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Comment 08 Nov 2019

I don’t understand this business with loans. Credit cards are plentiful in the US – I don’t understand the need for loans when credit is abundant even for people with terrible FICO scores. If it is an “interest free” loan, that would likely be an impermissible benefit, no? Maybe this is why a loan would be accepted, to avoid interest? If it is an interest free loan, I guess I can understand a 1 game suspension because you’re getting something the free market would not otherwise provide but 1 game and that is it.

Another topic but some seem to throw stones at our rivals and blame them for situations like this, but agents can be a SLEAZY, SLEAZY bunch and would love to add Chase Young as a client b/c it’d likely earn them >$1 million in advisory fees. Is it unreasonable to believe there’d be unsavory behavior from an agent chasing dollars as the root of this situation? Urban Meyer was on TV a couple days after the Wisconsin win and said this is the time of year you have to deal with agents and managing these complications. Agents are in a very competitive business and will do many things to give them an advantage. Use your imagination and I will leave it at that.

We’re probably never going to know the true details of this so just speculation on my part. I think the truth here, however, is the victim in all of this is Chase Young. Hoping for a short suspension.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Directly from the Big Ten website (posted 6/1/2019):

The following procedure will determine the representative from each division in the event of a tie:
If two teams are tied, the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be the representative.

In other words, if Minn/Wisc both have 1 loss at the end of the season and Wisconsin beats Minn, Wisconsin is in the big ten title game.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

People get pretty up in arms over situations they have no control over all of the time on this site. That is, unless, all users here are secretly OSU athletes or coaches.

I saw a lot of comments in this thread implying "nothing to see here" when Wexner made his statement two weeks ago. Ohio State University even made a comment two weeks ago about the donation they received from Epstein, publicly noting they were reviewing the donations. Wexner obviously has importance in Columbus and to Ohio State, and he has very close ties to Epstein even after a sexual assault at Wexner's mansion in the 1990's. This is a fairly material matter of reputation for the school.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

People should not dismiss this Wexner/Epstein stuff. Epstein allegedly managed Wexner's money, but famous hedge fund managers have questioned Epstein's legitimacy ( In the article I cited, Doug Kass is a well known, well respected money manager and he reached out to various of the dealers he trades with and none of them said they ever did a trade with Epstein, implying Epstein was not managing money at least actively (I don't believe he was just a buy and hold of the S&P reason to pay someone to do this for you). Whitney Tilson, also a famous, reputable fund manager questions Epstein. Epstein doesn't even have a back office or anything to support his financial advisory work. This is highly suspicious. Even Bernie Madoff, the greatest fraudster of a generation, had a back office to support trading and administrative work.

There is some legitimacy to the potential that Epstein blackmailed a lot of very powerful people for economic gain and/or political influence. There are people far more well known and powerful than Wexner that have suspicious relationships with Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. This story is not going away anytime soon.

Does this matter for Ohio State? I think not, but they did take a $2.5 million donation from Epstein (as did Harvard). I'd be donating that money to a noble cause if I were OSU. I highly, highly, highly doubt OSU is complicit in anything on this but I'd want absolutely nothing to do with any money from this guy.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

If you go to Paris and have limited time, try the Seine River boats to take you around the city. Most of the major attractions (except Sacre-Coeur) in Paris are off the river or very close so this is very efficient and inexpensive (~$20 for a day). Paris is a very large city and difficult to walk. Tourists are often taken advantage of by illegal taxis (~EUR 100 fares) so the hop-on hop-off boats are the way to go.Try to get away from the river to see more of the city of course, but those boats are great for tourists. Beautiful city and architecture.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Companies raise external capital when they can't generate enough cash to fund their operations. The Athletic has been charging for subscriptions for a while now, which is their primary revenue lever and yet they still need external capital to fund cash flow deficits. That is not good. 

A little investment lesson for you...when new rounds of funding are raised, existing equity becomes diluted and worth a lot less. Owners do not want to do this. They would be hitting the bond market if they were close to profitable to avoid the dilution but they obviously can't b/c of their losses.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

The fact they’ve still had to raise new capital this late into the game (they’ve been charging for subscriptions for a while now) indicates to me they are struggling. Ownership definitely wouldn’t want to be diluting their investment if this thing could fund itself. Their financials are probably quite rough. 

I wonder how many senior writers are paid at least in equity? If many of them, their ability to retain talent could be a real problem with every dilutive round for new funding. Sinking ship.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Just go to east 4th street. Lots of good options in a condensed area. If you want to venture out more, go to Ohio City. Great bars and restaurants that arent just for 20 somethings. 

Getting a good meal and non-sports vibe ... try east 4th steet. Getting good beer before the game with a sports vibe after a meal on east 4th, walk toward the stadium and go to winking lizard. If you want to party and chug beer, thirsty parrot though that doesnt sound like your thing. Just my two cents. Have fun.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Yes he will leave as customary for college juniors that go in the top 10 rounds. He will get around $170k to go pro. Players that come back for their senior seasons lose leverage and sign for a lot less than that if drafted again. Congrats to him.

Comment 27 May 2019

"Vanderbilt's pitching is average" is something I never thought I'd read. You probably won't see a single guy pitch (outside of Patrick Raby) that isn't at least a future top 5 round pick. All of these guys can throw 95 mph with good offspeed pitches. Vanderbilt's pitching is an embarrassment of riches. Their stats might not look too impressive but (1) they play top, top competition every weekend and (2) their stadium is TINY with basically no foul territory. It is a hitter's park for sure.

I'd love to see OSU win this thing but Vanderbilt's pitching is incredibly talented for a college team. You definitely will see future MLB's pitch in this regional. It should fun.

