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    1984 Tigers winning the World Series
    1997 Red Wings winner the CUP Rest was Great but
    2002 Game 7 WCFinal Red Wings Blow out Win vs Avs was BEST!! the Crowd Chanting PATRICK!! when he was finally pulled was AWESOME!!
    2002 DAHH GO BUCKS!! No one thought they would or deserved to be there hmm Same as this year.. No Respect!!
    2011 Hiring of U.Meyer as Buckeyes New HC
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Comment 06 Dec 2018

I Don't see it .. Once they or other BIGTEN schools & SEC schools Flips a Ton of now Day's & retired Urban's recruits which is Already Slowly happening ..he will stay..and Clearly TTUN will Win Next year's game....PDST 2011 & 1990s Flash Backs...

Comment 06 Dec 2018

2011 all OVER AGAIN!! So who is Next to Decommits will get Bigger.. MSU/TTUN/PSU SEC schools ACC will ALL get these SCARED parents Kids to JUMP SHIP.. becasue like me they are thinking ... WHO in the HELL is RYAN DAY? NO BODY!!! so Look for tOSU be 1990s tOSU....sorry but get ready for it.... I PRAY >>SO PRAY I'm wrong.... Next BIG question is Wixom no longer a Big tOSU football supporter? sure looks like it.. he turn his back on the school.... May be a BIG reason for what is going on.....

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Skip is correct ..but in my eyes Only wrong, when only considering tOSU and Bama for that final spot. I said it many times on here IT belonged to Wisky. If we had a TRUE HONEST NON CORRUPTED PLAYOFF COMMITTEE. if they used exactly same reasons they used to Pick Bama,,then they HAD to pick Wisky over BAMA. PERIOD ..but they didn't it was a CORRUPTED playoff picks. GOT DISNEY three teams/Schools from there Invested TV/ESPiN dying ratings Coverage Network.its Bleeding $$ folks.. they Needed to Make there Investments look GREAT to viewers in hopes next year it ups there ratings. do they Give a care they Stepped on BIGTEN/PAC12 in process , hell no they not that much invested in them as they are into SEC/ACC football coverage. they are here to make MONEY sell Advertisers mins during games at a high dollar price... next year they can claim there conferences had three best teams can raise Advertising dollars... they are going to market the hell out of it.. it was Rigged..and Jim Delany let it.. and 11warriors reporters not to sharp in seeing following the rabbit hole of $$$$$$.. . this eye test CRAP is vague bull shit Excuses. I still hope ratings where down for the Bowls and playoff games this yr.. I didn't Watch ANY.. ..only to hurt ESPiN ratings .. they are the Corrupted Scum network.... if we get a 6 game playoff.. with first two  play-ins games played a week after Conference championships. same weekend as the Navy Army game.. Always right after it...Neutral sights..always a game in North and one in South. but also always on opposite sides from est to west. SO example: North game played at Baltimore NFL stadium. Other South Phoenix Ariz. NFL stadium .. Winners play as lower seeds in Final four as played as always losers play each other in a already Waiting Bowl Big 6 bowl.  this is Simple and We don't need to hear the eye test crap.. or other bull shit... if they don't do this its going to push more fans a way.... this year it as of now lost me...I strongly believe it was Rigged to help maximise Disney Investement. it turn me off college football.  the fix is easy play the games winner moves one they are better.... ONLY way ONLY way to Solve this issue..

