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Comment 5 hours ago

Tate is going to find out that being a new unknown QB in a room with 6’3 thru 6’7 strong arm guys who have a good relationship with the QB coach who recruited them is a little different... Go Bucks!

Comment 21 Apr 2019

Not only that... Tate is going to find out that competing against a position room full of 6-4 through 6-7 strong arm QBs, and a coach that has relationship with him, and his family isn't going easy, and sometimes may come down to football politics

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I agree that players should be able to go. Looking at it from the schools perspective, shouldn't the school receive something. If a player decides to transfer for no other reason then opportunity, should they be compensated? Should players be penalized at all for the disruption? Should coaches be penalized for deciding, or should schools be compensated?

Comment 10 Oct 2018

I think if either team loses the other will win. If both teams win out, Haskins I think, is clearly ahead, and is the better QB. Statistically Haskins is better in almost every cat. except interceptions, which 3, I think, were on tipped passes. Haskins has thrown almost twice as many passes, leads the nation in TD passes, and the offense he leads is much more dependent on him. And his uncles are saying he needs more games then 15 starts before he goes pro... which they were told by another relative that if he would be a top 5 pick, he almost has to come out!

Comment 05 Oct 2018

That year they had the best player in college football. DeShaun Watson couldn’t be beat, and he himself refused to lose to Alabama in the championship game. Now we might have, by the end of the year, the best QB in college ball. I am not sure Haskins can be stopped in college football!