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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 34 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl and her awesome little brother. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


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Comment 17 Mar 2020

It's just sad that the greatest rivalry in sports has come to this.

Woody said that nothing cleanses the soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.  The number of soul cleansings that TTUN has had administered without having good effect is indicative of the level of depravity of the arrogance that built up over 100 years in AA.  May they never find that the road to redemption is found in humility.

Comment 12 Feb 2020
Lovely. Been a while since we had one of these. Wouldn't mind if we never had another, but with young men, young women, and the nature of college culture, we will have them. Forget the specifics of this case, a high level of character and self-discipline is what protects you from these types of things - whether you are the accused or alleged victim.
Comment 03 Sep 2019

I hope you are right, but when I watched Fields give when he should have taken or (less often) when he took when he could have given, it took me right back to Braxton - who I don't think ever truly READ the zone READ.  On paper, it doesn't seem that difficult, but evidently some QBs have a hard time with it, and I concluded that Braxton didn't have the gift (but had the gift of making a wrong read work anyway), but JT had the gift.

I don't know if Fields is Braxton or JT, but if he was reading last Saturday, I will have to conclude he is Braxton.

Comment 03 Sep 2019

I absolutely agree.  I watched Cincy every chance I got last year and their game vs. UCLA last week.  Ridder and Warren are really, really good players.

And just overall, on defense included, Cincy has some dudes that can play.  Ohio State is going to have to play: out-execute them and play better.  If they don't... well, I hate it when our Nation is sad and discombobulated.  :)

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I hear you, and I know about the LB issue.   I guess I'd assert that dominant DL's make contact on a runner within 1 yard of the LOS on a regular basis.  In that case, the LBs can be checking out the cheerleaders.  It doesn't matter because the runner is being tackled near the LOS.  If a hole does open, the LB should make the play within 5 yards.  If they don't, then pursuit/contain and safeties should limit the run to 10-15 yards.

So, I think you are missing the gist of what I am getting at.  Another way of saying it is if a DL is dominant, that dominance does not rely on LB or secondary performance.  They are making plays regardless.  When Ohio State is getting gashed on 20, 30, 40+ yard runs, it never happens if the DL does not allow a hole to run through in the first place.  Whether the run fits and pursuit angles are correct never come into play when those boys up front are great. I've been told they are great.  I just haven't seen it very much.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I'm becoming more and more pessimistic as a fan.  Ohio State has had great talent on the DL, has a proven great DL coach, and they tend to get a lot of recognition for being really good.  It hasn't quite translated onto the field (in terms of being a dominant force), and it's a mystery to me as to why.  The ingredients seem to be all there.

You certainly see flashes of it being what you think it should be.  You might see it for a series, rarely a quarter or half, and never for a game.  How your offense plays is part of it, how the LB's and secondary behind them play are part of it, and whether you have the right combo in there for what is being run against you is part of it.  But what I have seen the last 2 years, at times, is massive holes being created for opposing RB's to stroll through and, at times, no straight up DL pressure on opposing QB's for alarming stretches of games.  Sorry.  That's what I see.  The game against TTUN was the exception, but then you have to ask, "Where has this been all year?"

So, I find the whole thing to be an enigma, and if someone can explain it, I'll be grateful.  As it is, when 2019 rolls around, and the mags come out, and the pundits start yapping about dominant DL's, I'm kinda skipping over the Ohio State hype until I see it for a whole game and season. 

Comment 03 Nov 2018

I love Larry the Cable guy - Bugeater fandom notwithstanding.

Bauserman's chart is funny as hell.  I laugh every time it pops up.  

On reason #1 - Buckeye Nation may not be scared of Nebraska, but they are scared (maybe "tired" is a better word) of being told that the OSU coaches and players are working hard at fixing the running game and the sieve we call our defense - without seeing one shred of evidence that problems are being fixed.  That's been a damned nightmare right there.  I'm kinda at a place where if I don't see it today between noon and 4 PM, I am going to resign myself to the fact that this is what they are and what they are going to be through the Carcare Dirty Oil Bowl.  

