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Born Buckeye fan... Literally. Brought home from the hospital in tOSU gear (for babies, of course).


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC game... Best game that any fan could possible imagine.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Don't really care
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
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Comment 02 May 2019
PFF also had the kid from Wisconsin (very Wisconsin-ish name that I can't remember for some reason) as the best B1G QB for most of the year too. That alone tells me that their metric for QBs is bogus.
Comment 27 Apr 2019
That's right. The Browns have been making moves while the Bengals are pulling their same old shit. They royally fu*ked up by passing on Haskins. Many Bengals fans are elated that they didn't take Haskins because they hate OSU. How stupid is that? If Baker wasn't such a monumental douchebag I would consider jumping on the browns wagon but I'm going to try the Skins out.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
I'm with ya. I've been a loyal Bengals fan my entire life. last night I finally realized that, for whatever reasons, the Bengals organization has been intentionally shooting for mediocrity... Win just enough to keep the core fans around while still ensuring that they win nothing of consequence. They love Dalton because he guarantees them true mediocrity. Haskins would have upset their ambitions for perpetual 7-9 seasons and they couldn't have that. I'm changing my user name to SkinSweat now.
Comment 25 Apr 2019
This is the most disappointed I've been in the Bengals in the 30+ years of fandom. I'm legit done with them and their obvious quest to remain mediocre at all costs. I would hop to the Browns (I've always been neutral on them) but I hate Baker Mayfield. I'm now a skins fan. I will change my user name to SkinSweat asap. The Bengals go out of their way to ensure enough mediocrity to keep fans around and I've had enough.