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Comment 11 Jan 2020
We have a chance to win at home on Tuesday. Good to get KY back and he will be more productive each game. Who knows, maybe we can get back to stringing some wins together. Go Bucks!
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Omg, you can see their pathetic defense. Lincoln Riley was the clueless coach to hire him.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
If you recall 2 years ago when we opened the season on road against IU, they made that game a huge deal to boost their program. It was a Thursday night game to open the season and they let their students out of classes for the day. It worked for a half and then the Bucks ran it up on them. What really got me was they said that it was their biggest game in IU FB history yet still, they didn't sell out their own stadium. So any thought about big games for their program just makes me wonder if they are not going to sell out again. And get a day off school.
Comment 20 Aug 2019
Agree with you that he overemphasizes Urban's presence on the team and underemphasizes Coach Day's abilities and like many, underemphasizes Justin's potential impact leading the team. If the defense becomes resilient again with the new coaches, no one will care about Jones' contrarian opinions again.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Cincinnati no doubt. The reason is Luke Fickel and being an early season game you may have the option to come back for another game
Comment 22 May 2019
So I remember on Zeke's first TD, it came after Jacoby Boren left the game when Ragland bent his body back over and all of their weight was on Jacoby's knee. He was out for one play and that was all it took. Elflein slid over from guard to center, another guard (?) came into the game and we punched it in from the 2 or 3 yl. That was just a little more strength and desire that made it happen.