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Comment 19 Jul 2016

I think a dog that doesn't return to it's own property after being yelled at by a male could be construed as menacing, therefore a nuisance. We live in town and had a neighbor that had a dog that had backed people up to walls, lunged at them, and was just an overall pita. The last straw was when it ran over to my yard one night when my wife had our puppy out to go potty and it chased her and the puppy onto our back porch and cornered them. She got in the house unscathed, but they were both terrified. The puppy shit all the way from the back door to under the table. That night ended with me telling the dog warden and Deputy that I would shoot the dog if it ever came on to my property again. And that if it bit anyone in my family I would burn down their house with them asleep in it. Not my best moment, but it got my point across. The dog went and stayed at someones uncles farmhouse the next day. Never saw it again.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

I don't see anything wrong with it. A little unusual, but not cruel. Didn't watch the video so I don't know the details of what exactly transpired other than theft of the family items. Was it for drugs? Was it the first time? Who knows what the background is? I am a firm believer that you have to do what you can to stay in control of the problem. If it takes an unreasonably stern punishment to get their attention, then so be it. He didn't beat the hell out of him, so I give the dad kudos for keeping control of himself during this situation.

Comment 30 May 2016

That year was my first concert. Cinderella opening for Judas Priest in Toledo at the Sports Arena. Sadly, I missed my chance to go see Van Halen two years earlier with my older cousin, but my mom wouldn't let her 13 yr old go. 

Comment 09 Apr 2016

Diggstown  - great con movie about boxing

Momento - sort of a whodunit, but is shown chronologically backwards

Revenge - Kevin Costner and John Leguizano, Madeleine Stowe

Comment 02 Apr 2016

It is amazing how different drugs affect people differently. I am having hips problems (I can't get it to stay in place) and was prescribed Ultram 50mg. They have done absolutely nothing for the pain, I even doubled up one night at work, nothing. I had no withdrawals or anything when I quit taking them. I did get mild constipation from them though. LOL

Now my wife took an Ambien last night so she could sleep, as she was having a bad Lupus flare up. Before she went to bed, she was hallucinating talking about some body in the trunk, and when I asked her what she was talking about, she pointed to her purse and said that she was talking to the lady with shaggy hair holding the baby. WOW! Makes me think I should be taking those for my hip. LOL

Comment 08 Feb 2016

That song came out around when my first wife was leaving me. Kind of took as a personal anthem. Led to about 2 years of a rock star lifestyle. Many, many stories, few that can be told here. LOL

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I just counted, Alabama has 15 "hostings"

The Buckeyes are at 14 counting this Saturday.

This does not any kickoff classics or championship games, that are played at neutral sites, if those were counted, Alabama would go way up. Not trying to sound like I am bragging them up, just noticed alot of those games when I was counting.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I think everyone would agree that Eastwood is the epitome of Roland. Even the drawings in the books look like Eastwood. I think MM could be good as Roland so long as he doesn't play him like those stupid Lincoln commercials. He was very good in the first season of True Detective. I absolutely loved the series! And I thought the last books were exceptional with the way he incorporated his previous works and real life into the story. I think any film version of it would shortchange it, just like so many of his works. Just too big of a story to tell in such a short time. 

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Not to get too off topic, but I had to share a Santa story with you all. Back story, my buddy is married with two kids Ally (6), and Ricky (4), who are good kids, but are ornery as heck. A couple years ago, I called said buddy just to see how he was doing around Christmas time. I hear his 6 yr old daughter in the background bugging him relentlessly about who he was talking to on the phone. So I hear him tell her "It's Santa, you talk to him". I hear the phone change hands and after about 10 seconds, I hear the meekest, sweetest voice come through with "Hello?" So I respond with a bellowing "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Ally!" And the phone is dead quiet for what seems like a minute, and then I hear her say "Santa, I didn't mean to push Ricky down the stairs!" One of the funniest things I ever witnessed, Maybe you had to be there, but I am laughing as I type this now.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I have been listening to alot of 70's lately. I like the ones that make me go "oh yeah, I forgot about this song" so here are some of the ones  from my playlist.

Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes

Cliff Richard - Devil Woman

Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right

Hot Chocolate - Everyone's a Winner

Mason Williams - Classical Gas

Sugarloaf - Don't call us, We'll call you

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I am not saying anyone should be benched. Nor am I saying anyone should be fired. All I am saying is that if we don't start playing better, we will be handed our first loss by an inferior team. It isn't unreasonable for fans to expect more out of their teams, win or lose. The Great Urban himself is not content with the level of play from our very talented team. And I only word it that way because of the pedestal that he has been put on by some people, I greatly respect Urban and would not trade him for any other coach, but as I said before, he isn't infallible. Call me a traitor, a sunny day fan, or whatever you will, but these are the facts, regardless of our record at this point.

I will say that the people running around here screaming for the heads of players and/or coaches do need to relax. We got the win, we got another week to prepare. I just hope everything clicks before it is too late.  BTW, GO BUCKS!

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I agree with the OP. This does not look like a team that is defending the National Title (Well, it does in fact look like Florida St. last year.) We are 5-0, and I am happy about that, but there are plenty of wrinkles that need ironed out, AND SOON. Our boys have not looked dominant in any of these games yet, and it wasn't a scheme change that won the game today, it was Zeke having an outstanding 2nd half. IU moved the ball better than us, and just looked like the better team all day. They just whiffed on a couple run stops.

I do not claim to know what is needed to become the team that we are. I trust in Urban, but he isn't infallible. Are we trying too hard to get all of our superstars touches? Should we change over to JT (I do have a huge man-crush on him since last year)? Are we counting on the wrong guy for play-calling? Are we playing to the caliber of our opponents? Who knows? Could be none, or all of these. All I do know is, if we don't start looking like a team that is stacked with "an embarrassment of riches" we are going to get exposed, and quickly!

Comment 11 Aug 2015

one of my favorite episodes!!! Gotta love>

Ricky - "just how drunk are you?"

Lahey - "Bout 6 outta 10."

Pure comedic genius!

Comment 10 Aug 2015

I can't watch with my father's new wife. She is absolutely the worst. She thinks every play is a late hit, pass interference, holding, or anything if we don't score on that play. I almost feel like I'm not a fan because I have to explain each time why the other team is allowed to block, hit, knock down passes, or just allowed to try to keep us from scoring. Good thing is, it might be a quiet year for her this year, we should score LOADS.