Comment 31 Dec 2017

I always got to keep Pointing out the Obvious.. FOLLOW the $$. on why Bowl team go where.. and Why playoff Conferences schools got in over others. Disney/ESPiN is Losing Tons of $$  twice this year many layoffs.. over 200+ maybe even 300. Kirk may not be there in a year or so.. bet they Cut him to save a BUCK.. That network not dumb Always Over hype your investments, thats SEC/ACC and Playoffs. SO Disney will Support news Articles or there talking heads that ALWAYS give SEC/ACC or Playoff Picks in Positive light. TROLL anyone's Disagreements as if they are Stupid. HYPE HYPE HYPE.. = $$$$$ eyeballs to watch there Product.. they needed BADLY to Show with a big BOGUS lie that SEC/ACC best in college football so getting three in was BIG OVER HYPE WIN for Disney/ESPiN .. they will cash in next year in Regular season advertising tv commercials $$$$.. don't matter how those Team do.. they got three in.. PERIOD.. ALso ACC/SEC will use it Conference wide to get Recruits in 2019 some this year to hope on aboard .. over BITTEN,BIG12, PAC12..conferences...this is BIG $$ Propaganda technique. Good Manipulation if the Audience Is Ignorant to what they are really doing and Not calling them out on it... by Stop or Not watching Playoffs.. and Not watching ESPiN ... Of Course there Weak defense is to call those calling them out on there Propaganda is to use Old CIA bull crap terms like Conspiracy Theory again hoping Audience is to Dumb to think for themselves and will believe  there more Propaganda.. that ESPiN is or won't Ever REALLY do it which they CLEARLY ARE for Financial Benefits...well DAHH they are in Business to make $$$$$.. So again the OBVIOUS I'll point OUT !!!! Follow the $$$ .. and why they making $$$ or need too...

Comment 31 Dec 2017

lol Sense the playoff committee Corrupted picks I myself Called up Direct TV Turned off my EPSiN channels that Night.., saving some Money .. I got updates watch high lights of Cotton bowl should of BEEN ROSE BOWL  off Internet.. They didn't get my Ratings.. Screw Disney/ESPiN ...

Comment 31 Dec 2017

the Playoffs Won't matter if the Rattingz are SUPER poopy. who in the West coast is going to watch them??? who in Midwest is really going to watch them??? its going to be a Dominate SEC/ACC or South TV audience which will be WORST EVER.. i know when those games are on I'll be either playing a video game watching a movie or spending time with family in other ways... I just don't care about those games.... no interest I know its not the best teams... RIGGED .. not fun to watch then..

Comment 31 Dec 2017

he should be FIRED.. he had the POWER and Not the balls clearly to Tell all the Bowls that NO BIG TEN teams would go.. becasue of the Playoff Committee Disney/ESPiN Corrupted Picks. They would of FREAKED out, RUSHED to talks with him to Fix it. We fans at first Be ticked but would cost Bowl games ESPiN MILLIONS. if they Never changed anything then they'll have to get other teams to fill holes Bowls would Suck.. perfect Power play.. Jim if anything could of gotten a two play in games or got in either Wisky or Buckeyes.. in playoffs.. ..BUT didn't I don't agree with his Wimpy way of handling it.. FIRE him..

Comment 30 Dec 2017

yep, it Boils Down to $$$ guys.. Disney/ESPiN is Losing TONS of money what the other day laid off another 100+ ESPiN workers

So makes Finical Sense to Disney that they INVESTED Millions+ in SEC/ACC football coverage on top almost a Billion in College football playoffs. So THINK would it benefit Disney to get THREE of there invested Schools in there Playoffs?? HELL YEH!! Benefits those Conferences to help in future Recruiting!! also in Next years Advertising $$ selling or OVER hyping that SEc got two in Playoffs.. Even though we all Know with Intelligence its Corrupted and BIG time BENT towards Politics= $$$$$$.. I'm hoping many in Midwest and West coast Don't Watch any Playoff games.. Ratingz TANK.. so this Hurts Corrupted Disney Committee Ever doing this crap again.. I hope...that FOX Sports buys the Playoff Rights SOON.. then we May very well get two BIGTEN schools then ...I'll never See it if Disney Owns those rights.. I bet my house on it..

Comment 29 Dec 2017

don't blame him, this is NOT the Rose Bowl or a Playoff game.. why should he or would he risk his future $$ investment that 100% relies on his health??  I'm surprised there isn't more .. is anyone really watching this game? I'm like hope they win but ..still not in playoffs or any big ten team not going to give EPSiN DISNEY the ratings off my set ..screw them Dirt Corrupted Scummy committee. I have No Trust in it any more.. I hope to GOD most of you don't watch the playoffs.. or this Corruption shit will continue ...

