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Born Buckeye fan... Literally. Brought home from the hospital in tOSU gear (for babies, of course).


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC game... Best game that any fan could possible imagine.
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Comment 21 Apr 2020
^This is the correct take. JT is an absolute Buckeye legend but the offense was clearly limited when he was running it. I think he would have beaten Wisconsin but it would have been another 35-24 type games. Had he been playing for the Bama semifinal game, they would have went down 21-0 in the first quarter and never been able to claw their way back. We have evidence of this - the Clemson semifinal game that saw the OSU offense stuffed for 4 straight quarters because they couldnt muster any deep passing game whatsoever against a legit defense.
Comment 17 Apr 2020
"a parade of super-generic good ol' Texas country boys to quarterback them". I dont know exactly what you're implying there but... You never know when a good old country boy is going to have the best season of any college QB in history. Just look at Joe Burrow.
Comment 25 Feb 2020
Effective treatment or vaccination (unlikely any time soon) is really the best hope to curb the spread of CV19. Quarantine measures were too late in China to stop it from escaping. I guess that I'm predicting that the virus will ultimately hit the US at some point in the near future. How much of an impact it has is hard to say
Comment 18 Feb 2020
I'm a life long Bengals fan. That means I'm hoping for the best (take burrow and build around him) but expecting the worst (trade down to draft random OL or LB). I'm convinced that Brown intentionally tries to keep the team perpetually mediocre. Every move they've made in my lifetime suggests this.
Comment 13 Feb 2020
Great post. Although, I would personally say that MT3 will be far better than "fine". The dude is a bruiser who has better top end speed than JK. Granted, he doesn't possess the shiftiness that Dobbins does but Teague will be a superstar RB before he leaves OSU.
Comment 13 Feb 2020
Dobbins was able to put up 2k yards last season because a) he was the work horse back who got most of the meaningful carries. b) Coach Day didn't want to subject fields to a huge amount of carries. c) JK is a top shelf talent... Unless Justin's carries per game go up significantly next season, i can see Teague cracking 1500 yards. As far as replacing Chase goes - they're in a great position to attempt it but I feel like Harrison needs a year of heavy experience before we see chase-like production out of him.