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Comment 17 Jul 2018

They have the leverage to demand it,  Minneapolis could tell them tough crap and risk losing the tournament, but they won't do so.

Comment 13 Jul 2018

Speaking of Kardashians, in an unrelated article, Kylie Jenner is on pace to be a billionaire by age 21, due to her makeup empire.  Becoming a billionaire two years before the age Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire.

Comment 06 Jul 2018

OSU2002Grad 54 minutes ago

Only in 2018 America could ........ and somehow it would be considered overtly political. 

OSU2002Grad 36 minutes ago

To some of you, everything is political. 

OSU2002Grad 12 minutes ago

You forgot that everything is hyperpolitical nowadays

Comment 02 Jul 2018

You probably think Maverick Carter is an astute businessman too. You're easily manipulated by LeBron,Inc. PR campaign. Won't someone think of the poor 17 yr old multimillionaire?!?! 

Comment 01 Jul 2018
Thanks LeBron for 2016. He's the best player in NBA history. However he's a thin-skinned shitty leader who takes the adulation with success and blames others when things go bad. He wants to be GM but blames others when roster moves don't work. He didn't owe Cleveland anything, but fuck the Lakers. The NBA system allowing stars to group up is a joke.
Comment 08 Jun 2018

One of my favorite anecdotes.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

While I can't say for sure obviously since I didn't know him, he would drink, excessively at times, but I think he stayed off other drugs.

All of that travel to remote parts of the world would make many people look roughed up.

His girlfriend was one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein. 

Life takes a toll on everyone.  Who knows what was going on behind the scenes?

Trite but true:

Comment 03 May 2018

And then there's this postscript, shared last week by former Browns GM Phil Savage: In 2007, holding the No. 3 pick, Cleveland liked LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Had the Raiders not taken Russell with the top choice, Savage says he would have drafted him. His pick instead that year: tackle Joe Thomas. Russell's an all-time bust, Thomas an all-time great. Imagine that: Saved by Al Davis. So the team's best draft choice of this century turned out to be part luck.


Comment 03 May 2018

Geoff did an acoustic tour last year and it stopped at this tiny place in Columbus called Cafe Rumba.  I went and he sounds great and the songs played acoustically sounded great. He's a little smug, but probably just the rockstar persona.