Comment 01 Nov 2018

I guess I'm turning into a grouchy cynic (get off my lawn guy), but I have been told many things.  I have been told that Urban wants an angry team with a chip on their shoulder, but I have very rarely seen that.  I've been told every week this season that the problems are being worked on since we identified some of them them against Oregon State.  But after several blah performances and not seeing any problems get fixed, Purdue seemed to the perfect situation for Ohio State to come out, show their improvement, and dominate a team of lesser overall talent.  Instead, they got out-schemed, out-coached, and out-played - and got waxed, while every weakness showed regression, not progression.

So, now we come to the bye week and Nebraska.  Again, I have heard many encouraging words, but to tell you the truth, I'm not really listening.  I hear blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  

My eyes tell me that there is something rotten in the WHAC.  The words from a variety of sources are telling me that my eyes are lying to me. As a fallible human being in my sight and hearing, I'm open to being wrong.

Bottom line: show me Saturday vs. Nebraska then at Sparty and Mary, and then against the Evil of Which Cannot be Spoken.  Then I will want to hear more of your words.

Comment 23 Jul 2018

He was clearly - at least to me - the weak link on the coaching staff. He recruited some great talent, but I didn't see them taking big steps year to year. All that double-pumping JT did for 4 years? The receivers had trouble getting off the line, running precise routes, and getting to a spot on time. I felt that was coaching.

I remember ranting about it on here a few years ago, and I half-joked that the only thing that made sense was that Urban's loyalty wouldn't let him can him until Earle died. So...

But domestic violence is the reason because of the nature of that problem, and the timing is bad. So this was something that had to be done, not something that Urban wanted to do. Or maybe it was out of his hands.

Regardless, setting aside the reason for this firing, and just looking at it football-wise, I think the WRs are going to be in a much better situation with their coaching because I have doubts Zach could coach dogs to bark.

Comment 26 Apr 2018

I get all of the anti-BuckIguy stuff.  While I sense he has some genuine affinity for Buckeye football, he is clearly a media whore and mainly has an affinity for Buck-I-guy.  Lol.

I guess I'm the grouchy old man who says, "There are more important things going on in the world than this."  Relax.

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I was reading this thread and thinking that the reflexive scUM fan reaction would be to cite some ranking of academic institutions. 

This reminds me of the "SEC speed" thing. The SEC did and does have a lot of speed, but it was so exaggerated that some down there seemed to believe an Ohio prep star that signed with Alabama instantly gained 2 tenths on their 40 time and anyone from the south that signed with a B1G team lost 3 tenths.

TSUN is a fine school, I would say, but conflating that in a football discussion is really pathetic and sad. It reveals pathetic and sad little minds and people. More importantly, if Rashan Gary chose Ohio State (as he should have), would he have been instantly  less intelligent? The whole line of thinking is absurd. Keep your # 23 academic ranking or whatever it is. Go on some academic forum and brag about it. In the meantime, Ohio State will keep kicking your ass in FOOTBALL.

Comment 01 Feb 2018

I think this article is well done.  I am late to this party, so this probably won't be read by many people.  It won't be upvoted or downvoted much. I don't care. I'm doing this to get it off my chest.

No sane or remotely decent person is for sexual abuse.  It's horrific, and anyone who perpetrates it should never see freedom again.  I have no problem with the death penalty in these cases. As a husband, a father of one daughter, and the grandfather of a little girl, if any of them were abused in this way, that's a situation where I could see myself beating their abuser to death.

I do not believe that any non-involved person at PSU or MSU or Baylor or whathaveyou is pro-sexual abuse.  It really comes down to this: who is guilty of sexual abuse and who helped them?  If people helped, how did they help?  With full knowledge and support or because of ignorance, denial, or some lack of understanding of what is right and the greater priority?

What I am uncomfortable with is when the ignorant and innocent get swept up into a hysteria.  Hey, if MSU and/or their employees/leaders assisted Nassar, then hammer them with civil and Title IX law suits or prosecute them, if applicable - however they need hammered in order to hold them accountable.  I hate to see the NCAA involved in something like this.  It's not within their expressed authority to do it, they are unequipped to do it, and they are almost certain to deliver injustice - excessive or lenient - if they do get involved.

