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Comment 1 hour ago
The trend is for the media to devalue pretty much anyone who OSU beats while hyping up any team that Clemson, Alabama, LSU and Georgia beats. We'll see if that tactic is used again this year
Comment 19 Sep 2019
I agree with this. The committee should only be convened at the end of the regular season after the conference championship games are played and asked to choose 4 playoff teams from a pool that includes the 5 power five champs and ND. That limits their duties to deciding which 2 teams of the 6 should be left out. At this point, strength of schedule should be heavily factored in and ND would only be chosen if they had a the overall record advantage over the power 5 candidates.
Comment 19 Sep 2019
You're forgetting the playoff committee's criteria... 1) Alabama is in regardless of sos 2) Clemson is in regardless of sos 3) SEC runner up is in so long as this doesn't interfere with rule 1 and/or rule 2. 4) metrics such as sos, conference championships and wins over ranked opponents are to only be applied when when it benefits Alabama or Clemson 5) the "eye test" is to be the deciding factor when you're having problems justifying leaving out a conference champion in favor of Alabama.
Comment 18 Sep 2019
Hilariously, UM fans have fantasies of OSU experiencing a significant drop off because Ryan Day is not Urban Meyer and this is his first head coaching gig... I think some of those delusion assholes are coming to the devastating realization that Day may very well be a great coach. They see that the on field production hasn't decreased so now they're hanging on to "well, he's an elite playcaller but recruiting is where he will fail".
Comment 12 Sep 2019
Clemson - 1 tOSU - 5 That's how I expect it to play out every season until they expand the playoff. We'll be first team out no matter how tough our schedule is. Meanwhile, the Osterine boys get a free pass to playoff on a soft as pu*sy schedule.
Comment 09 Sep 2019
I've watched every snap of (pure) Michigan football this season and I'm 90% sure that Wisconsin will beat them by at least 2 scores. Not only will they lose the game but they'll be thoroughly manhandled by Bucky too.
Comment 09 Sep 2019
I agree on all points, especially the ridiculousness that followed the final whistle... I saw the team jumping into the stands and posing like they just won a fu*king national title. My wife and I got 4 hours of sincere laughter out of that game and the following clown show.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
I haven't watched the Browns game since the first quarter... Is the super bowl still in play or are they the same old Browns?
Comment 08 Sep 2019
Texas will be holding at least 3 L's by seasons end. A 7 point road victory in September is nice and all but it's not enough to justify dropping an OSU team that is coming off of a 42-0 carpet bombing of UC.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
But it does. It's obviously not the only factor but it absolutely does influence (at the very least) the initial rankings. They claim that they don't even look at the AP poll but it turns out that they may not be 100% honest. Who would have guessed