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Comment 16 Jan 2020

“When you go 13-1 and you win your conference championship, you win the rivalry game, that's a hell of a season now,” Day said. “Doesn't matter where you are, it's a hell of a season. But, again, we didn't reach all of our goals. So that keeps us wanting more.”

They’ll just have to wait a while to get more. 

Day is great.   He's coming for you, Bumpkin Dabo and Breck Girl.   See you in Miami in 2021.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

"At worst, there is major corruption in college football that stacks the deck against any conference or team that is outside of the ESPN marketing machine; at best, college football has the most garbage, incompetent, and straight idiotic officials working these games that coincidentally rarely make game-changing calls in favor of non-ACC/SEC teams."

This.   Man, do I hate ESPN.  

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Agree.  Plus, the way some rules are so vaguely written, they're always going to be subject to the whims of the refs and the review booth.  We'd be better off going back to some simpler rules, further restricting the review calls or canning it all together.  If a call is disputed, crap, go for a coin flip of stand or overturn for one opportunity per side a game and it would be fairer than throwing human subjectivity into things.  The games are long enough with the ton of commercials and penalty reviews.  College football has become a big commercial, interrupted by a football game.  It's forced me to DVR a lot of games so I can fast forward through all the crap.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

LOL.  Well, I guess that settles it.  If Herbstreit says so. ;)

Meanwhile, in other news,CBS exits SEC football negotiations, ESPN/ABC likely to take over after 2023


Show me the money.

Comment 21 Dec 2019

"... Michigan captain Khaleke Hudson was asked about Rogers' comments and didn't hold back.

“I’m not sure what they got at their facility, but I know we got one of the best facilities in the world,” Hudson told Wolverines Wire. “And we’ve got one of the best coaches in the world. We got the best teammates in the world.

“I don’t know where they’re at, but I know we’re higher up.”

Talk is cheap.  The only way TTUN is "higher up" if he's talking further up north or they're all smoking rope.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

"...It starts up front in the trenches with Ohio State's top three defensive tackles. DaVon Hamilton, Jashon Cornell and Robert Landers have combined for 9.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss this year. They've been a solid counterpunch to the nation's best pass-rusher in Chase Young, but they need to take better advantage when Clemson double (or triple) teams Young. That was the strategy deployed by Michigan and Wisconsin in Ohio State's last two games, and the Buckeyes failed to get consistent pressure on the quarterback.

A trio of defenders in the back seven will also play a huge role. Malik Harrison was a freshman and spot-duty player as a freshman in 2016, but he leads this year's defense with 69 tackles. Jordan Fuller leads a stout secondary from his safety spot and Damon Arnette, maybe the most improved defensive back in the country, offers the back end an enormous amount of flexibility..."


The Buckeyes own TTUN at 8-0.  TTUN is The Buckeyes' <insert> "rhymes with witch."  Clemson is 3-0, all-time, against The Buckeyes.  I don't want to see The Buckeyes halfway to TTUN's status.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Chase is going to be double teamed.  The rest of the D is going to have to take advantage of that and play as if they're all predators looking for scalps, like this Breck girl's.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

The Buckeyes are going to have come out and play very aggressively and non-conservatively at the very start of the game.  Play like they're already down 21-0 at the start.  If they win the flip, go on offense first, get Fields connecting on quick passes to start opening things up and don't be afraid to go long.  Man, I just hope Fields has fully-recovered so he can use his legs, too.  OSU HAS to score early and often. Knock them down and don't let them get back off the mat, and keep that pedal to the metal.  No more letting the opponent rack-up some early, easy scores, like last Saturday.  Why the Buckeye defense wasn't better prepared for the Badger's early scheme is beyond me.  It was ridiculous to have to give up THREE easy scores in the first half.  It cost them the #1 seed and will kill them if it happens against Clemson.

On defense, put the heat on Lawrence.  Chase and Co. are going to have to play like their hair's on fire.  If they can pressure Lawrence, he'll make mistakes, miss connections, and could provide some much needed turnovers.  Speaking of, the Buckeyes CAN'T turn the ball over and, even worse, commit stupid, stupid penalities.  Man, that was frustrating to watch last week.  REALLY dumb. 

That said, Day and his staff are the experts, obviously.  I'll be surprised and somewhat angered if they don't have things straightened-out for what's coming in AZ.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

"I'm still thinking about this hit from Josh Proctor at the end of the game. And so is Jack Coan. And also Brutus."

 "FIELDS STANDS ALONE. Remember the vociferous sect of Buckeye fans insisting that Justin Fields was probably a bad quarterback after watching him play a non-contact fake game less than three months after he was allowed to even take a practice snap?

They're dead now."

"They're all dead, Jim.  Coan is on life support.  Brutus is holding his hand, cause that's just the kind of guy he is."