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Comment 30 Apr 2020
I might not be remembering correctly, but didn't the media with both Iowa and Purdue games have a huge storyline about a terminally ill student/kid believing for a win in what could possibly be their last game to ever watch? I haven't ever been in that situation but it seems like that could mess with your head when someone's dying wish is to see their team beat yours. I think Iowa even made a huge scene right before or during the game with the individual looking down from their hospital room above.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
This clip should be played on a loop at the WHAC anytime a recruit is in the building. Let them know that if they come to THE Ohio State University, LeBron will become their biggest fan.
Comment 02 Apr 2017
PSU with 2 goals to start the 2nd half, Bucks need to clean things up or this could get ugly quick
Comment 18 Mar 2017
His first takedown attempt in that 3rd period was that last one with 10 seconds left. Bo attempted 7 takedowns after he escaped. I agree, horrible officiating.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Good Offensive coordinators call certain plays to set up for plays later in the game. I don't see ANYTHING even resembling that from ours.
Comment 06 Oct 2016
I love soccer and like others have said, it's that and Ohio State athletics. I have my 8 and 6 year old playing in the local soccer organization, both of them playing up an age group. I would love to be able to take them to a USMNT sometime.
Comment 30 Sep 2016
My wife was speaking with another one of the soccer moms from my daughter's team, her husband is a cop and said that there have been 3 arrested in the last couple weeks in the Clermont county area(east of Cincinnati.) From what was said, it's apparent that these people are not just "messing around" and are definitely up to bad things. This is something everyone should at least take a few minutes to talk to their kids about how to respond if they encounter one of these clowns. Also had a guy I work with show me a text he got from his partner saying she just found out that the elementary school evacuated the playground yesterday after someone saw a clown nearby.
Comment 10 May 2016
Yeah, there's definitely some stress involved, we've at least had a couple months notice. Haha, we filled a dumpster to the brim already and there's still some junk we need to get rid of. We're having trouble selling our house but hopefully that changes soon since we're planning on moving in 3 weeks. Good luck with everything.
Comment 10 May 2016
This is incredibly creepy bro, I am in the process of this very thing right now. Moving to Milford for my wife's job in Batavia. Have a son on the autism spectrum who will also be heading to first grade. Pretty much lived my whole life in a small town in NW Ohio. We decided to rent a house, maybe save some money for a year to buy something closer to what our dream home would be.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
There really is no way to pick just one, but I'll choose Mike Doss- you could tell that guy loved playing for and representing Ohio State and came back his senior year to bring us a NC! Others on the list: Braxton, John Simon and about 20 others.