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Comment 08 Mar 2018
A lot of people disrespecting ED. As an O line coach he has improved every team he has went too. He also did a good job of recruiting O lineman. He just isn't cut out to be an O coordinator.
Comment 10 Sep 2017
without game film...you can't tell if he is missing receiver being open, afraid to throw them open, or if they just can't get open. But after that interception JT looked like his spirit was broken. We were out coached on both sides of the ball. Brightside...we have the best punter in college football.
Comment 10 Sep 2017
Never though I would miss fickell! Linebacker got picked on. Their eyes were in the backfield. Worley got swallowed up (he is to small for the middle). I won't even get started with Booker.
Comment 04 Dec 2015
Houston has been a winner for a while. They just never paid the money to keep the coaches. Now they have a new Stadium and a top 25 recruiting class. They will never be Texas or A&M. But Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech will be taking notice.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
As a believer in Urban and standing by him and all his decisions this year, I am finally going to admit I was wrong. I though the offense would click at sometime, but that just never happened. Our office line has gotten worse all season and play calling is .... well do I need to even say. I hope this lesson is learned. ED can go back to fixing the o line and Tim you got one chance to prove your play calling get is better. Otherwise we need to clean a little house.
Comment 04 Nov 2015
The nail was in this coffin, For a while. I think Williams hammered it in and OSU coaches were ok with that. You take the sure thing instead of waiting for a person to make Thier mind. Especially, if the talent is comparable. Another note, why do we put these kids down for changing Thier mind? This isn't just which hat to wear today...it's a huge decision for Thier lives and OSU. I wish they didn't commit early and change, but to attack them for doing it. Please
Comment 14 Sep 2015
In Urban Meyer I trust! Neither looked good this last week. Urban has the keys to the team, what he decides is good enough for me. I don't think any of us have any championships to our name to make any other argument. Unless Saban or Pete Carroll are trolling on here?