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Comment 08 Aug 2020
Well I'll just say to you and everybody else. DON'T take any vaccines. You just don'tunderstand what it's real reason . I'm sorry the majority of those here just like in society refuse to see what's really at hand. I hope for the best but i am prepared for the worst. Hope things go as the majority thinks. I would so love to be wrong. But with the things i know i don' hold out hope for that., Soory for upsetting many of you. Just trying to help. And hopefully some took heed. But best to you all.
Comment 08 Aug 2020
Yes many have died and that's sad. But most who would have died from many things such as the seasonal flu. The numbers aren't much different than any other average year. Just that every death that occurs is labled as a covid death. No matter how they die. So you can't trust the numbers. The only "pandemic" is fear and ignorance.
Comment 08 Aug 2020
It's not the plan to suppress it. But for more to get it. And more will be affected the second wave. Because of all the fear and isolation and mask wearing thst are destroying thei immune system. So they will be as much in danger as the one's with thei immuno compromised were the first round. And will use this as an excuse to mandate a manditory vaccine. And you don't even want to know how bad that'sgoing to be.
Comment 08 Aug 2020
I have many friends that the same happened to them also. It's not about the truth it's about an agenda. Take the Frontline doctors press conference in DC. Not one msjor media shows up. Just independents. Telking if hiw they have been treating patients with the anit malaria drug and zinc. One Houston doctor has treated over 350 with serious underlying conditions and oldest 92. Hadn't lost one patient. All cured. How di they respond all social media delete videos and erase from hisrory and taje down thier website yeah they really care about the people
Comment 29 Jul 2020
Can we please stop the Tunmise flip talk. He's all Buckeye and he's gonna stay that way. Je is an awesome individual and will be a good Ambassador for OSU.
Comment 24 Jul 2020
Good read. Thanks. I really like this kid. He has the right out look and has it together. Great pick up for Bucks.
Comment 24 Jul 2020
Yes that's how i see that too. Telling you this kid is solid and all buckeye. Wish this talk would stop. He may read these forums and might get dismayed by all this .