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Comment 19 Jan 2020
Akers was at the time but when they realized they had Dobbins in the bag they ultimately chose to stick with him. I think there was some talk about those two guys wanting to be the only highlg ranked RB in their class wherever they went. OSU chose to ride with JK and it worked out just fine. I remember it being discussed here and I personally preferred JK over Cam (I think I was in the minority on that one).
Comment 18 Jan 2020
Funny that multiple head coaches were in Michigan to visit Edwards but Harbaugh apparently couldn't be troubled to make the 30 minute drive. Clown. He probably just sat in his office and texted Edwards, "it's an unbelievable opportunity to get an offer Michigan... it's an unbelievable opportunity to get an offer from Michigan". It should be obvious to the recruits by now that Harbaugh is going to get annually embarrassed by OSU, so I'm not sure why a top flight recruit would willingly sign up for that
Comment 18 Jan 2020
He has been great with developing RB's. Day is going to have to step in and get hands on with RB recruiting from here on out. Actually, it appears he already is considering he was in tsun to visit a top RB target. I don't know what's going on with alford but it may be something similar as to what we saw with Wariner... great position coach but below average recruiter. Shit, OSU essentially sells itself in alot of way but ESPECIALLY so for RB's, DB's and DE's. Something had to go seriously wrong for them to miss on every single top RB target
Comment 18 Jan 2020
It's hard to believe that we couldn't get just about any RB we wanted. Seems like a huge recruiting fail considering Alford could just point to Hyde, Zeke, Weber, Samuel and JK as examples of what this program will do for a RB. "You come here, work hard, hone your craft and become a superstar who ultimately get drafted in the first round". Objectively, if I were a stud RB recruit OSU would be at the very top of my list. Hell, you tell the recruit all of this right before you mention that the Buckeyes are perennial National title contenders. I just can't help but imagine that there was some real fuck ups performed by the guys responsible for recruiting a top flight RB.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
I REALLY wanted Robinson to come to OSU. I understand why he chose to go to Texas though. He would have likely been a big star at OSU and playing in Day's offense, coupled with the success of recent Buckeye RB's would have resulted in him being drafted higher. Future NFL money isn't everything to some of these kids and Bijan is one of those. He chose home school pride over all of the advantages that OSU would have afforded him. Texas will remain a perennial 3-4 loss team with or without Robinson
Comment 14 Jan 2020
I was always amazed with his relentless motor and incredible athleticism and strength. Who would have guessed that drafting Buckeye D lineman would work out great for NFL teams? Lol. Both Bosa's drew criticism from NFL fans after being drafted. They said they would be busts... Those same idiots will say the same thing about Chase Young this spring. Some people will never learn