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Comment 26 Aug 2018

I agree with this. "It's hospitality management" they'll say, but a graduate degree is a graduate degree. Having a curriculum that's more focused than your typical undergraduate curriculum is good for the mind. A mentor of mine once got a degree in hospitality management a long time ago. Eventually got into farming, after a long, weird path. But even then, he told me and the rest of the Future Farmers of America group that the way he had to think in his hospitality management graduate degree made him think in a way that was really useful, even in farming.

Comment 10 Jul 2018

Follow-up to #3: I don't think it was 'closer than it should have been' - Michigan probably should have won. They were the better team, and OSU escaped.

And then all the Karmic debt we incurred during the MSU and Michigan games came to bear in the Clemson game.

Worth it.

Comment 02 Jul 2018
Is this a Stephen A burner? FRANKLY THAT IS ABJECTLY PREPOSTEROUS, AND I AM QUITE FRANKLY THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED BY THIS DEPLORABLE MINDSET Yeah. People like sports teams. All of your criticisms of reactions to The Decision are reducible to 'I don't think people should invest themselves in sports teams.' Getting upset when he left is because they got upset when their team got worse. That's a REAL interesting critique to wage from someone who is a fan of Any Goddamn Sport. And as for the context: do you read anything? Are you familiar with the unceasing shit that the city of Cleveland gets? The Decision came across as validating all that shittalking from outsiders who know nothing about this state, and it did so in a really public fashion. So yeah. That hurt. Sure, he raised some money from it. That's good. But I'm curious - if it was such a good idea, why didn't he do it the last two times? Did LeBron just stop caring about the Boys & Girls after 2010? Because reading your post, that's the impression I'm getting. The Decision had good come out of it. It's just not that simple, though. I'm not down with the jersey burning. As a city and state, we responded reallu shamefully to The Decision. But LeBron is not blameless. Specifically his PR team, which lololol REALLY midjudged things.
Comment 25 Jun 2018
I get that he probably only has NFL catch data for comparison, but to echo: the comparison is totally meaningless. And while it is true that Barrett in 2017 had the 9th-lowest drop rate among the 61 draft-eligible(?) QBs considered, that's still only 60-70% of the story, and comparing an NCAA receiver's catch rate to a different mean & standard deviation, with quality of competition and quality of QB being as drastically different as it is, you just can't do that responsibly. Edit: drop rate citation https://twitter.com/PFF_Neil/status/955928657129889792?s=19
Comment 21 Jun 2018
Gameplans still gotta be centered on Bosa, right? Chase is a nightmare in the pass game, but there was an article on here about not keeping run gaps. Hoping he messes up is not a good plan, but short of 'hi, we have had top 5 recruiting classes for the last 4 years,' it's the best you're gonna get. For the line, at least. Still yet to be seen whether we can Cover A Tight End At All.
Comment 19 Jun 2018
I don't think this deserves the DVs it's getting. Don't agree with you, but it's fair to say. I'm not without empathy for kids who are basically realizing that Ohio State isn't interested in them - for those Ohio kids who are almost good enough to have a shot at OSU, learning that their dream is dead has got to be at least a little sad. So I definitely empathize. But every football player from this state, in peewee, middle school, or high school, realizes that eventually. And as Andrew pointed out: this IS a recruiting event. Whether this or the lack of an invite, they will realize they won't go to Ohio State. Sad, sure, particularly if they're really good football players. Shitty? I'm not sure.
Comment 15 Jun 2018
They have a good shot of getting every position other than QB in the NFL at a high level. QB is a little more ambiguous. Data points that go against this: Tebow and Alex Smith. Meyer didn't recruit Alex Smith, but Utah's run with Alex Smith was Meyer's success, as well, so I can't discount it completely, only question is how much Meyer added. Tebow was the last first rounder I can recall where the justification was 'he was a winner' rather than on his ability as a passer. Both are odd cases that can't be dismissed, but which are a little odd.
Comment 24 May 2018
If Urban Meyer had to pick, or if *you* had to pick? Because... man, I'd be hard-pressed to believe JT Barrett wouldn't be on this list for Meyer. 'Ah,' you say, 'but this is for positions of need.' Oho, that is good and just for you to say - but nothing Meyer has said makes me believe he *doesn't* think QB is a position of need.
Comment 21 May 2018
Oh, lord, I cannot imagine us being in a position where we're saying 'you know what would reduce turnovers? Playing Tate Martell.' He brings a hell of a lot of assets to an offense, and I want to see him really integrated into the offense in a way Braxton Miller SHOULD have been, but, uh - trust his turnover-prevention, I do not.