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Comment 15 Jan 2015

I was surprised when he decided to stay, but after reading his reasoning here it makes sense.  Good for you Cardale!

Couple of things to remember going into next year:

1.) Urban Meyer does not need to be "let of the hook"! He does not base his depth chart decisions on media hype

2.) Cardale will be the only one of the three who will be completely healthy for spring camp

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Is a trap game a trap game when the team supposed to get trapped knows it's going to be trapped? 

This is one of the best sentences/questions that I have ever read.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

This is true and Mike Thomas has looked pretty solid in these first couple games. Hopefully he will continue to get more time and touches.

As for the TEs, Heuerman proved last year that he can be a weapon in the passing game and I think Vannett will also be solid. HOWEVER, we can't afford to send them out on patterns. The o-line has been so bad that we have been forced to keep the TE and RB in to block. Not to sound like I am apologizing for the WRs, but it's pretty easy for a defense to cover only two or three guys running pass patterns.

We have got to be able to block with 5 guys, right now we're not able to block using 7!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Let's all calm down a bit shall we??? We lost and we looked TERRIBLE!!! 

BUT!!! The world didn't end. We didn't lose to a MAC or FCS team. Urban Meyer is still Urban Meyer and those of you proclaiming that he has accomplished nothing really need to chill. We went 12-0 with a team that was 6-7 the year before. We then continued to go 12-0 again the following year.  I hate to admit it but we can't win every game of every season, it's just not possible. We went to the B1G championship game the first year we were eligible after Meyer's arrival. Sure we didn't win, but if a championship game existed when Tressel was here we wouldn't have been able to win ALL the championships we did. POP QUIZ: How many perfect seasons did we have under Tressel? ONE!

So yes we lost. But we have lost before and we will lose again, maybe we need to remember how many B1G championships we won with at least 1 loss on our record. 

We surely won't make the playoffs now, but that doesn't mean we suck. Although we definitely did tonight

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I agree.  This was the most confusing part of the game for me (the rest was just infuriating). Why the hell did we keep throwing to Corey Smith???? It didn't make any sense, but we kept throwing it to him and he kept not catching it. First the TD (that wasn't) which hit him in the shoulder, then a deepball down the sideline that hit him directly in the hands in stride, with many more in between.

I wish we could get Heuerman and Vannett involved which would definitely help spread out the defense, but we can't because the sieve of an o-line forces the TEs to pass block. Without the threat from the TEs VaTech pretty much just went all in on stopping the H-backs. This forced us to throw the ball to almost exclusively on fades to Corey Smith. Man! I just went full circle. Oh well now I can relax and hopefully enjoy the remaining games

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Just wait until we have TWO Bosa's!!!! Because Joey will forego the NFL draft to play with his little brother Nick in his senior year of 2016! OK this probably won't happen, but we will still have at least one!

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I missed out on the N64 version! I did however have Monopoly for Sega Genesis and it was awesome!

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Unlike the dynamic Miller, Barrett hasn’t proven he can turn a broken play into a 65-yard touchdown. 

This is undoubtably true and he probably can't. But, we as Buckeye fans have been spoiled by Miller's improv abilities (note he is my favorite college player). I think if Barrett was following any other QB, save perhaps Pryor, he would get more credit for his mobility. Comparing him to Miller causes Barrett to appear slow and rightfully so as Miller is one of the fastest players to play the QB position. However, if you compare Barrett to other QBs across the country he has as much scrambling ability as just about anybody. At OSU we have been spoiled by Miller, thinking that all broken plays have the ability to be highlight reel TD runs, but the reality is with every other human at QB 5-6yds on a broken play is a pretty darn good outcome and Barrett is definitely capable of achieving that result.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Breaking story on ESPN:

OSU DT Michael Bennett accused of counterfeiting, according to SI report. Urban Meyer harboring fugitives once again.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Excellent breakdown as always! I think our defensive line will overwhelm the VaTech offensive line. First of all the can only double-team one of Bennett, Bosa or Washington. This leaves the other two plus Steve Miller (who I think will see more of this week as he's a better pass-rusher than Frazier) in head-to-head match-ups. This should be the d-line coming out party we have been eagerly awaiting which will help the secondary and LBs get there footing.

On offense the H-backs will be key as you mentioned just like they will be all season.  In addition to the sweeps I find it hard to believe that the VaTech defense has the speed to hang with Wilson/Marshall on crossing routes in man coverage. Especially with the threat of Devin Smith drawing the safety help deep away from the crossing slot receiver.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I also want to see more of the TEs in the receiving game. (No doubt so does UFM) Unfortunately we were forced to use them in pass protection because of the issues on the o-line. On Smith's TD Heuerman came all the way across the formation after the snap to pick up a key blind-side block.  I think once the o-line gets straightened out both Heuerman and Vannett will have good receiving numbers.