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Comment 02 Nov 2018

The offense begins to get more balanced (and not with QB runs) but the defense continues to give up big plays. OSU wins by 21.

Comment 26 Oct 2018
In Vegas, making it much easier to survive the bye week
Comment 12 Sep 2018

Just drove back from Holden Beach, NC to Columbus yesterday. Most places had shut down Monday with the remaining shutting down yesterday. Traffic was nuts all the way through parts of West Virginia but did see West Virginia paused construction on I-77 which was causing a significant delay (2 hours+). Praying for the best along the coast.

Comment 24 Apr 2018
Jackets would not have been close in this series if not for Bob. This isn't like last year when the Penguins just crushed him. He was solid and at times amazing in the series. Goals against doesn't tell the story, you actually have to watch the game. He was given little to no help.
Comment 16 Mar 2018

Virginia down 12 with 4:07 left, only a 3% chance to win according to FiveThirtyEight