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Comment 16 Mar 2020

Carlos Hyde could be the thunder to Kamara’s lightning down in New Orleans. They didn’t run the same last year after losing Mark Ingram. 
I’d love to see Jenkins back on a contender. Philly been slipping the last season plus. 
Darron Lee needs to get with a DC that can jumpstart his career. It’s hard to believe he hasn’t excelled to this point. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

Between being buried on the chart and missing a slew of games last year with injury he really hasn’t gotten many meaningful snaps. But you’re right, I should have qualified by saying if Teradja is healthy and starts to realize his potential, he should take as many or more snaps than Tuf. I’m not a Tuf hater either. I just like that we rotate players and show multiple looks. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

I think Garrett starts at 3-Tech but Vincent takes more snaps if healthy. We like Seniors in the starting lineup. Same for Borland and Mitchell. Borland will start and play but Teradja should get the slight majority of snaps there. I like Cam Brown but I’m pulling for Sevyn Banks to take that spot. Ever since that TD returning the blocked punt I’ve been a fan. 

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Numbers are a good segue. We hear a lot about different needs this team has year to year so I’m curious. It’s Year 4 of Ryan Day’s offense, first full class all his guys coming this year, and we know now what defense he wants the team to run. The roster is probably not exactly where he wants it, and there’s always some fluidity. However, given what we know and what you’ve seen this year, what do you believe the PERFECT 85-man scholarship roster for Ryan Day’s Ohio State looks like Zach? What are the numbers broken down by position? How close is Day to having it where he wants it?