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Comment 03 Jun 2020

I have 2 video links that people should watch they will help you understand why blacks had a tough time succeeding in America. We  have to realize after slavery ended blacks were put in designated areas.. the goal was to keep them in one place and not allow them to spread they did this by not hiring them for good paying jobs and refusing to rent to them.. even blacks that were qualified had problems getting good jobs this was called "redlining" this is how many black ghettos were formed. Also the government pumped all kinds of money into white communities for mortgages and businesses but didn't do it for blacks. There was lots of discrimination toward blacks but these are some examples. Today we have better opportunities so we can't cry about the past or use it as a crutch but you definitely see some of ways this has effected us. I feel like America put blacks in a bad situation but its our job to get out the situation...some of us have gotten out but some of us haven't here's the links

Comment 31 May 2020

We have to separate looters from true protestors. The same thing happened in Cincinnati we had a few hundred people protesting probably less than 50 were involved in looting and destroying things.. my point is this.. do you really think there's only 50 people in Cincinnati that was upset about what happened? trust me there's over a 100,000 people in the city that can directly relate to what happened with George Floyd if we all went downtown and start acting up they would have to call the military lol... out of all the people who protested Only 50 people decided to act stupid and most were young and immature. This is happening in every city its a small group messing it up for everyone who's truly fighting injustice

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Man you hit it right on the nose I remember looking closely at the Clemson game and all I did was focus on Chase what I noticed is that they always seem to run away from him I didn't know somebody else noticed that also. When they did come his way he made plays and got tackles. Also the same way Wisconsin had a RB and 2 linemen block Chase Clemson basically did the same thing on the targeting play they had a RB block him then 2 linemen got in front of him and he still got to Lawrence and caused pressure. Its crazy how much you see when you take your time and re-watch things. No one person slowed Chase down it was more like the game plan slowed him down. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Everyone bashing Browning for Lawrence long run but if you watch Zach Boran break the play down you'll see that there probably was miscommunication between the linebackers and d line as a whole. First of all he said we don't know what the defense was running on that play so we will never know were the mistakes came from but he said it looks like they were doing some kind of stunt and when Browning left his area either Malik Harrison or the d linemen was supposed to get over to fill his lane but he's not sure he can't tell if Browning went wrong or if the other guys went wrong because like he said he doesn't know what the call was. All I know is after watching him break this play down I realized that football is more complex than people think he gives 3 different scenarios of what could have went wrong and all of them make sense so people need to stop 100% blaming Browning what if Browning didn't put himself in a bad position?....what if the play that was called put him in a bad position we just don't know 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I don't think we need to put Tuf's head on Browning's body I think Browning just needs to play more so he can get experience and better understand how to play the position. When Tuf first got on the field he made mistakes too as a matter of fact he still makes mistakes he's been out of position, taken bad angles and made mental mistakes but they've been patient with him and let him mature at the position. Browning doesn't need Tuf's brain what he needs is more reps he has his own brain and I'm sure he's capable of picking up on things.....if you notice he got better the more he played he was much better last season than the previous and he will be even better this season 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I expect a better game this time around remember the youth of that team but more importantly remember the scheme and type of offense we had with JT. It seems everything we did on offense happened within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage we had no downfield attack I think Ryan Day has made it much harder to defend us. Also it wasn't just Clemson that shut us down there were teams in the Big Ten like Michigan State that would snuff us out....Penn State would rack up sacks and cause us problems especially when Isiah Prince was going through his issues. The problems with our offense was always there Clemson just exposed us on another level...that offense just wasn't very good we never made great adjustments either 

Comment 03 Jul 2019

Maybe it was the type of players we were recruiting from Ohio that got us rolled in those games. We weren't into speedy athletic players... it was a style difference in my opinion our teams had a hard time matching up with those fast, athletic southern teams. I think we could have went through Ohio and put together a team that was more suited to play against those guys not saying we would have won but I think we could have definitely done better. We probably would've had to recruit players we normally didn't recruit and go to schools we normally didn't go to but I'm sure we could have come up with something that was a better fit  ...those teams we had back then were kinda slow and we got more speed and athleticism in Ohio than what those teams represented

Comment 10 May 2019

You hit it right on the nose I'm not predicting what Georgia will do with him but how you utilize players is sometimes more important than their talent. Look at all the talent we had on those teams after we won the title we should have been playing for a championship every year....also that Clemson team that beat us didn't have all the top rated classes like we did some of their classes were not even top 10. I believe if we get top 5 classes each year, have great game strategy and utilize players right we have a shot.

Comment 09 May 2019

That's true but I'm not very worried Clemson showed me that you can win without having the best recruiting class they beat us and Alabama with classes that were ranked 11,9,16 and 15 according to 24/7 sports. If you get good players and hit on a few 5 stars I think you have a shot to be contenders. Anyway all this ranking stuff isn't perfect for example Shea Patterson and about 3 other QB's I haven't heard of to this day were ranked ahead of Haskins as a recruit...they definitely got it wrong on that . 

Comment 21 Apr 2019

I doubt he was a miss he was just trying to start over a guy who was a CAPTAIN and had seniority over him. I think no matter how good Browning was they were going to stay loyal to Borland. Think about it they let him start all last season even though he was hurt that shows you their loyalty to him as a captain. I'm not saying its right or wrong but I really feel this team looks at Borland similar to how they looked at JT he's the one guy that's going to start no matter what... the coaches have secured his job 

Comment 03 Feb 2019

LOL... I'm surprised a player that isn't from the South got a 5 star rating in the first place. Usually the further up north you go the more stars you loose. A player can start out in Georgia as a 5 star by the time he gets to Kentucky he's a 4 star, when he gets to Ohio he's a 3 star, when he enters Illinois he's a 2 star and when he crosses into Wisconsin he's no longer rated.