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Comment 23 Sep 2016

I know there's conventional wisdom and then there's gut feeling. Why did the "experts" give the kid 5 stars ? Well my guess is that it's because he's damned good against other highschool talent. The 5' 8" five star is recovering from a broken bone. The intensity gets more extreme as the talent gets tougher. My point is the kid is quite possible fragile because he's smaller. Breaking bones against local highschool talent, what happens in the Big ten ? ? ? ?. Suddenly everyone is way bigger, faster, and yes much stronger. I'll take a 6' 5" four star (WR) over a 5' 8" five star  fairly often. My guess is the 5' 8" kid has tremendous talent and if he's a Buckeye he'll be an elusive kick returner. If Nevada highschool players are breaking his bones, what happens when the average player is delivering hits like he's never experienced ? Sadly I believe the recent injury may be a sign of things to come. Imagine, in 1 - 2 years we can be a team that passes a lot. 6' 5" is NFL size. I'm very interested in us getting him.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

3 first place votes. That's progress. Teams will lose so the cream will rise to the top by seasons end. We are not goint to lose so number two is just fine. Until Bama loses we can see our first place votes increase as we beat oponents. Bama was behind by a lot early yesterday. They may have a few weaknesses that other opponents will concentrate on to bring them down.

Louisville did great but are now too high because FSU was over ranked. Clemson are too high because last week against a weak opponent they struggled. Hey Michigan haters. We all hate them but them getting good rankings helps the Buckeyes. Don't forget that we want to beat an unbeaten Mich in late Nov. That helps the Buckeyes as it will be seen as a quality win. On the same note, hopefully we get more Big 10 teams to be ranked so our conference is finally respected.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

So glad that we had a good game by the O line. It was nice to see the needed improvement. Passing game was great as well. Our guys were very effective. I honestly think that short / quick / accurate passes 6 yards down field are capable of being 20+ yard gains. If that can be tried more, I believe it will be very difficult for opponents to stop. A BIG congratulations to the entire team and organization for showing a strong first class appearance. You all made Buckeye fans proud !

Really glad Conley is not a serious issue. Keeping players healthy is so damned important. We were up by a huge amount at the end...... I wonder why our back up QB didn't see the field. That would have been a smart move and it helps keep starters healthy. - under 10 minutes left - huge lead - you do the math.

Comment 17 Sep 2016

I really hope our focus is on being unpredictable. Pass on 1st down. Run on 3rd and 8. Use what they don't expect. This could be a great night for us. I hope the Sooners are surprised often tonight. Not just about what we did but by how well we did it. Aggressive defensive attach with many Blitzes and things they just don't expect. FSU is getting their ass kicked right now. Alabama plays a tough opponent tonight. I expect Bama to win but I didn't expect this team to beat them the last 2 years. They're on the road too. Win and we are number 2 in the morning. Win with a Bama loss and we're the number 1 team tomorrow morning. WOW ! GO BUCKS !

Comment 14 Sep 2016

We can all agree that Oklahoma has some big / strong / effective defensive linemen. Perhaps we will need a combination of quick direct hits to holes coupled with great blocking to expose them as better than advertised. Much like Zeke did in recent times. Okla has 300+ pound defenders but our O line are big and strong as well.

Misdirection would be like a tall glass of cold ice water also. With the skill we have, a few plays (or 10) where we do a reverse or something similar would be very nice to see. How effective does a 300+ pound defender look chasing Dontre, Curtis, Mike, or JT when there's not a chance that they'll be caught until the chain gang knows they're moving those chains. Play calling is crucial.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Something that I hope we see soon is a speedy return of a kick off or a punt. It would be great to see one of our guys pick the correct spot and take one to the house. A TD is great but a kick off return of 60+ yards to the 30 would be a gift to the offense. Great things to come.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

So Houston won by passing the ball a lot........ Remember when we passed a lot ? hmmmmm, me neither. If Tim Tebow can't pass, none of my quarterbacks will ever pass. I'll recruit and use only running quarterbacks. Praying that we do something that's not expected because the Ohio State fans deserve better than being always predictable. Presidential candidates have mock debates. I think our OC's should have a couple of practice sessions where they're put to the test. 3rd and 7 at the OU 46. What do you call ? Weber to the right...NO, 3 and 16 at the OU 28, what do you call ? Weber to the left...NO ! Sorry Urban, you made us promise not to throw the ball. Excuse the sarcasm but through 2 games we've been far too predictable. It costs you when you under perform at the Offensive coordinator position against a tough team. Patience, Patience, .........

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Mr. Stoops, In week one you lost to the (our previous - great) Offensive Coordinator. In week three you'll lose to The Head coach. You'll be asking many tough questions at half time and by the end of the third quarter you'll realize you just have no answers at all. That's what happens when you've been seriously out coached and you've faced superior talent and an opposing fan base that appreciates what we've got. If you're seriously lucky, we may consider you for an assistant coaching job down the line.

