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Comment 12 Feb 2020

They are "suspended indefinitely".  That is effectively "not on the team".  This is a common practice.  Typically, this at least gets through one step beyond arrest, like an arraignment.  Once that happens, they are usually cut.

I would not suggest that the entire case is BS, because the only info I have it what has been reported.  But what if it is?  Two innocent guys are thrown off the team?  That's pulling the trigger very quickly.  So, we wait.  They are suspended, and "not in the building".  If the case has merit - and I suspect it does - then they will be cut.  No need to scream, "WHY DID YOU WAIT A WEEK TO CUT THEM??  THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN CUT IMMEDIATELY".  OSU will want nothing more to do with these two.

Comment 19 Jan 2020

Still has another year to play HS ball.  Good chance he adds another star.  Then again, odd stuff counts in the ratings, like who offers.  If you have offers from bottom-tier programs, then suddenly 'bama offers, your rating goes up, even if your level of play stayed exactly the same.  With his commitment, other schools may not bother extending offers.  We shall see.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

It doesn't matter for anyone, especially 'bama, for another three weeks.  Anything can happen in that time.  If "bama is that much of a different team without Tua, then surely the Iron Bowl will hash that out.

As for OSU and "hardly their most convincing", if you wanted convincing, leave the starters in for all but the last few minutes.  There were names on jerseys which were unfamiliar to anyone who doesn't know the complete roster - scout team, walk-ons and all - like the back of their hand.  Not that big a deal if Rutgers can shut down an all-freshman OSU line-up.