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Comment 29 Apr 2020

Josh Gattis said this about Patterson last August, "I was a little bit worried about him coming into camp, because he spent so much time on the golf course this summer," Gattis told media Wednesday.

Speaks volumes about him.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

Thanks for sharing. Urban loves DPJ. I didn't realize how close he thought they were to getting him. I remember some optimism on it but it sounds like they thought they had him. Conservatively, going to TTUN probably cost DPJ seven figures. Let this be a lesson.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

If necessary, moving football to the spring could make sense. I know there are some complications with this (competition with basketball) but its still the same academic year and might be the difference between no football and football. The basketball tournament is mostly just two weekends in march and could be worked around. Move the draft back a month. More likely to have fans in the stands in spring '21 vs this fall, too. Ideal? Certainly not but I think fans would embrace the hell out of spring football as a one time thing.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Different situation than you but to deal with stress i have found beginners yoga and meditation (plenty of videos on youtube) to be very helpful alleviating stress. Im not the yoga and meditation type and Ive never done it until a couple weeks ago but ive been surprised how its helped mentally. Im sorry for your challenges but perhaps this may help some. Hang in there.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

This is bulletin board material that may make motivated players even better, and also make them want to show up even more on a certain Saturday in November. If I were this kid referenced in this post I'd be printing this off and putting it on my dorm wall for years to come. I really don't think teasing teenage recruits going to ttun is a good idea. We see under-recruited guys do well all of the time (Wisconsin). It is fine showing love to OSU recruits, but let's keep our celebrations to victories on the field over our rivals.

Comment 10 Mar 2020

I don't like the decision but I don't think local hospitals can deal with thousands upon thousands of cases and I think this is what DeWine is trying to avoid. You all may have seen the videos of Chinese frantically building hospitals. Overcrowded hospitals and turning people away is a reasonable outcome (it happened in China) and is something we should try to avoid if possible.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Ohio State should be getting a larger share of the Big Ten dollars with all of these road night games, especially vs. Big Ten West opponents. I know it is good to get attention in prime time which is ultimately good for recruiting, but it feels like these other Big Ten schools are trying to profit from OSU every chance they get.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

This was a very good article. Thank you.

Can someone explain to me the story on Demario McCall? There is such little enthusiasm about him from fans but I feel as if he had gone to ASU/BC/Pitt out of high school and if he were a graduate transfer option, OSU fans would be clamoring to get this former top 50 overall recruit to Columbus as the perfect complement to the power running style of Teague. Yet, he is pretty much an afterthought after 4 years (1 redshirt) in Columbus. He's going to be a 5th year senior and there is a clear opportunity with the departure of JK Dobbins. If he is ever going to do anything, the time is now. I understand his career to this point has been a disappointment but he can't be an entirely lost cause, right?

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I remember hearing Beau Bishop mention on the Dubcast a while back that Vrabel did not like the recruiting aspect of college football, so I am surprised to hear that about Vrabel. I'm sure he would love to coach at Ohio State but recruiting is going to be a major part of it. He'd be a great fit provided he's committed to the grind of recruiting.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I also appreciated that it was Najee Harris scoring the TD, a guy TTUN wanted VERY badly. Harris was a huge recruiting miss for Jimmy. Icing on the cake.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

A strong correlation exists between the FPI and S&P+ rankings with bookmakers' spreads on games. If you think these are a joke, put your money where your mouth is a fade the bookmakers with your expertise. It is true ESPN is in bed with the SEC, but real, independent/unbiased money seems to follow these rankings closely (all else equal).

Comment 08 Nov 2019

I don’t understand this business with loans. Credit cards are plentiful in the US – I don’t understand the need for loans when credit is abundant even for people with terrible FICO scores. If it is an “interest free” loan, that would likely be an impermissible benefit, no? Maybe this is why a loan would be accepted, to avoid interest? If it is an interest free loan, I guess I can understand a 1 game suspension because you’re getting something the free market would not otherwise provide but 1 game and that is it.