Comment 29 Dec 2017

well this well be one of the few times in my life I'll Disagree with coach Urban Meyer Greatly on this.. I don't agree with 8.. but I can see 6.. weekend of Navy -Army game would hevn been a great to playoff-in games losers get put in one bowl game vs each other like this Cotton bowl.. ... winner are Lower seeds vs top seeds.. .Just my thoughts .  pretty Simple can be Easily done..

Comment 07 Dec 2017
Conspiracy?? So you playing that game childish article. It wasn't A conspiracy because you think it's honest you got to be crazy. It was super bias for Disney and ESPN to get three other teams in. Money Talks bulshit walks if you don't believe that you're a moron. Clearly Arabic Alabama no matter what even over Wisconsin who lost their last game as well as Alabama but instead to a conference Champion Alabama didn't oh by the way Wisconsin won their division Alabama didn't bias Alabama should not got in. And if they're going to use that credit to the time in Wisconsin was sure in.
Comment 10 Feb 2017

I don't think it is weird, he was at UC, it was like the MSU job you mentioned. I think NDU Fans/Alumni and boosters have ridiculously high expectation year in and year out. that is most likely becasue of the NBC and ESiPN Over hyping of that school's year expectations and the Media's silly ( I think preposterous or absurd) Pre-season polls..they need to go...

Comment 10 Feb 2017

if anything.. we will get to see how good that TTUN coach and his staff really is.. dealing with a younger team...

Although...I still want them to be 11-0 when they vs tOSU.. Becasue only the Buckeyes should beat them, is they way I want to see it play out every year..

Comment 10 Feb 2017

it be a interesting game..but as for Bama shying away?  lol with OOC of home vs Fresno State and (Who the F is) Mercer .. lol and the game FSU is in Atlanta .. no not a big gamble... Bama and all SEC schools need to man up and play Nov games in north vs Good Schools..and take off their sched all the HS games..

Comment 12 Jan 2017
Lol..looks like something my 13 or younger son can make on a cheep computer painting or drawing software...cheesy..if this is really it...
Comment 12 Jan 2017
With your logic we should NEVER USE COMMON SENSE and READ MOST TO ALL POST in a thread before posting an already answered question over and over again. You look stupid and it insults all us Buckeye fans that are associated with fans like you..but also to yourself. Don't be lazy and look ignorant, and control your I emotional impulses to post something your annoyed with. My post towards your post here.yes this one is a PRIME example..I just did what your frost one did. Posting my emotionally annoyance of your post..
Comment 12 Jan 2017
It clear to me we have still a lot of uneducated fans. That say we have plenty of film, game recordings of how the offense played out but they don't really watch them and see what really went wrong. It really quite simple ..the OFFENSEIVE LINE never completely played well in BIG games and NEVER gave any of our QBs time to get into rhythm or get there feet we saw those outcomes. Poor wide receivers open on side of field that the Qb is already running for his life..terrible play calls also is a problem this yr..but main one the LINE...PROTECTION!!!!
Comment 08 Jan 2017

ok. I guess I need help on understanding the Assistant coaching count at tOSU football staff.. Are they Subtracting  Luke Fickel's spot, who has also left?

I get that Ryan took the other Spot that Beck opened up,  so to me it makes sense that Luke's spot is now filled by Wilson??

Or did I miss a New Hire for Defense?

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Bungle fan.. you don't seem to understand or have good eye to what the offense problems was this year.  to me it was easy, PROTECTION.. the LINE overall was terrible in BIG games.. PERIOD!!. they NEED was good news that Price is coming back, with Jordan..but rest need a TON of WORK or no matter who is QB will to you .. will SUCK...even if we had Tom Brady or D. Watson at QB they would suck.. no time to get plays off or time to get into a confidence in pocket or game play rhythm...

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I done with College football this day forward till next fall..IDK about rest of bowls games.. Its Hockey Season this point forward.. but tonight need to DRINK.. to forget this crappy ending to a Season , I just want to PUKE