might end up being one hell of a mix. 

Comment 21 May 2013

Fans will be surprised how much he will contribute.  His length, size, and offensive game will be exactly what next year's team will need off the bench:  17-20mins a game and 10pt/5rb.  The kid has a smooth and unselfish game and should fit in nicely in Thad's 8-9 man rotation. 

Comment 06 May 2013

IMO this will be the deepest team in terms of "game experience" in the Matta Era.  Craft, Q, LZ, Scott, Thompson, Amir, all have Big Game experience.  Even Trey McD and Della Valle have some solid game minutes.  Now throw in the 2 freshman and if they can give 10-15 mins a night that's 10 players that Matta will be able to turn to.  Losing DT is huge but having 8 to 10 players in the rotation will provide more depth and opportunities to make up for DT's production.  So instead of needing 1 or 2 guys to drastically improve their numbers, 5-6 players can add up that missing "value".  I personally see this team carrying the torch quite well and no reason not to believe another Top 2 finish in conference and deep tourney run is in store for the Bucks. 

Comment 17 Apr 2013

That is not Pat Summerall on the call for the Dumas hit, that is Don Criqui.  He worked for NBC and called Browns games for much of my youth, back when the Browns were actually a top flight team and worth watching.

Comment 05 Apr 2013

Thank you DT for the growth and class you showed during your time here.  You embodied what a college experience is all about, learning, growth, maturation on and off the court.  Your son has a great father figure to lead him.  I am proud that you are and always will be a Buckeye. 

Good Luck at the next level.

Comment 31 Mar 2013

DT should go and take the money now. Its completely understandable, has a son to provide for.  I think we will be just as good or better. Our top 6 guys in the rotation will have BIG game experience and McDonald will be a solid big man backup.  If just one of the freshman can step up that will be a solid 8 man rotation...that in different situations could grow to 9 or 10.  Just look how we developed our bench over the year.  The Thad Train will continue to roll gents. 

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Life is all about challenges and how you handle them.  What direction do you go when faced with true adversity?  And the correct choice is typically never the easy way.  Not many things bring more joy to my life than seeing young kids pick the right path in life.  And that is what I love most about sports is how it teaches you about life..... hard work, discipline, sacrifice, belief!!

Proud of Q and of this team......something truly special is happening in that locker room.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

I can't get enough of this picture.  DT not above a little hardcore "Cheesing" for the cameras.  Hey it's well deserved.  Proud of how he how matured over his 3 years and the way he has stayed out of trouble, great example he is providing for his son.