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I am from Texas and went to TCU. I have 5 brothers; we all graduated from major universities and love College Football, across the whole spectrum. We also played collegiate sports.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching TCU dominate and beat Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl.
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers
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Comment 15 Oct 2018

I like TV myself, and maybe one game a year.   Taking a family it’s easy to have to put down 1K.

i predicted the Buckeyes would be #2 eventually;  just not this soon.   Alabama and OSU are clearly the two best teams in college football, but OSU has been battle tested by several teams.  Alabama has snot!

Bucks need to win out, secure a #2 seed in the CFP then they had better have a balanced attack to outscore Alabama.  I think we can win it all

Comment 13 Oct 2018

No.  Come on bro.

OSU is no longer, because if it’s QB, a rushing team.   Most rushing teams will almost always have more rush yards than passing yards.   Now, it’s tge reverse.  Look at Alabama; hate to compare, but there are similarities. 

Anyway, keep fingered crossed;  LSU is beating Georgia midway 3rd quarter 16-3.  An LSU Winn had better put Buckeyes at #2

Comment 09 Oct 2018

I agree.   TT airs the ball out more than DH imo.   I’d like to compare playing time as well.   Seems Alabama runs up the score more than Ohio St. 

Here is what I would love.  Let Tua have the Heisman Trophy and I pray OSU plays Alabama in the CFP finals and WINS.

Am very concerned about our defense.  More big plays than I can ever remember and the 2 longest plays ever from scrimmage against OSU, one a 93 yard run the other a 93 yard pass both for TD’s.  Unacceptable

Comment 07 Oct 2018

When TCU beats Texas Tech this Thursday night, they’ll be back in the top 25.   Note:  Iowa State, about the best 2-3 team in the country, knocked off #24 Oklahoma State.  TCU played lackluster and beat Iowa State 17-14.

To be honest, I don’t think TCU has recovered mentally dice playing well for at most the game versus OSU.  Young, and not a mark of an elite team; but trip 25, yes.

TCU’s following game is at home against Oklahoma.  A win?  Doubtful, but possible.

A big OSU win and TCU win over Oklahoma will put Buckeyes in #2 position.  Buckeyes want to root for the Frogs the rest of the way, and vice versa.

Comment 07 Oct 2018

They’ll get #2 soon enough.  They deserve to be there right now with more quality wins than Georgia.   Look at last three for God’s sake:  1.  TCU.  2.  Penn State. 3.  Indiana

I included the Hoosiers because they are a quality team.  What more do these voters want?

Comment 07 Oct 2018

Look, we’ve got a fast secondary.  Are they being coached to crowd the box or play on tighter cause this defense is giving up way too many big plays——every game.

Second, the decline of rushing yardage is now going to put more stress on the passing game.  Can DH keep up this torrid pace of finding receivers with pin point accuracy.

Third, DH proved me wrong and had the legs to move the sticks when he has too-congrats.

Main concern is if it when the Bucks get to the playoffs—- knock on wood; one game at a time,  the defense is going to have to SHUT DOWN some of these offenses.  Indiana, I respect them, but this was a home game that should have tipped the scales for a stellar defense to show the fans who they are.

Comment 05 Oct 2018

Some bullet points:

Can’t be stressed enough the weapon OSU has in punter Drue Chrisman.  I saw it first in the TCU game;  he and OSU totally took speed burner KeVontae Turpin out of the return game, constantly pinning him back and not allowing a return.  The Penn State game he was outstanding.

Dwayne Haskins could very well get the Heisman Trophy, but he is NOT a dual threat QB.  OSU though does need to install some set plays for him to pick up 5-10 yards once in a while to keep opposing defenses honest.   I only saw one set running play for DH last game and it was a disaster.

Am worries about vertical passing and running versus the boys.  Linebackers, even Werner seemed to play very well laterally and not let a back get to the outside.  Clever passes in the middle of the field seemed to confuse the linebackers on a few plays.  Defensive line and Chase Young play has been stellar.

Take care of business and this at minimum is a three TD spread and win.

Comment 03 Oct 2018

Ohio State Buckeyes            54

Indiana Hoosiers                   20

“Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there”

anyone old enough here to remember that song

Comment 01 Oct 2018

2nd half TCU is up on Ohio State 21-13, and with the ball.   Unfortunately they have a talented QB that is making mistakes that cost them the Texas game and who knows against OSU.   OSU beat TCU by 12.   Yes, they could have probably scored at the end, but if you don’t think OSU was tested in that game.....well, agree to disagree.   OSU now wants TCU to do well, and of course the coaches are going to credit them as a worthy opponent.  Let’s see what happens in the next few games 

Comment 01 Oct 2018

Agree TCU is not a top 10 team, but top 25, up for debate.   Look, Penn State nearly lost to Appalachian State, so I would cut TCU some slack, but you said it, that’s okay.  After bye week, TCU has 2 home games versus Texas Tech and Oklahoma.  If TCU wins both, they’ll be back in top 15.  Their problem is not defense or talent on offense, it’s the bloody turnovers by their QB.  He’s injured now so who knows.   I want TCU to help OSU.   Losing to Texas.... up and in control, then turnovers again.   Gotta learn.

I think the Bucks have a chance to move up to #2 by playoff time.   Not presuming it—- is one game at a time, but imo the played the two best teams on their schedule and took over both games to win them

Comment 01 Oct 2018

I in with Ohio State, bye to me McSorley is the consummate winner.  3rd quarter the Bucks took over and things looked a heck of a lot better than the first half, offensively.  But McSorley put the team on his sholders and his crazy time bruising and elusive running brought them back and up by 2 scores .

Whomever made that last call made a huge mistake.  OSU had stuffed their RB all game, save McSorely.   The ball should have been in his hands that play , but.... Comme ci, Comme ca.   Too bad, ya lost.   

