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Comment 06 Dec 2017

Not sure if it's a consideration for the young WDE from Maryland, but...

  • Alabama has 2 four-star WDE commitments in the 2018 class. If you were this young man, would you join a program that already has 2 commitments at your position in your class? FYI, Alabama had 1 WDE commitment in the 2016 class.
  • OSU has 0 in the 2018 class, and took only 1 in 2016 (Chase Young)? Playing time is available, it would seem, at OSU.
Comment 06 Oct 2016

i suspect he measures less than his listed weight. hence, a more apt comparison would be a poor man's russel maryland (college stud, #1 overall pick i think, and multi-super bowl champ). The game was very different back in that time, and I'm not implying that landers has an NFL future. But I love watching landers' disruptive game, just like I loved watching Russell Maryland knife through cfb teams.

yes, landers blossommed late his senior season, but scout.com promoted him to four-star status before signing day for good reason.  His highlight film was fantastic. 

Comment 04 Oct 2016

that warms the heart--my college ultimate frisbee team decided EVERYTHING via RPS (we called it roshambo). i once offered to determine the outcome of a game against a superior squad by playing roshambo (and i'm sure they declined my offer).

Comment 21 Jun 2016

my brother and i discussed this event when news first came out that the two young men had been arrested. he told me then, as many of you folks have no doubt done the same, that the young men would get off unscathed and business would be as usual in SEC country. i countered by pointing to the gravity of the charges (felonies!), the fact that it happened in LA not AL, etc...

yet, here we are, he was absolutely right. i find the DA's decision so incredibly disturbing and offensive. as many of you have said, the lesson is clear: you are above the law as long as you bring back championships to (insert name of SEC "school").

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Thanks for sharing BuckeyeChief--I had no idea Phife Dawg had left this world. I was never more than an amateur in terms of appreciation of hip hop. Still, ATCQ was illuminating in how they melded story-telling, rhythm, and music into this inspiring and magnificent whole. You could not help but be astounded by their talent as they produced the industry standard, in my opinion. Recognizing that I sound like an old fart, I hope others who may not be as familiar with them pick up their music to better understand the realm of possibility, and start delivering some soul-feeding substance once again. RIP Phife Dawg.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

just a thought: this can be hard for anyone to understand when they are so passionate about an activity, and more so, when the potential for a lucrative career is tied directly to your pursuit of said activity. but here is the deal: concussions are real and long-term in their impact. one year off is probably not enough. while it's agonizing to walk away form this, it may be easier if he can find some other sport(s) where he can apply his world-class athleticism towards. he may find, over time, that he really enjoys dominating/participating in these other sports.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

this is very serious. the kid needs help. and to get booted from the university.

by the way, contrast the university of Missouri's response to that of the university of Mississippi's response to this alleged activity by their star football player a few years ago. there was no official reprimand/suspension that I'm aware of. and, that leniency probably did not help him understand the ramifications of continued drug usage. ess-eee-see!

Comment 18 Jan 2016

reminds me of michael jenkins--one of the greatest OSU receivers of all time. am i the only one that sees jenkins when i watch victor?

Comment 30 Dec 2015

Like all Buckeye fans, I'm a big fan of Tom Herman. But here's the deal--why not tell the team "hey guys, rather than spend $15K on something that I will never wear again, I'll give it to a charity..." where we can make some children happy...

I know, a crazy idea.

Comment 16 Dec 2015

This article could have been much more insightful if it first addressed the broader conference viewpoint--i.e. the B1G East should be substantially more competitive next season as a result of the following X, Y, and Z factors--and then posted some more analytical content on each team. Instead, like too many articles on 11W--of which I am a frequent visitor--it was shallow and lacked insight. You can do better 11W. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Impossible to hold back the tears.

What a beautiful child, with father.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

Poor guy. Guess he had enough of that sport. Wonder what he'll do with the rest of his days? I heard he's really into roller derby...

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I remember Preston Harrison. Started off as a QB I believe, moved to OLB or possibly DE. Don't think he ever played a down. More importantly, this is a bummer. Good to see that Urban Meyer is trying to build their job search skills via his career building workshops/networking sessions for the kids. I recognize that they probably don't have much time to commit to summer internships while in college due to the regimented nature of the college game nowadays.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Contrast the Flood focus with the Tallahassee legal system's ability to make felonious actions disappear...in one place, football is literally above the law, in another, football is actually subservient to the law.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

I said this last time...

Referencing Hitler in college football is incredibly offensive to me as a Buckeye fan and to the people of Alabama. Please delete this post--and this video--immediately

Comment 24 Feb 2015

I've been looking forward to your preview of DL prospects because of my interest in Kordell Looney's candidacy. His highlight video impresses; I see him as a potential All-Big Ten talent. Obviously, the caliber of competition he faces is low, but the talent is real. Have you heard anything from your OSU insiders regarding his prospects for an offer? I would hate for Tennessee or some other SEC team to steal him away.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Whisperer, is it too early to talk about other OH prospects in the '16 class? The footage on DT prospect Kordell Looney impresses. Aside from Michael Bennett and Adolphus Washington, the state of Ohio rarely produces 4/5-star DT prospects. I wonder if this kid has such potential (I recognize that the quality of competition may not be sterling. Regardless, his athleticism stands out).

Comment 06 Jan 2015

perhaps I'm reading too much into the comments from the players, but I am very concerned about the player's physical health after the Alabama game. Oregon didn't have a physical game with FSu, and will, as a result, be less damaged physically. This is a competitive advantage for Oregon.