But in this kind of situation, we tend to get a hysteria, emotion displaces reason, and common sense goes out the window.  So we get things like, the sophomore history major who continues to love and support Sparty football and doesn't think the football program should get the death penalty is guilty of supporting "rape culture."  As in Salem, everyone is suspect, everyone can be deemed culpable, and a lot of injustice always flows out of that. 

That hysteria produces conclusions like, "you must believe any accusation."  I do?  Everything I know about human beings tells me that I should believe what makes sense and has evidence to support it because a universal characteristic of every human I know is that they lie, shade the truth, and some live in denial and parallel realities.  We are on dangerous ground when we are told that in order to be a decent person we have to suspend skepticism of what people say.  That said, if anyone says that they have been abused in any way, that should always be taken seriously and that claim should be adjudicated to the extent it can be.  On the other hand, if all accusers have to be believed, then some Duke lacrosse players should be in prison right now.

Sometimes leaders have to fall on their sword when something happens on their watch, even if they had no knowledge of it or were involved in it.  You hear, "They should have known".  I'm not sure that's always true, but it can be. But how far down the chain does that go before it satisfies the hysteria?  There is no definitive answer - and that's scary in a society where we desire to punish only the guilty.

Regardless, Nassar is guilty and has been prosecuted and sentenced harshly.  Investigations need to be conducted to see if his crimes could have been discovered and stopped earlier.  Anyone who helped him continue to do this should be punished according to the degree of their culpability.  New procedures and policies should be put in place to prevent such a thing from happening again if possible.

Just don't expect me to measure my opposition to sexual abuse and Larry Nassar by how far down the chain I am willing to go to punish people that may have had no way to know what was going on or any ability to stop it. Sexual abuse results in a radical injustice to the victim of it. In the world of sex abuse hysteria, more injustice gets done - and it does not one thing to correct the injustice done to the sex abuse victim.  FWIW 

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Blu - appreciate the perspective.  I wish you were a little more hate-able.  Go for it.  I won't downvote you. Lol.

I have always been unconflicted about how I feel about the Tressel-Meyer era of dominance.  We had a couple of decades where the rivalry went back and forth, but Michigan held an edge.  Then came John "It's Just Another Game" Cooper.  Words cannot describe the pain and frustration of seeing national titles and seasons ruined at the hands of TTUN.

When I was a 10 year old kid around 1974 I remember seeing the all-time record of the rivalry on the TV and TTUN held a couple dozen game lead.  My older Buckeye mentors would tell me that margin was created when helmets were leather and the football looked more like a rugby ball.  Still, it bothered me to no end.  How do you make up 20-25 games?  You don't and TTUN was +8 during the Cooper era which almost made me lose my mind.  Some people would claim "almost" can be eliminated from that sentence.

Getting that margin under 10 has been a tremendous achievement, but I will not be happy until OSU erases the margin and has the all time lead in the series.  It is the right and just thing, and it is our birthright as Ohioans.  :)

That said, I can see becoming a little conflicted in the future.  At some point, beating TTUN will become an assumption rather than a hope.  It already is with younger Buckeye fans.  I want a win over TTUN to always mean a lot and be special.  I'm not sure that will be the case if we almost never lose to them.  There is also a part of me that believes that Ohio State is better, and the B1G is better, when TTUN is highly respected and formidable.  The truth that I don't like to embrace is that we are like jealous brothers who need each other to be the best versions of ourselves.  But right now, that truth seems to be trumped by another one: I want that all-time margin to be in Ohio State's favor, and I can't shake my addiction to the schadenfreude I feel when TTUN loses any game, but especially one to Ohio State.  The arrogance I have had to endure at the hands and upwardly positioned noses of TTUN fans over the decades is the cause of that schadenfreude, and makes it impossible for me to feel one damn bit of pity for their pathetic state - and forces me to want to see more of their humiliation.  If that sounds like mental instability, that may be an essential requirement of being a member of Buckeye Nation.

One bone of encouragement I can throw to you is that eventually things tend to swing back the other way, and that humility is a great place to become great again from.  But until that happens, may this current era of Ohio State dominance continue unabated, and may my thirst for schadenfreude continue to be slaked.  :)

Comment 09 Jan 2018

The thing that grates on me as you look at the poll is that there seems to be an idea that losses in the SEC are different than losses in other conferences.  It's almost like every SEC loss is .5 of a loss. Alabama's record was 11.5-0.5 and Georgia's was 12.5-0.5 going into the playoff. They have a 4 loss Auburn team ranked 10th in front of teams with at least one less loss.  It makes sense though if 4 really equals 2.

