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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chase Young/Justin Fields/Demario McCall
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Bluejackets
  • NBA TEAM: Boston Celtics
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: FC Cincinnati

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Comment 02 Apr 2020
Spot on I was having this conversation last week. I ended with saying be careful what you wish for.. actually I believe you were one of the first ones to speak about this. Kudos to you Spooner.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
If only we had NCAA football, these kids could be online beating ttun online AND on the field. That would be a site to behold. Just imagine the MGO comments: "they cheat on the field, online classes and now video games."
Comment 31 Mar 2020
Way bigger things to worry bout at the moment. A lot of people are not considering the long term effects of Covid-19.. very possible homeless is about to become a MAJOR issue in places, same thing with mental health and suicides. That's without even touching the economy.. IMO the one bs statement I hear everyday is people as so compassionate, caring, helping each other... Totally bs. And this is just the beginning, 30 more days minimum of this I don't want to think about it..
Comment 26 Mar 2020
Anyone else kinda feel a little like it's Christmas Eve and we all waiting to wake up tomorrow to see our shiny new present aka Mr Henderson?? Not really related to recruiting so much but Vonn Bell was on 700 WLW tonight and boy was he absolutely singing the praise of coach Coombs. Loved listening to him. Fun fact Bell's OV was in Cincinnati, Paul Brown stadium..
Comment 25 Mar 2020
You obviously don't have any clue to how the suburbs or neighborhoods are vastly different. It's pretty simple to anyone who lives around there. There are two sides. The difference is obvious. My neighborhood is peaceful and quiet, churches abundant. Actual houses, no ghetto, huge cemeteries around. You must be thinking about the other side of Glenway Ave. I'd never go near there.
Comment 25 Mar 2020
I live in Cincinnati, Price Hill ( good side, Elder High neighbor) I will have to agree most seemingly believe Burrow will be the Savior. I was just playing speculation for fun. Newton is absolutely no long term answer. I'm just enjoying the optimism throughout the city with both sports teams. I'm actually going to get out my Bengals leather jacket and their anniversary gear soon. I won't go all in, I can't.. yet.. I will show my support for the next 9 months they have earned that much. My loyalty and heart is and always will be Buckeyes.
Comment 25 Mar 2020
What the actual hell is going on!! First the Reds opened up 5/3 bank now the Bengals. Now I will play devil's advocate: let's get crazy, maybe go sign Can Newton, get every draft pick you possibly can get for burrow, ( I love him for the record), play out the season and use said picks and other assets next April and go all in on the Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Dream scenario would be to swap with Washington and draft Chase Young. Again I am just playing speculation here.
Comment 25 Mar 2020
This probably isn't the right time to be doing this to just about anyone. In this time especially you gotta do what you can and it makes a unimaginable difference in most people's life's right now if what they can do is actually something they love. He's a Buckeye first and foremost. With respect don't quit over this. This is not the time to be in your head. I may not agree with you, but I don't have the right to say quit posting or leave. Stick around and enjoy the incoming fireworks!
Comment 19 Mar 2020
Can anyone else picture Urban right now, sitting back, chilling cold beverage in hand scoping out the landscape of college football and recruiting at the moment?? He's gotta have a shit grin on his face, laughing saying to himself, "got em!" Spooner was spot on in his prior post about the B10 and Meyer leaving. They had no clue what was coming.. Edit.. not recruiting but anyone else see the Satan network (E$PN) CFB tournament field?? I was floored. Actually had us beating Florida,Clem$on, and Georgia to win it all!! Talk about shocking.. and to boot they had a scenario at the end of one game where Zach Harrison ended the game on a 4th down tackle for loss.. sound familiar?? Though so.
Comment 18 Mar 2020
This is excellent.. Henderson about to be a Buckeye and he's complying with our request of sorta spacing out the booms during our quarantine.. as reported earlier by Gov Dewine, Xichigan still sucks!
Comment 18 Mar 2020
Really makes you believe that things happen for a reason. If this comes to fruition we all should send the Robinson family a thank you card. IDC about Knighton that much.
Comment 18 Mar 2020
It's so DAMN hard not to get caught up in the Henderson traction. The ONE silver lining I keep looking to is this:. The last RB who committed without ever visiting turned out to become a legend here. JK Dobbins. I will also say a lot of the mannerisms and language is eerily similar. Down to the relationships with coach Alford. Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe not.
Comment 18 Mar 2020
This is absolutely the "Homer" in me but damn.. take a step back and look at our nation in about every aspect. THE Ohio State is leading the nation in about every way possible. The Corona virus?? ✓ Dewine out here setting the trend and doing everything before anyone else. Medically✓ Ohio is pound for pound the leader in America. Definitely not last but.... One of the pillars of our society, SPORTS✓ OSU football and recruiting is night and Day above anything else and it's not even close, remember Clem$on Jr days causing nightmares? I don't. Look at the NFL. The Cleveland Browns AND. Cincinnati Bengals both out here spending money ( Cincinnati before June!!!) The Cincinnati Reds were going to be contending. I'm just so proud to be able to say I was born and raised in THE GREAT STATE OF OHIO!! 20 years from now we gonna look back at this time and reflect on everything. The facts about Ohio sports killing it during the virus is just icing on the cake.
Comment 18 Mar 2020
Take a deep breath and relax. You're 24, look out for mom and dad, keep in touch with the rest of your family. Get out of your head, give the updates a break, practice critical thinking. You and your peers are our damn future, this is going to be with you forever, pay attention, observe, learn from this. If you panic in a predicament like this God help you if China invades or worse. Our youth are sad and soft as Charmin. Soft times produce soft men, tough times produce tough men.