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Comment 29 Aug 2018

You may be right.  If what Zach says is accurate then if I were him I would keep this in the spotlight right up until that court hearing.  Then, if the courts decision agrees, go after the people who drug anyone and anything through the mud just for something to talk about.

This is not me being ok with domestic abuse.  It is, as our country was founded on, a right to due process in a court of law.  Not the court of public opinion.  If he is found guilty then yeah he should rot.  If not, then there needs to be a point made about falsehood reporting and accusations as well.  

We can dream can’t we...

almost gameday

Comment 29 Aug 2018

Finebaum wanted to be in politics.  He should have stuck to it.  Leave slander to the crooked govt officials and lobbyist and out of sports.  Sport is our way of escaping these yahoos.  And now thanks to 24/7 coverage and a need to lambaste anything about a major program, we are stuck with the same lobbying/prostitution you see during election years.

Comment 27 Aug 2018

Not sure what your guys intel level is round here but the fact that Ed Warrinner is on this staff makes this game VERY personal for many individuals on our staff. ScUM has done a great job with bulletin board material not for players but for coaches this offseason.