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Comment 18 hours ago
I believe. Shit, they have guys like Shaun Wade playing as the 3rd corner for this defense... He would be the most prominent player on 95% of all other FBS teams. They have dudes playing backup that would literally start just about anywhere else too. The roster is unbelievably deep. Haven't seen a team this stacked since the turn of the century Canes.
Comment 13 Nov 2019
Ryan Day turned out to be a superstar head coach. I was skeptical when he was first named Urban's successor but Day is elite as he was said to be and then some. HC hires are the most crucial aspect for a big time football program and OSU has knocked it out of the park since they hired The Vest. Who really expected the program to get even better after a top 5 all-time coach retired?
Comment 11 Nov 2019
Nice. I have a feeling that no team in the country would whoop Indiana like the bucks did this season. LSU, bama, Clemson and Oklahoma would surely beat them but it wouldn't be as thorough of a beat down. Speaking of LSU - Joe has been impressive but their defense is definitely suspect. I would expect OSU to beat LSU by 10 on a neutral field.
Comment 08 Nov 2019
Dobbins and Okudah are implicated in a loan they Chase took from a personal friend? Why not just claim Fields was the middle man in all this and he orchestrated it from the bench while at Georgia? That would really get some blood pressures spiking this evening. In all seriousness though, don't worry. If any other players were even mentioned they wouldn't be playing tomorrow. It's not as if OSU decided to sit their best player due to being terrified of sanctions but decided to let other implicated guys play for the hell of it. Think about it. Your family is drunk
Comment 08 Nov 2019
This is on the CBS sports page right now... "NCAA rules say that the infractions committee "may" vacate wins if the wrongdoing is considering bad enough. Worst case scenario for Ohio State, last year's Big Ten title could be impacted. If Young cannot prove a preexisting relationship, any games he played in after accepting the loan would have occured while he was ineligible. Any of those wins would be vacated." This is such a fu*Ked up situation that somehow seems perfectly normal, especially when we're having a kick ass season.
Comment 27 Oct 2019
I know what you mean but that Michigan/wiscy game was brutal. Even more brutal than the Michigan/ND game. Wisconsin ass blasted them and army damn near beat them too. I give them credit for stomping an overrated ND team but let's keep it real - Michigan is ass, my dude.
Comment 27 Oct 2019
Texas just isn't a very good team. They were massively overrated going into their game with LSU. Also, I would say Auburn is the SEC equivalent of Wisconsin. I'd honestly look for the Bucks to hang at least 50 on LSU while giving maybe 17-21.
Comment 25 Oct 2019
He is just one of those guys who are all-world in HS but ultimately struggle at the next level. I think Tate's size and lack of arm strength is the reason he hasn't found much success in college.