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Comment 20 Aug 2019

Having the best arm is what is required as a professional, and those guys started where ever they went because they had a big arm. Maybe their team wasn't good enough, but a big arm always starts over a not big arm!

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I knew exactly what he meant and know he meant nothing bad... but Yuman is right! A lot of things said before, which slowly became acceptable isn't acceptable now. It's 2019... and we can do better... like punk or what was harmless stuff!

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I totally agree. When you have players this good, you let them compete to show over other very good players, and let them know that their play will determine who plays. Players will except that... and that'll follow that. A star will rise from this and by seasons end we will have the very best players rise to stardom and will begin to play more. This will attract top recruits when they see that LJs coaching makes every linemen better, and when 3 DTs are making NFL rosters from a single season and DEs are consistently 1st rd draft picks. And I think a DT will be a top pick soon!

Comment 10 Aug 2019

Sorry guys... but even the new freshmen LBs we have are faster. Check the times. And on film Gant, Mitchell, and Stover play much faster...

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I think Paris Johnson is the best college ready OL str8 out of HS since Big O(The GOAT). But next year our O line could be starting Davis, NPF, Myers, Miller, and … Those guys are all previous 5* guys... and they all have at least another year of eligibility.. 2021... 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Neither Borland nor Werner will start at LB, they are the 2 slowest LBs we have on the roster. I like Cade Stover but, his time will come... NPF will start at tackle!

Comment 01 Aug 2019

It would just be great if he made it to the league for a year or two. There really is no way his knee will hold up long if he gets to the league. For that reason, regardless of how well he plays at UCF, he won't get drafted early if at all. He could make a team as a free agent for a season or 2 before.. well... GL... once a Buckeye grad, always a Buckeye!

Comment 27 Jul 2019

I remember when Coach Johnson came in and started talking about rotating the DL a lot, and I was thinking how I thought Bosa should stay on the field. The ending of that Penn St. game sold me on keeping them fresh. Now, not only is it a selling point to recruits, but other position have grown to it... RB, DB, TE, WR... that's why he is who he is, and I'm not... GO BUCKS!