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Comment 22 Sep 2018

Very nice, the Drab Olive and Blues. I too like that we play them because they are from NOLA, where we have a foothold and memories that will last.

Comment 08 Sep 2018

I think they can when they meet them and hear the stories of Buckeye basketball success they created. But you are right, it may not be a hundred years of basketball history, but still, there are an awful lot of dudes who played at least in the past 80 years and it's hard to imagine the new Bucks would know enough of all of them. Coach Holt, again, all class in attributing the event to Thad's creation.

Comment 02 Sep 2018

Totally agree. First TD bubble screen and other screens in first quarter totally used our aggressiveness against us. Smart by them. Their best play after the first score was tall dude chucking it long and getting PI. Whatever happened to their starting QB afterwards though, their backup was not as much as a throw threat. We could use some walk-down speed in the back end. DL looks unstoppable and love the extended play for little Bear.

Comment 19 Aug 2018

I've been there in '03, '05 & '14 and been to every B1G stadium except College Park, MD. Definitely the worst fans. The '05 loss was the worst. Sat in section with PSU fans in rain where we verbal abuse reigned. One little whip sat behind me and spit tobacco juice on my poncho, where I didn't notice it until after the game. It rained all night. Just wanted to get out of there with a win, but tough loss and tough game for Troy. In '14 they were a little subdued except they still jostled towards us pre-game walking to the stadium with their f-bombs and classless behavior. '03 was great win Scottie McMullen threw the winning TD to Michael Jenkins and we didn't have any situations. Not a very friendly place in general and you walk many flights of rickety bleacher stairs and steps to your seats and, as has been stated, you wait for hours to exit the farm-field parking lots.