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Comment 18 Oct 2018
I'm not going to downvote because you make a valid point and disagreement is a good thing. However, I believe that Meyer's approach to celebrations is a good one. If you follow his rules, there's no chance that you get called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which means you won't ever cost yourself or your team points. It may be harsh, but it means you definitely won't cross the line to a penalty. Now, I do think most celebration penalties are BS in general. Meyer shouldn't need this rule because he shouldn't need to worry about players getting penalized for being emotional after a big play.
Comment 22 Sep 2018

Penn State seems to be a wildly inconsistent team based on what I've seen. Against App State, they allowed some critical drives in the second half, while against Illinois they significantly improved in the second. I'm guessing Penn State up 7 at half, before Haskins shakes off the pressure of the white out and before defensive adjustments against PSU's excellent offense. However, I think Haskins gets in a groove and the defense gets enough stops to pull out the win.

Half: PSU 28 - OSU 21

Final: OSU 49 - PSU 38

Comment 02 Sep 2018

Keep in mind the last 2 drives with the backups were practically all run - on the last drive, they basically let Teague run until he scored. I don't think there's cause for concern.

Comment 07 Aug 2018

I think it's worth noting that Jordan could slide over to center. I could easily see both Bowen and Knox as starters at guard by the start of the fall.

Comment 05 Aug 2018

I have no idea how your comment has gotten any downvotes - it is clear that the situation is not as damning as it initially appeared, but it's still going to be important to find everything that happened and make a fair decision. We shouldn't assume Meyer is clear (or deserves to be clear) yet.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

Exactly! We can be prepared for the possibility of Meyer leaving without being unfaithful fans.

I think Schiano and Day are both excellent coaches, but Schiano probably has too much of a reputation to be named head coach in this type of situation. I could see Day becoming a full-time head coach, with Schiano getting a significant pay raise to stay around and coach right next to Day.

But if that doesn't work out, I like your list.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

I honestly probably wouldn't have made this thread if I had seen that "direct evidence" quote. The information that McMurphy provided definitely warrants an investigation, and it's probably best to have Meyer removed from the situation to help that investigation move forward. But after that quote, I can't believe the media still proceeded to drag Meyer's reputation through the mud. If it turns out he didn't know, there's going to be a helluva lot of motivation for Ohio State to destroy the college football world this year.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

It's true that I haven't been a fan as long as some people here. However, I am a true fan, and I'm not trying to troll here.

While I don't think Meyer is gone yet, I think it would be crazy to assume that Gene Smith doesn't already have a potential list of his own. I simply think this is an interesting topic of conversation, and probably a more productive one than the dozen threads debating whether Meyer should be fired

Comment 02 Aug 2018

That's a good call - there's a lot of good options on the market and within the university, and the optics of the situation are important.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Many people have pointed out that the evidence that McMurphy showed is nowhere near enough proof. OSU's athletic department should definitely investigate this thoroughly, with no covering up this time, but it would be a mistake to immediately fire Urban.

However, if Urban did know the severity of Zach Smith's actions and continued to enable him, he deserves to be fired. I would be very cautious about dismissing Courtney Smith's claims as greedy money grabs. Domestic violence is a serious issue and she deserves support for what she has faced. It would be an incredibly bad look to make conclusions before all information is out and come out on the wrong side of this.

Comment 14 Apr 2018

Ooh awesome to hear. Either the broadcasters were mistaken, or I misheard Snead for Teague. Either way, I'll take it, he showed some amazing potential.

Comment 14 Apr 2018

I'm not sure that Burrow is the better quarterback. However, I think there's a reason why they're neck and neck in the QB competition, and I think Burrow's skill set fits the OSU offense marginally better. Also, I am admittedly a biased fan of McCall and believe he and Burrow could be an amazing connection.

Comment 14 Apr 2018

In my opinion, there's already a scary connection between Burrow and McCall. I'd love to see more of that. As a general perspective, I think Burrow is the most balanced of the 3 QBs, and has the capacity to run Meyer's offense with a little more throwing power than we're used to.

Comment 24 Mar 2018

I can see how this would work based on our offensive scheme from the past year. On third or fourth and short, everyone knew that JT was going to be running the ball up the middle. Perhaps Meyer simply wants a running quarterback in this type of scenario. Using Martell instead of Haskins could potentially benefit these plays without risking injuries to Haskins. We could also work in some legitimate plays for Martell to keep the defense guessing.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

I appreciate this bracket because it's forward-looking. If we keep winning and follow the currently expected trajectory (good, but not great enough to upset Purdue) it's perfectly reasonable. I understand the reserved expectations but I respectfully disagree. You raise a good point about depth, but I think we could get fairly far based on the results over the last stretch.