The comeback by OSU put them up another level.   Dwayne Haskins needed this type win for his resume.  He got it.    Chase Young is a monster.   Hate to see NB out, but CY is shining bright.

Comment 30 Sep 2018

Shucks—— one semi long post all for naught because I voted on that Question before I hit save.

Great game.  Had to tape it cause my girls have the flu bug.  Started at 6am finished at 12pm.   Victor made play of the game, what an outrageously great catch and the run unbelievable.   I was yelling all by myself at the TV.   OSU imo deserves #2 spot, let’s see what AP comes up with.  That white-out was maddening.  Glad I am out of there.  Congrats to OSU.  I saw briefly TCU pulled their game out.  They have week off and 2 home games in a row including Oklahoma.  I hope they can help da Bucks -  one game at a time but imo they played their two best opponents and came up big.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

I can’t wait for this game.   I like the White Out and believe it will help the Bucks focus.   I do think PS will give OSU some resistance, sorta like TCU but eventually they’ll pull away .  Defense, even without NB, will finally click on all cylinders and play their best game defensively , overall

OSU             39

PS                21


Comment 26 Sep 2018

Josh Doctson had a breakout year 2 and has the potential to be a star in the NFL.  

This OSU team already had a regression in the 1st half versus TCU, and rather than succumbing to a hungry Frog team, other than one long TD pass TCU has the Buckeyes responded and dominated the 2nd half.

Will OSU have another bad series, or quarter  or even a half?  Perhaps, but their talent level is so off the charts I don’t see them losing again, pre final 4 and we’ll see what happens.   Haskins is playing at a high level. If OSU wins the championship, no doubt he is off to the NFL.   I wish he would stay one more year to develop his game, unless he is the overall #1 pick.

Lastly, I apologize for TCU’s pathetic showing versus Texas.  I predict Patterson will have them ready the rest of the year.   I want them to win to help OSU come Committee time.

Comment 22 Sep 2018

Mods and the powers that be:

Thank you very much.   next......

Congrats to the Buckeyes for another convincing win as they prepare to get in conference play.   Nick Bosa-  he can’t be replaced, but for the coming weeks it gives other highly rated backups invaluable playing time.   Weber-  just keeping fingers crossed with him.    Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game.   There is no better team in College Football that has the comprehensive depth that OSU has.

Lastly, I was expecting TCU to help OSU by winning the rest of the way, and vis-a-viz OSU winning out helps TCU.   TCU played pathetic and got embarrassed by Texas.  Sorry 11Warriors.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

Not sure you should look at it that way ShawneeBuck 74.   Btw:  you’re my main man here.  You and Nutimpa.

Am sure the coaches are looking at this differently.   The other side of the coin is, take away 3 mistakes by TCU [also good plays by the Buckeyes] and a 20-0 run, the completion of this game changes....e.g. 3rd quarter TCU leads 21-13 and has the ball.  Up to that point, including the first have, TCU is not only in the game but dominated OSU.

Well, with few exceptions, after the 20-0 run in a span of less than 5 minutes I believe, OSU dominated the rest of the game and are clearly the better team.  Still, better teams do not always win.

One more blemish:  OSU gave up the longest play in their history when Darius Anderson sprinted for a 93 yard TD.  Sure, was  breakdown in coverage , but no one came close to catching a back that is NFL ready right now.

i am saying this for OSU sake to pinpoint what went wrong on many plays by the defense.  On offense, yes, OSU got over 500 yards offense;  most were on big yardage plays to their credit, and Dobbin’s power game.  If I’m a coach though there were numerous times TCU’s speed controlled the line of scrimmage stopping runs at or behind the line of scrimmage.

maybe more later

Sir Thomas

Templar Knight

Comment 17 Sep 2018


Am in same family dynamic as you, which is why I am very protective of women .   I’m also strongly against Internet Pornography when addicted can often be a contributing factor to domestic violence, divorce and sadly the breakdown of the traditional family which seemed to work a bit better than the societal mess we are in today.

Okay, I’m wrong, all of you here are right.  I feel very sorry for Courtney Smith and the family dysfunction.  It is only my opinion that Coach Meyer could have averted this mess before he came to OSU.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Great post man.  Well said.

I never said Mr. Meyer was going to court on charges, though there still remains a possibility if he turns over his cell phone.  If the authorities don’t ask for it, something is wrong here.

That notwithstanding, if there comes any criminal or civil suits involving ZS & CS, just the Association alone is not going to help the man.   That was what I meant using the word adjudication.   I’ve sworn here and that is not very priggish, eh?   Calling me or others idiots , come on man.   I am taking this seriously.  Stuff happens, and with our Liberal Media, who knows how bad things can get.  Hopefully it goes away?

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Okay Buckeyefan

Point taken.   We’ll see what happens.

Look, I have said this before and am not saying it again—- yes, am a TCU fan and alum, and at least I tell you guys my real name.   I now have a de facto reason to be a Buckeye fan.   I am not here to cause problems, but opine in civil discourse.   I apologize for swearing.   I am a professional and am sorry for the poor language .  I am sad, as a conservative, that some of my post, that took thought and time, were deep sized and censored just because my opinion may not agree with yours.

i also predicted Ohio State would win the game over TCU by a score of 48-27.  I came very close.   I said TCU would put up a fight and cause fits to the OSU offense.  That was true.

What did surprise me was the speed of the TCU offense and their ability to score and dominate an opposition with far superior talent .  TCU could very well have won this game, but OSU upped their intensity, caused a couple turnovers, then pretty much dominated the rest of the game.  Just my opinion, but TCU will be the best team OSU will have played until they likely get in the playoff .  I don’t see them losing again.   I hope they win it all, so long it’s not Alabama or Clemson.