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Comment 29 Jan 2020

Well unfortunately we likely wouldn't have had to settle for FG's if the refs had any eye on the game at all. Inside our own 10 yd line I can remember at least 2 BLATANT pass interference calls that we completely missed. Once where the defender basically tackled KJ hill at the goal line, and another where the defender was pulling on KJ's jersey from two steps behind him and NOTHING.

I understand not wanting to hear fans whine about the refs, but that was by far one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen live. Going to sting for a long time because I felt this particular Buckeye team was probably one of the most talented OSU squads I've seen in my lifetime. I do think they would have had a very good shot to beat LSU.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Thanks For chiming in everyone! Buckeye Fans vastly outnumber the bad guys. I’ve got a good feeling about this one! Bucks are here to prove something! 
 We will be cheering LOUD the entire game! 

Go Bucks! 

Comment 13 Dec 2019

The Bucks should pay Hafley more to keep him. Money is what this is probably about. Why would he want to leave so quickly? He could establish himself as one of the greatest D coaches in Buckeye history by teaming up with Day. He's young enough to do it. He'd have stability (rare in coaching), a staff and headcoach he trusts, a top college, all the resources he could possibly want. To go to a place like Boston College and take over a program, that's a hell of a lot of work and a risk he's probably willing to take but at the same time the coaching carousel sucks. Wish we would see more Buckeye coaches set their feet and stay with the program if they are successful. I get it though. Strike when the fire is hot. Have your own program etc. There is a lot of draw to that, but also you wonder about the longevity of one's career. This guy knows he could stay at OSU (historically the best program in the country) for as long as he wants, then chase down a head coaching job later in his career. Think about it, he could probably stay at OSU for the next 5-10 years making $1M +, win a few National championships, then jump to a head coaching gig. As a D Coordinator, there is a lot to say for being able to develop players. He said he came here for that opportunity and it's been the first time in a long time he's really been able to enjoy his job. Jumping into a head coaching position and having to build a program, he will not be able to do what he seems to enjoy most. Here's to hoping he stays for a few more years.

Go Bucks.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

A great showing by our Bucks in this game give us a shot at #1 in the Playoff Rankings. Important that Coach Day keeps the pressure on the entire game. No mercy from the Bucks. Penn State has everything to play for here. This would be a program changing win for them and Franklin knows it.

I know a lot of people are predicting the Bucks blow them out. I certainly hope so because I will be in the stands yelling as loud as I possibly can. I can see this game being 45-20 or something like that for the Bucks but it wouldn't surprise me if we saw an absolute fight until the end and the Bucks pull off a 7 or 10 pt victory.