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Comment 12 Feb 2016

Not going to lie, Step one as you called it sucked.  They scheduled me for an EMG, which in simple terms is just getting shocked a bunch and then getting poked with some needles.  They go up and down both your good arm and your bad arm and send a pulse through you to gauge nerve reaction (This ranges from a bad static shock when getting out of your vehicle in winter time to the shock of the Electro Shock Therapy obstacle for those of you that have run a Tough Mudder).  Then after this they put a needle in different muscles and have you tense to check muscle strength.  Not a good way to spend an hour of your day, but necessary to pinpoint where the pinch is.  I also had the joy of getting a second wave of shocking that day to rule out any neck issues.  All of this, due likely to the fact that lean too much on my elbow during work or when I drive.  Years of playing sports and that is what did me in.......smh

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Woke up with the same numbness around Easter last year and it has not gone away.  I had surgery on elbow to release the pressure on the nerve at the end of May and though it is better, the issue has still not fully corrected itself.  My Doc said this is to be expected because nerves take forever to heal.  Definitely get it checked out early, as the longer its pinched the more damage is done.  Mine just happened to be a weird case, because I never had numbness prior.  I also had a lot of issues with clumsiness with my left hand due to some muscle wasting, once again reason to get things checked asap.  No real issues with this now however, so surgery definitely helped correct that. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Would have to think Michigan State would be the front runner for him:  1) LJ Scott connection, plus seeing how much early success he has had. 2) If there is a chance he is interested in playing corner then the recent memory of the so-called "No Fly Zone" probably is in his mind.