Comment 05 May 2019

It doesnt take a genius to watch Fields' highlights on youtube and see he is a very skilled and talented runner, and a talented but not yet skilled thrower. I expect some struggles from him but luckily he has time to develop the way the schedule sets up. I have faith Day can develop him to where he needs to be, but we are 100% going to have some osu fans on here next fall complaining that he cant make the throws haskins did. That is not fair to Fields but it is going to happen. I think weve got the right staff in place to develop Fields but i believe he is more of a project than most of us hope.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

I suspect the main reason fans care about the Wonderlic test is because its the only thing they can say they do better than the athletes.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

I’m surprised by the people expecting to get tix much below $100. There’s a ton of OSU fans in Chicago and it is going to be a night game. OSU fans outside of Chicago will want to go — it’s a great 3 day weekend where your Saturday would be free to venture the city (what a great sales pitch to the wife or girlfriend). There will be plenty of demand to go to the game. NW isn’t a bad team, either (It’s a rematch of the big ten title game).

StubHub is your best best on tix. Some might get lucky and snipe a couple cheap if they check at the right time but I’d be real surprised if prices go much under $100. There’s a lot of people that will want to go to this one.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Regarding Dolan's "enjoy him" comment, what do you expect? The Indians tried to extend Francisco Lindor previously and he was not interested. The Indians can't resign him when he becomes a free agent b/c he'd make up 1/3 of they payroll and you can't field a competitive team like that in Cleveland. Lindor didn't want to talk extension so they extended Jose Ramirez, whom frankly has been just as good as Lindor in the last two years (WAR). Indians fans need to quit being so pessimistic on Lindor -- HE CAN BE IN CLEVELAND FOR THREE MORE YEARS based on his current contract. "Enjoy him" is absolutely right.

To the OP, over the last six years the Cleveland Indians have won more games than any other team in the American League. They are a very well managed franchise and they know how to operate within their limitations. They generally don't make stupid moves that cripple the competitiveness of the team. I know the Indians have let fans down in recent years but this is one of the most underappreciated pro sports teams in all of sports. I don't get the complaining.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

OSU lost by 15 points. It was close for the first 15 minutes but after it was clear OSU could not hang.

Chris Holtmann is the 20th highest paid coach in NCAA. Second round appearances in the NCAA are acceptable and fine for his first two years, but he should have the program up and running in 2019-2020 with two recruiting classes under his belt.

If Hotmann does not deliver a legitimate sweet 16 team next year he is under-earning his contract plain and simple. No more excuses in 2019-2020. You can't argue with the $ and #'s -- hard facts. Call me crazy but a coach should deliver results commensurate with his economic cost and Holtmann has yet to do this. Fine in years 1 and 2, but not in year 3. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

I realize expectations were not high and I like Chris Holtmann, but let’s be honest he better deliver next year. He is not paid $3mm to make uncompetitive second round appearances. Honeymoon is over and I’m sure he knows it. Just being better than Archie Miller shouldn’t be good enough at Ohio State. Good job in 2018-2019 but that isn’t going to cut it next year.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Regarding the FDA, they handle supplements with an entirely different process which is spelled out clearly on their website. Manufacturers themselves are responsible for evaluating the safety of their own products -- it is not like "conventional" food and drink. ( The FDA doesn't have to approve or inspect supplements, but they have the right to go after manufacturers eventually. Accordingly, your assertion of "its either a cream or obtained illegally" is not accurate.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

It looks like most have made their minds up on guilt with only a small amount of info. Sound familiar? I don't doubt there is some level of cheating here but OSU fans should know better than throwing stones after reading one internet article written by someone most of us have never heard of.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Anyone that reads the Mgoblog for giggles after big losses (this has become one of my favorite hobbies) knows Pep Hamilton sucks and was a large part of the archaic offenses Jimmy likes to run. Jimmy probably still wants control but getting rid of Pep is long overdue for them. They still have one of the most overrated head coaches in NCAAF running the show, getting rid of Pep is a step in the right direction for them. They have a pretty good QB and three WR's that could play in the NFL in 2020 (DPJ and Nico Collins are really good and we saw it on the field last year), and I think they really underutilized this talent in 2018 so I'm hopeful Harbaugh still keeps his head in the sand but Pep leaving is a sign he is considering new approaches.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I enjoy the series but these are highly edited shows designed for entertainment. There are 10 episodes that are each roughly 30 minutes, or 10 minutes per episode for each QB. That is about an hour and a half of show time shot over a 3 month period for each QB. It is not hard for producers/editors to create the narrative they want given these circumstances. The goal of these shows is to entertain views and not necessarily provide accurate depictions of true character. I don't think producers are trying to defame the subjects in the series, but they absolutely will do what they want to entertain the viewer. Let's keep this in mind before jumping to conclusions about 17-18 year old athletes.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

So many Ohioans ranked 101-111 is a little suspicious but if the class is indeed that deep in Ohio, it underscores the importance of brining Al Washington to OSU from ttun. If he does his thing with Ohioans for 2021 as we expect, he will have earned his salary and then some. Especially keeping them from migrating North. Big hire for Day.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

It’s been alluded to by others in this thread, but for OSU fans that are not familiar with Valenti, go check out his rants on YouTube. Just search under “mike Valenti Harbaugh” or “Michigan”. Probably my favorite is his take on Harbaugh last year after they lost to South Carolina. He was spot on with everything a year back. Valenti ripping on Harbaugh is like listening to the Beatles for the first time. Highly recommend fans to check him out. 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Amen, big thanks to #21. I’ve been patiently waiting for an animated gif of him breaking free from ttun on that big TD play. The speed was amazing — Metellus got burned.