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Comment 29 Nov 2017

You like numbers?

Record against top-10 opponents - 6-3

TD - 14 (11 in 3 games)

Interceptions - 10

Rushing TDs - 5

Fumbles Lost - 1* (NCAA doesn't track these officially)

Big Ten Title Game Wins - 0

Playoff Game Wins - 0

National Championship Wins - 0

Good kid.  Tough.  Hard worker.  And definitely needs to have the three-game stretch of a lifetime now.  

Comment 29 Nov 2017

What was most frustrating about the nineties was that they had pretty much the best players in Ohio State history, like George and Pace and Wilhelm and Terry Glenn and Boston and Katzenmoyer, and they were going up against a Big 10 that had guys who weren't just pro caliber but were Hall of Famers too, from Woodson to Alstott.  Mediocrity at the QB position and inferior playcalling really did them in.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

The coordinator is not the problem here.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

I think they're tied head to head, Saban has five championships to Urban's three (should be four and four, but Gene Smith screwed up the 2012 shot), and Urban is a decade younger with a better win percentage.  Give it time.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

It's more a shot at McShay than anything else.  We used to joke about this in MMA - every time the idiot UFC announcers would say that someone was "explosive" it was code for "black" and if they were "gritty" it meant "white".  McShay has his own set of tells.

Obviously in real life it's not a racial thing.  That's a causation/correlation fallacy.  The NFL is still a pocket-passing league because mobile quarterbacks get killed.  In high school and college, though, from a very young age it's easier to put the bigger, faster kid who can run rings around everyone at quarterback, especially with rule changes.  When only two athletes on the other team are good enough to stop them, guys like Jalen Hurts or Matt Jones can win a lot of games.  But if you want a six to ten year career in the pros, you need to develop the split second timing, accuracy, and quick release that will get you hit less since you can't escape the hits yourself.  You won't develop those if you're Marcus Mariota or JT Barrett, and they don't have the time to teach you at the next level.  That's why Kirk Cousins is in line for a big deal.  Is he functional?  Yeah, most of the time.  But most importantly he'll stay on the field and keep distributing the ball, which is more than you can say for an RGIII.  And that's what McShay is seeing.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

I was so stoked after the Penn State game.  I finally saw a guy making the right reads, taking chances and throwing guys open with accurate shots downfield.  He was the guy Ramzy and the fan club have promised us for years.  And then seven days later he turned back into JT Barrett, ignoring open downfield throws to force the ball short into double-coverage, getting happy feet, not trusting his running backs, etc.  He's really remained there ever since, with that deep pass against Michigan the latest anvil on the camel's back.  If he plays, he's got to win or frankly I won't miss all those touchdowns against Nebraska.  I don't want to be on another business trip down south and have people laughing at me for wearing an OSU ballcap on the plane.

Comment 28 Nov 2017

I hate to say it, but you're right.  I don't know that we'll lose against Wisconsin, but I doubt we'll win in a sufficiently convincing manner to make the committee think that we won't crap the bed again in the playoffs.  And frankly, the standard is no longer win the conference/win the Rose Bowl.  The standard is playing for a national championship.  We aren't Oregon.

Comment 28 Nov 2017

The problem is that is what they always do, and what everyone has done when JT is in.  Take the running backs out and force JT to carry or throw.  Wilson has tried to alleviate that this year by adding more pass options when the handoff isn't there but defenses are still willing to gamble given JT's inaccuracy and unwillingness to throw deep.