Another topic but some seem to throw stones at our rivals and blame them for situations like this, but agents can be a SLEAZY, SLEAZY bunch and would love to add Chase Young as a client b/c it’d likely earn them >$1 million in advisory fees. Is it unreasonable to believe there’d be unsavory behavior from an agent chasing dollars as the root of this situation? Urban Meyer was on TV a couple days after the Wisconsin win and said this is the time of year you have to deal with agents and managing these complications. Agents are in a very competitive business and will do many things to give them an advantage. Use your imagination and I will leave it at that.

We’re probably never going to know the true details of this so just speculation on my part. I think the truth here, however, is the victim in all of this is Chase Young. Hoping for a short suspension.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Directly from the Big Ten website (posted 6/1/2019):

The following procedure will determine the representative from each division in the event of a tie:
If two teams are tied, the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be the representative.

In other words, if Minn/Wisc both have 1 loss at the end of the season and Wisconsin beats Minn, Wisconsin is in the big ten title game.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

People get pretty up in arms over situations they have no control over all of the time on this site. That is, unless, all users here are secretly OSU athletes or coaches.

I saw a lot of comments in this thread implying "nothing to see here" when Wexner made his statement two weeks ago. Ohio State University even made a comment two weeks ago about the donation they received from Epstein, publicly noting they were reviewing the donations. Wexner obviously has importance in Columbus and to Ohio State, and he has very close ties to Epstein even after a sexual assault at Wexner's mansion in the 1990's. This is a fairly material matter of reputation for the school.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

People should not dismiss this Wexner/Epstein stuff. Epstein allegedly managed Wexner's money, but famous hedge fund managers have questioned Epstein's legitimacy ( In the article I cited, Doug Kass is a well known, well respected money manager and he reached out to various of the dealers he trades with and none of them said they ever did a trade with Epstein, implying Epstein was not managing money at least actively (I don't believe he was just a buy and hold of the S&P reason to pay someone to do this for you). Whitney Tilson, also a famous, reputable fund manager questions Epstein. Epstein doesn't even have a back office or anything to support his financial advisory work. This is highly suspicious. Even Bernie Madoff, the greatest fraudster of a generation, had a back office to support trading and administrative work.

There is some legitimacy to the potential that Epstein blackmailed a lot of very powerful people for economic gain and/or political influence. There are people far more well known and powerful than Wexner that have suspicious relationships with Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. This story is not going away anytime soon.

Does this matter for Ohio State? I think not, but they did take a $2.5 million donation from Epstein (as did Harvard). I'd be donating that money to a noble cause if I were OSU. I highly, highly, highly doubt OSU is complicit in anything on this but I'd want absolutely nothing to do with any money from this guy.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

If you go to Paris and have limited time, try the Seine River boats to take you around the city. Most of the major attractions (except Sacre-Coeur) in Paris are off the river or very close so this is very efficient and inexpensive (~$20 for a day). Paris is a very large city and difficult to walk. Tourists are often taken advantage of by illegal taxis (~EUR 100 fares) so the hop-on hop-off boats are the way to go.Try to get away from the river to see more of the city of course, but those boats are great for tourists. Beautiful city and architecture.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Companies raise external capital when they can't generate enough cash to fund their operations. The Athletic has been charging for subscriptions for a while now, which is their primary revenue lever and yet they still need external capital to fund cash flow deficits. That is not good. 

A little investment lesson for you...when new rounds of funding are raised, existing equity becomes diluted and worth a lot less. Owners do not want to do this. They would be hitting the bond market if they were close to profitable to avoid the dilution but they obviously can't b/c of their losses.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

The fact they’ve still had to raise new capital this late into the game (they’ve been charging for subscriptions for a while now) indicates to me they are struggling. Ownership definitely wouldn’t want to be diluting their investment if this thing could fund itself. Their financials are probably quite rough. 

I wonder how many senior writers are paid at least in equity? If many of them, their ability to retain talent could be a real problem with every dilutive round for new funding. Sinking ship.