Comment 11 Sep 2016

These poll results look solid. I agree we're currently the third best in college right now. Clemson fought hard against a team they should have beaten by 36. They deserved the drop. It's just fair. I haven't seen a line on the Oklahoma game yet. I hope we win by the spread +12 extra points. A tough road win against a final 4 team from last year would be a great win. A decisive win will finally get us some first place votes. Controlling your own destiny is as it should be. Go Bucks, dominate and make them regret ever scheduling us because we're much better than them.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

I don't know why we don't pass the ball more. We seem to favor the run which is fine but effective passes get defense off of the ball which opens up the run. What do we say to WR recruits ? Come to OSU where we'll hardly ever throw the ball to you. In a good "SEASON" you might get 500 yards in receptions (divide that by 12 or 13 and it equals not much per game) - frequency of Buckeye 1000 yard receivers ? Not often, but hey our 3 string guy is said to be a good passer. Maybe one day he'll get a chance. That's what 5 star WR wants to think when considering OSU. And if I'm really good they might make me an H back. Ya know that crazy position that you almost never see in the NFL.....

I think this ties into half assed play calling. I don't know what JT's stats were today but we looked pretty damned ineffective in our passing attempts. Dontre did well and a couple of others had nice catches but we didn't seem to be able to do what we wanted / when we wanted to. I am serious that the O Line was not good too often today. Coaches should drop the hint..... Those getting it done will be on the field. Those not able to handle a good D Lineman will be getting fat on the bench while the guy behind you on the depth chart gets a real chance to take "Your Job" Hoping our coaches expect the best and don't settle for less. We will not be facing a cupcake next Saturday. Hopefully our coaches get the players ready for a seriously tough challenge on the road in a hostile environment.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

No reason our offense hasn't scored 28 pts. Leaving the field at the end of 1st half Urban agreed offense looked bad !!!!! Offensive line has looked inconsistent. Rotate back ups into the game. Nothing like your ass finding the bench to make you play much harder when you get back in. We should expect greatness from all coaches. Defense looks damned good. Offense looks like a team ranked 19th in the country - not 4th. Hopefully Urban shakes up a few people at half time. Go Bucks.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Let's agree here. Tulsa is an unranked semi-weak opponent. Our offense has yet to score a touchdown. When we had a good offensive coordinator (Tom Herman currently ranked 6th with Houston) we won a national championship. Our current OC's seem to have been bought at a major sale price. We should be up 28 - 3 but NOOOOO we want to look half asssed. Way to be inept. That's what we pay huge salary's to get. If we were playing like this against a top ten team it would be very ugly. Very little passing so far. Wait until it's raining like hell in the 2nd half.

Not enough penalty calls because Tulsa DB's have been all over or WR's so far. Maybe Urban should call most of the offensive plays for the rest of the game. Unbelievable. If this game was away they would be chanting "OVER RATED".

Comment 09 Sep 2016

Above stats indicate they're not good defending the pass. Obvious weakness that we should exploit but based on MSU game last year, 90% of our players have always had someone holding an umbrella for them when it rained. Hopefully coach got the memo from God that sometimes there will be weather. If they've not prepared for weather, they'll melt like paper dolls. 6 million a year should mean weather won't stop us. If it does.... time for more serious questions like why don't prima donna players ever get wet. I believe weather won't stop us because Coach has taken all things into consideration. Just saying, MSU last year should have never happened. We should be back to back champions with all of the talent that we put into the NFL. Go Bucks !

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Check the 2 deep depth chart. Guess how many 5'8 guys. Zero. 5'9" guys. Zero. 5'10" guys. 5 but they're skill positions not trying to stop tall guys from catching passes. I hope Goldsmith has a great college and later pro career. I'm saying that being 5'8" trying to cover much taller WR is a tough task at best. "Blue at 6'6" is 10 inches taller than Goldsmith and what do you want to bet has a far different verticle leap as well.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Fast forward..... college game...... (obviously if at different schools) imagine Goldsmith CB (5'8") trying to cover "Blue" Smith WR (6'6")..... if it was on a play ground you'd break it up and say "Blue" stop being a bully. Goldsmith may be a great talent but 5'8" is Youngstown state size. Sorry but it's true. If "Blue" Smith said hey QB, throw it up high and I'll go get it.... game over. I'm Goldsmith's size but I don't expect a huge NFL contract.

Last nights game - they said Ole Miss has no starting WR under 6'2". That should be our goal. If the formula works in the NFL, it's for a reason.

We just got a commit from a 5 star WR at that height. So glad to get high profile kids but truth is, the smaller you are the higher the chances for injuries. I imagine the 5 star may become our kick off / punt returner when he's not injured. Notice there are not little guys in the NFL. That's because the big, fast, strong will break the small fast and elusive.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

You can't have too much great talent. What would be sad is having 6 great QB's and only 1 see's the field. Never forget this. #1 can get injured, #2 can get injured 5 minutes later. Suddenly the real world bites you on the ass. A good OC will play more than 1 QB. Play JT most of the time but when you're up by 17 points, it's stupid not to get the next kid in there. When you're up by 30, the third string should play as well. If you're beating Bowling Green by 42, there's no reason to not go to the 4th string guy. I think in the past we've not done this well enough. The kids looks like a great athlete.