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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith was my first favorite. Tyvis Powell won my vote for a while. Does Kerry Coombs count?

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Comment 30 Nov 2018

Said Northwestern has 15 buses full of fans coming to Indianapolis for Saturday's game

I hate to break to to you Fitz, but i'm pretty sure its more than 15. My wife is chaperoning one of those busses, and her and I will both be wearing OSU gear. Last she heard about 2000 students were riding buses from Evanston to Indy. But she also reports that lots of students on NU's campus wear tOSU gear regularly, so I wouldn't bank on all 2000 students cheering for the mildcats. and for those of you wondering, yes my wife and I did get a free B1G championship ticket each in exchange for her making sure students don't drink on the way down or back, and get on the bus in Evanston and in Indy. I love using NU's money to see tOSU.


Comment 25 Nov 2018

I'm sorry, I assumed this was understood. But to clarify:

1. I don't own any Northwestern gear.

2. When it was uncertain who would represent the B1G east, I was torn between wearing a Fuck Michigan shirt, Michican't Wolverqueen shirt, or buckeye gear.

3. Now I will undoubtedly wear OSU gear (possibly complete with official OSU football jersey/pants).

4. I promise to wear nothing purple.

Comment 30 Jun 2017

If he doesn't lock it out does it really count? All my time watching the World's Strongest Man competitions on ESPN7 has taught me a rep only counts when you lock it out. But maybe that rule only applies when you're lifting cars, and stones, and houses and shit. I'm pretty sure Bill Kazmaier would be disappointed by the lack of finish. Just saying.

Comment 01 Jun 2017

which includes Tyvis Powell now ... so the browns defense is at least going to provide some intentional humor instead of its usual unintended humor.

Comment 30 May 2017

As far as I know Patricia has no ties to tOSU. I just think he always has bad ass defenses, has belichick's trust, and would look awesome roaming the sidelines of the shoe with his huge beard and don't give a f*ck attitude.

Comment 30 May 2017

Best replacement for UFM (completely theoretically of course)?

Matt Patricia (defensive coordinator for the patriots)

Kerry Coombs (no introduction needed

Tom Herman (founder of mensa, QB guru extraordinaire)

Greg Schiano (Associate Head Coach tOSU)