I boycotted last night's game.  Thought it should be over, turned it on to see the highlights and did see the OT.  I know - it was a great game.  I've seen plenty of great games and I will see plenty more if the Good Lord gives me time.  But I am done with this CFB playoff thing - not going to talk about it or worry about it next year.  It's a beauty contest with no fixed criteria where bias is welcomed - and clearly the SEC is the belle of the ball.  So, I'm done with that.

Ohio State needs to play for the B1G East and for Indy and whatever bowl game the eyers that judge the eye test think.  But I'm done with that whole nonsense.

Comment 06 Jan 2018

I haven't believed much of anything coming out of the WHAC for the last couple years, especially if the HC is saying it.  Love Urban and totally support him, but there have been too many things said that didn't add up.  He has a tough job, and one of the tough things he does is trying to keep a whole team and staff together.  So, he says stuff toward that purpose.

There is going to be a legitimate competition between Haskins and Burrow.  I saw Joe play in HS.  I couldn't believe how hard, far, and accurate he could throw, and the guy is a legit athlete running the ball.  Amazingly talented young man.  However, Haskins is the truth - a talent that we haven't seen at Ohio State in a long time.  What I don't know is whether he can play well for a whole game and through an entire season, but I suspect he can.  So, he will be the starting QB this fall because you can't sit a guy like that, and you can't afford to lose him to a transfer.  At the same time, Joe could go somewhere and be awesome, so that would be hard to swallow too.

I think the best outcome would be for Joe to be convinced that his opportunity will come and hang in there.  I would feel very comfortable with those two guys being 1 and 2.  I hope that happens.

Tater is a talented QB too, but what he does the best (given who is in that QB room) is better suited to a special package, not a starting role IMO.  If he won the job, I think we would have to re-evaluate the sanity of some people.

That's my opinion - which is subject to being 100% wrong.  I will own it if it is wrong.  But it's like I tell my wife on occasions when she says "you were right about that" : "Yeah, I was wrong once, but didn't like how it felt, so I decided to not do it anymore." :)

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Yes, there are exceptions, but they come in exceptional players who have other elements that make up for the height deficiency.  Baker Mayfield has the ability to throw accurately from almost any arm or foot position.  Johnny Football had the gift of instinct to run or throw depending on what he had to do.  Flutie was an extreme competitor.  All of them had some degree of those characteristics and had other intangibles.  But, generally, your sub-6' QB is not going to have enough of those qualities.  If Tate is in the category of exceptional small QB's then good for him - and good for OSU.  I just think the odds are stacked against him.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

He also does not look very tall.  Every inch back there counts, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  He is a gifted athlete, throwing and running - no doubt.  However, he has to throw over/around 6-5 to 8 OL and 6-3 to 6 DLinemen.  If you are looking at him as a starting QB, you instantly have the problem of providing him windows to throw in, which adds another layer of complexity to pass blocking and scheme.  For this reason, when he signed, I predicted that he would never start a game at QB at Ohio State.  He can run a special package, and you could accommodate his deficiencies in height related to the passing game if you had to, but Ohio State is not a place that should have to accommodate that.  

So, Tate, while I could be very wrong, I think your best shot at playing is not at QB at Ohio State.  Could he play QB somewhere else?  Sure - if that school wanted to take on the problems in the pass game that come with his height.  He would also give you a lot in the run and scramble aspect.  But with the QBs at OSU and comng, for him to be the starting QB, it would take a big accommodation.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

We didn't get invited to the SEC Playoff Invitational. The committee kissed the ass of the SEC - or at least Bama/ Saban's - and they are the weakest they have been in a decade or more. 

They gave Alabama a nomination for entertainer of the year with an artist of the decade resume. This decision had to be more about what Alabama has done in past years than what they did this season - and that ticks me off.

Not mad that OSU didn't get in. Only that Bama did. Ohio State was like a beautiful woman with a broken nose this year - with that afternoon in Iowa City being that nose.

All that said, really looking forward to the Cotton Bowl. Should be fun.