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Comment 03 Dec 2017

Is this really what you want?  I hate the bullshit out of conference games, it's boring and predictable.

we lost by 31 to an in conference opponent.  I'd rather we have confidence to handle business against shit teams than schedule fluff nobody wants to watch so we have a game in hand.  Iowa is shit this year and we weren't prepared and got rolled.  We got what we deserved.  

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Say what you want, but Bama doesn't get blown out, ever.  I think that is part of the decision.

If we would have gotten rolled again by the same team in consecutive years it's bad for the brand and conference. Remember how long it took to live down the 06 and 07 debacles?  Crazy thing is I would have never thought that would be a concern with Urban Meyer as the coach.  

Comment 03 Dec 2017

I think this has legs.  Let's face it, Bama doesn't get blown out.  If we make it in I could unfortunately see that as the outcome.  And that alone is telling.  We aren't elite with JT under center, too predictable and one dimensional against elite teams.  And Wisconsin isn't an elite team -retry apparent they were outclassed last night.

committee will hedge their bets, a blowout loss will look very bad for them.

Comment 26 Nov 2017

It may be news to you that Schiano had ties there but it wasn't to our AD when Ohio State made the hire.  It was  addressed at the time and due diligence by the university was done.  If there were concerns OSU would not have touched him with a 20 foot pole.  It's not like a new bomb shell was dropped, which is what makes this issue that much more ridiculous.  All that said, more people should do what you outline, which is to do more digging before formulating an opinion.  Unfortunately most take the word of a dipshit like Clay Travis and probably think Schiano had a role on the same level as Mccreary (sp) which is sad. 

Comment 22 Nov 2017

And he was sitting right next to Collier on the sidelines.  He needs to be behind center and win a big game, who h he has yet to do.  Urban said it, QB's are defined by their championships, of which JT has 0.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

Troy Smith and I don't even think it's close.  JT has excelled against lesser competition. Let's see how he fares in the next few games In primetime.

Comment 01 Nov 2017

Playoffs start with the conference championships.  If UGA can't beat Bama on a neutral site they aren't going to get a mulligan to try again in a ~month, and vice versa.

UGA will have a loss going into the champs game.  They won't beat Auburn on the road, too one dimensional.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

This is where I'm at too, just simply over it.  We may stick with JT and win more games, but it's not even fun to watch.  The play calling has become Bollman'esque.  QB draw, QB rollout right with a throw away, and then a JT sack after holding onto the ball for too long.  I'd rather lose games and have it be exciting than watch this.  Our offense looks so inept when you watch other programs.  Until we go for a change at QB I'm done.