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Comment 24 Nov 2017

Regardless of Peters' status, you cannot become overconfident. Do we not remember the 2015 MSU game? All week it was, "Would Connor Cook play?" Cook did not play, but instead Tyler O'Connor and Damion Terry went into Ohio Stadium and upset one of the most talented teams we've ever seen at Ohio State. Neither were that great in the game but this is the type of stuff I hope is not overlooked by OSU.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

I get all of the jokes but let's be honest with ourselves, Harbaugh a good coach. They were a play or two away from making the CFP in 2016 and basically their whole team is back next year. I don't get why OSU fans laugh at this. I hate Harbaugh like the rest of you but he is being underestimated based on all of these comments. One fluky play away from beating MSU in '15 (the punt) and OSU in '16 (goal line fumbled snap).

If the Buckeyes had the same mentality as many of the fans that laugh at Harbaugh, they would lose on Saturday. Have to respect the game.

Comment 17 Nov 2017

It may be fun to project but we're really getting ahead of ourselves here, especially for a team that lost to Oklahoma and Iowa the way they did. OSU goes on the road vs to play their rival in eight days and they have actually played well in the last few weeks. They will be very highly motivated after last year's match up. I think it will be a tougher game for OSU than Wisconsin on a neutral field.

Comment 12 Oct 2017

This year is nothing close to 1997 and 2016. Those hurt bad. 2007 was worse than 2017. The crazy thing is that the 1997 and 2016 teams weren't that great (playoff roster was hurt by pitching injuries '16), but were the closest to getting the title. In MLB playoffs, you just have to get in. Fortunately for the Indians, the AL Central is weak (Tigers and Royals won't compete for years). Beat the Twins next year and you're in the dance again. Hopefully the White Sox rebuild is not fast to materialize and 2019 is for the Indians, as well.

Comment 30 Apr 2017

I don't think leaving early even if you are fringe prospect is such a bad decision if you can make a practice squad. Practice squad guys get >$110k at a minimum for a full season. You need to stay healthy but that is really good money for a 22 year old. You also can make an NFL roster for a few weeks if things work out and get a lot more. Its not so bad. College isn't for everyone and I don't blame guys for leaving while their bodies are still able to make them six digits a year on a practice squad. Hopefully they will be smart enough to go back and graduate if they haven't already, though. Practice squad money is far from guaranteed.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

Butt should have earned the respect of all Buckeye fans after watching him the last two years. It is a shame to see him get injured. Denver should be very happy to get the guy in the 5th round.

Comment 21 Jan 2017

OSU's excellent recruiting classes early in Thad's career were helped by IU being down during the time. After the elite classes, Matta still brought in some really good players. Too many of them never developed, however -- Sam Thompson, Shannon Scott, Marc Loving, Amir Williams most notably.

I don't blame Matta for letting some in-state guys go elsewhere -- you can only take a couple of guys each class and some of them never wanted to come to OSU in the first place. I'm most disappointed in the lack of development of players. Marc Loving looks like he's never lifted a weight in his life. Sam Thompson was the same. LaQuinton Ross, too (though he was good). Shannon Scott never developed a jumper. Lenzelle Smith regressed. Craft got worse. Highly recruited players ended up worse players as SR's than when they were SO's. That is a bad sign. I love Matta and what he has done at OSU, but I wonder how much drive he has now particularly with his back problems.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I don't have a specific player in mind, but I wouldn't mind seeing a pure route runner in this class if we want another WR. If he's 6'0", runs a 4.65 and doesn't project as an early NFL guy but runs crisp routes and has reasonably good hands you can sign me up. I don't care if he's ranked 300-400th -- these types of guys fly under the radar at these camps b/c their athleticism does not jump out at you like others.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

#1 - Great hire for PJ Fleck.

#2 - Ed Warinner’s son (Edward) is a LB prospect in the ’18 class. He probably was never going to get an OSU offer, but I can definitely see him at Minnesota. Warinner coaching on the same team as his son could be important for him and why he is willing to just be an O-Line coach.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Gibson is from Ft. Lauderdale and tweeting the flight cancellation is probably tied to Friday's shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Maybe he was previously scheduled to fly in on Sunday? It is positive he is going to classes in Ohio, though I don't know much about his eligibility situation and the transfer rumors. Was he not expected to attend OSU classes this semester? Getting him in scarlet and grey this fall would be phenomenal but I'm not sure this means he is eligible.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Donovan Peoples-Jones was also in the OSU "Faculty, Staff and Student Directory" and he remains in the directory today. The Okudah thing was interesting but I think we are going to be in for some major recruiting head-fakes in the future if people continue to use the student directory.

Fingers crossed on Gibson. That young man is a major playmaker and I would love to see him remain a Buckeye.