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Comment 07 Dec 2016

Haha, holy shit. Never realized this, but go back and watch the Dumas hit. In the celebration (0:14), you can see none other than #48 Bo Pelini. Good times.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I know exactly the hit you mean. I can't even read the name Dumas without seeing him standing over that poor sod. I would also offer "Andy Katzenmoyer Blasts Corby Jones."

Comment 01 Dec 2016

In regards to what everyone else is saying about Michigan having a chance, it comes down to the droves of down-trodden Wolverines moping about, bitching about the refs, trying to make sense of their team, who are VERY likely to quote/link/view any article that gives them a shred of hope. It's just a bunch of websites/news media outlets preying on their loss for ad revenue.

Wolverine tears are good for the economy.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I think the B1G winner will (and should) jump Michigan, whether it's Penn State or Wisconsin. Look, you'd have two teams, each with 2 losses. But one team would have 11 wins and a championship, while Michigan would have 10 wins and no championship. One team would be 4-0 in the last 4 weeks, Michigan would be 1-2 in that same time span. That's just too much for a head-to-head win to overcome. Plus, a win over the now-#4 Washington would most likely vault #8 Colorado over #5 Michigan for the same exact reasons.

If Washintgon loses, it would be Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, B1G Champ. If Clemson loses, it would be Alabama, Ohio State, Washington, B1G Champ. If Clemson and Washington both lose, it would be Alabama, Ohio State, B1G Champ, Colorado. I just don't see a path to the playoff for Michigan.

Comment 31 Dec 2014

I have a feeling this will be the best game of the day year.

Comment 15 Dec 2014
Have an upvote before the dvs start pouring in. I may not word it as hyperbolicly as you, but I definitely think the key is to pressure Sims and force him to put up some ducks. Cooper is going to pull in the good throws but if the line can get Sims frustrated, I like the chances of pulling in some jump balls.