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Comment 29 Dec 2018
Was I the only one cheering for that blob thingy to finish them all?
Comment 04 Dec 2018
Probably not, but he does deserve DC money.
Comment 03 Dec 2018
Impressive. It adds so much flare... like adding a beautiful string of lights to an otherwise nekid xmas tree. MODS always make everything better.
Comment 27 Nov 2018
I wouldn't be surprised to see Clemson shit the bed against Pitt. If that happens, they should drop out of the top four imo. Assuming Bama wins, that would open up two spots for Oklahoma and OSU. If the Bucks out perform the Sooners this weekend, they could move up to three and Oklahoma would be at four. That would create two semifinals of Bama vs OU, and ND vs OSU. I like this idea.