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Comment 10 Sep 2020

Your comment/pun seems to bear some additional weight.  Whether intentional or not please be mindful of your words.  As for your “joke” about the fellow above being put in jail it would appear you are taking our societal jail over population problem (which I might add is a highly disproportionate population) quite light heartedly and in jest.  Please weigh your words appropriately prior to posting. 

Comment 10 Sep 2018

Although we haven't seen any real game action from Mayfield, I think its relatively safe to say the Browns did a great job on the draft boards.  Which is a nice change from many past drafts.  The key is to draft as many OSU players as you can!

Go Bucks and Go Browns!

Comment 31 Aug 2018

Relatively small sample size for something like this.  For example the random poll on 11W today already has over 1500 responses.  Sounds like the Wall Street Journal put about 10 min into an article they new would garner mass article clicks.  That being said id put this in the locker room....feed the anger/passion I believe this team needs to and will play with this season.  Sorry Beavers....wrong place wrong time.

Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Aug 2018

Right on Steely! This past month seems to have created a few "sensitive sally's" out there.  It was a joke people.  Figured 7-8 years was enough time passed to where we can all have a good laugh. It was also the last time the media over reacted to a minor infraction at THE Ohio State (does 2 occurrences make a trend?).

Its game week people..take a chill pill.....and GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Aug 2018

Hopefully im dead long before then.  Which hopefully means another 200+ years of beatin that ass (you know with science and technical engineering these days). 

Also on a side did you get the name "Bucks" on this site?  Cant believe that wasn't already "in use"

Go Bucks!! (the team not you)

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Sounds to me like he's simply stating an opinion, not claiming anything as fact.  I also don't think claiming the national media (usually said in reference to ESPN) tends to have a reporting biased towards some schools more so than other schools is indicative of someone wearing a tin foil hat.  Listen, I get it, we've all been a little testy lately due to the dramatic over reaction caused by spotty reporting and our country's new policy on "chastise first show proof second", but for the love of all things holy lets not start bickering amongst ourselves over stupid, sarcastic statements. We have 8 more days until Buckeye football is back and 36 more days until Tulane runs full steam into the biggest ass beating ever handed out by THE Ohio State University.

Go Bucks!

Comment 20 Aug 2018

I agree to a certain extent.  The rankings early on do play a factor in how the committee views the early season non conf matchups (ie. beating a top 10 ranked team early on can carry more merit later on than beating an unranked team).  Then again what do I know about what the committee will deem important this year, as that seems to change as often as Brett McMurphy's reporting

Comment 20 Aug 2018

Haha Wisconsin?? Really???  I don't doubt they will be a really good team this year but GTF out of here if you think that based on preseason merits they should be ranked above the Buckeyes.  Regardless of who our coach is.