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Comment 30 Mar 2013

Good season guys. Went way farther than expected this year, especially after that start to the year.

Next time though I just want an effort. I've never seen a team seem to care less about a game than Ohio State did for the first 30 minutes tonight.

Good luck to the Shockers the rest of the way

Comment 19 Nov 2011



Fuck 'em all, let Woody sort 'em out.


Its Hate Week. Time to forget this season sucked and remember that Michigan is a bunch of pussy ass bitches.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

Edwin Rife: 31

Nevin Shapiro's  Boozeabortionfivehundreddollarhandshake Roadshow: 13

Comment 26 Mar 2011

Great season ended by having our worst game all year.  I cannot believe the last possession. We have timeouts left and we're running a disjointed triple teamed three for Buford?  He's ice cold.  Beyond ice cold.  He's in Siberia.  Really needed a TO there to set something up, could have called TO with 3.4 left.  Baffling coaching and just an all around shitfest of a game.