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Comment 24 Apr 2018

No way. Korpi's a middle of the road backup. He's no where near ready to be a #1 in the NHL. Needs lots of work on his positioning. Let's in some really weak goals by leaving the short side open. Korpi regularly gives up 3-4 goals against average teams, and rarely plays against playoff level teams. I like the guy, and hope he develops into a starter, but he's at least 2-3 years away, if he shows marked improvement.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

You also have to consider that his fist two playoff series were against a Pens team that is pretty much dynasty status, and led by a multiple time Hart/Ross/Richard/Smythe trophies winner. Caps are always near the top of the league in scoring, as well. I'd bet that if you looked up goalies who played similar levels of teams in the first round every year, you'd see GAAs higher than 3. 

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Your analysis is dead on. 

G1 - The Jackets missed an opportunity to change lines when the Caps did. The line was gassed and struggling to stay within two strides of their marks. When a halfway decent NHLer has time to wind up and a clear shooting lane 15' from the net, it's practically a penalty shot. Bob makes that save a lot of times, but last night he didn't. 

G2 - Every Jacket on the ice was watching the puck, and didn't even notice Ovi sliding into the slot. No excuse for that.

G3 - Ovi's patented one-timer, and it rang off the inside of the post. No goalie stops that.

Throughout the game, the Jacket's strategy to solve Holtby was to have defensemen pinch in way more than usual, often deep below the circles. As a result, they gave up even more odd-man and clear breakaways than they had all series, and it was already a serious problem in every game. Bob gave up a couple breakaway goals, but they were coming every couple minutes, and he saved the day more often than not. WSH had more team speed to begin with, and the Jackets trying to ramp up the pressure on the forecheck just exacerbated the issue. Certainly not Bob's best game, but overall in the series, his play was much more positive than negative.

Comment 17 Apr 2018

A lot of hockey players discover in their 30's that they need to start playing defense if they want to keep getting paychecks.

Comment 17 Apr 2018

Enjoy your fluke goal, Capitals. It would be shame to deny your home fans the chance to see you get eliminated in the 1st round for the umpeenth straight year. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

This would be an opportune time for Milano and Bjorkstrand to step up their games. Can't be too many fresh legs out there at this point. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

3rd straight OT game. Great intensity to finish out regulation. Both teams look pretty frustrated at this point. Love Calvert's game. He makes an impact every shift. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

PLD top corner from the right dot. 1st playoff goal for the rookie. Tie game. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

...and the Caps appear to have their usual 2 goal lead on a scramble in front of the net. Goal being challenged for possible offside. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

Caps score first on a tipped shot. Close to being a high stick, but upheld. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

Jackets had their best 1st period of the series (not that that's saying much), but game still scoreless at intermission. Jackets strategy appeared to be to pepper Holtby from all angles, looking for deflections and rebounds. Some good looks, but nothing to show for it, so far. Looked pretty dominant for most of the period, with physical play and good hustle to loose pucks. Still giving up some odd-man breaks, which I'd really like to see them clean up. Bob's looking confident. 

Comment 17 Apr 2018

I think it was the right call. 6 of the 9 Jackets' goals beat Grubauer clean, high glove side. After Cam's fist goal in Game 2, the Jackets' were obviously gunning for that spot, and beat him for 3 straight. He was looking more and more uncomfortable when the puck was hanging around the right circle. Solid goalie otherwise, but that's a big weakness at this level. 

Comment 14 Apr 2018

Huh? They were saying that the Wailers weren't good musicians, and only sounded good with studio production? That's absolutely preposterous! I mean, there are dozens of videos of the band playing live, and they're all excellent. Any era, any lineup, they were a great live band. Family Man and Carly Barrettt were legends in Jamaica, before they joined the Wailers, when they were pumping out tracks for Scratch Perry. Heck, you could put Bob out on stage alone, and it would still be a better show than most bands today. Did this friend also think that the Monkees were better than the Beatles?

Comment 14 Apr 2018

That's exactly correct. There's a short spoken intro, which appears to be missing from the Youtube clips, that mentions the studio. KSAN disc jockey Tom Donahue hosted a series called Live from the Plant, which featured up and coming rock acts. Donahue was apparently a very hip champion of new music, despite sounding like a square in describing the Wailers music as "the reggae". I had always heard varying reports of how this session came to be. In researching to answer your post, I came across an excellent blog post that tells the whole story (linked below). I'll offer a short summary.

In '73, the Wailers agreed to tour as an opening act for Sly & the Family Stone, in an attempt to reach a wider audience. The tour was scheduled for 17 dates, however, after the 4th show the tour buses and headliners absconded for the next stop before the openers had awoken in the morning, stranding the Wailers in Las Vegas. Not having enough money to return to Jamaica, the Wailers were fortunate to receive help in booking a few dates in San Francisco. Donahue had been an early supporter of the band, and invited them to appear on his show while in town. 

The most striking revelation from the blog post, is that it is not Bunny Wailer on the KSAN session, but former Wailers mentor Joe Higgs. Higgs was part of the older generation of reggae musicians, and had tutored the Wailers' three vocalists on their harmonies. Bunny was always reluctant to leave Jamaica, and still having a bad taste in his mouth from a previous UK tour, declined to participate in the US tour. This is stunning to me, as I have listened to those tracks many times, picking out each vocal part and thinking "Oh yeah, that's definitely Bunny!" Oh well. 

There's much more in the article. http://www.bobmarley.com/burnin-and-lootin-san-francisco-1973/

Comment 14 Apr 2018

It's very flattering that you would suggest that, Coop. Thank you. I've occasionally considered writing some music related posts, but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. My schedule right now doesn't afford much time for such things, but I think I'll start on a couple doc files and chip away at them over time. (which is probably a much better method than trying to knock something out in one sitting anyway)

Comment 13 Apr 2018

I remember hearing about the found tapes when it was first reported. Unfortunately, I can't find any updates about whether they will be released. This Guardian article gives a good breakdown. Most of the tapes were able to be restored. The original recordings were done with a 24 track mobile studio owned by the Rolling Stones, so the original quality was very high. I hope they see the light of day. 


I agree wholeheartedly about live recordings. The studio is good for cleaning up rough edges and making it more palatable for a wide audience, but when you're talking about world class musicians, there's nothing better than letting them do their thing in the same way that they honed their craft. 

Comment 13 Apr 2018

I had not heard that. Pretty cool, similar vibe to Rastaman Chant. There's a treasure trove of Marley recordings outside of the studio albums. From early Jamaican tapes, unreleased studio recordings, to bootlegs, I've been hunting them down for well over 10 years, and I still find new material I never knew existed. There are a number of singles recorded before Catch a Fire, which usually can be found on random small label compilations.

My favorite live recording of the original lineup was recorded at a San Francisco radio station, KSAN, in '73. Most of the tracks can be found on the album Talkin' Blues, but there are bootleg recordings of the entire uncut performance. A bit sloppy at times, but great energy. 

This version of Get Up, Stand Up is the fire:

There's also a Deluxe Edition CD of Burnin'. The bonus disc is a live concert from '73. IIRC, the live show is the original lineup, adding Earl Lindo on keyboards (I believe he's also on the KSAN recording), but minus Bunny. Not quite the same w/o the third harmony part, but a good performance otherwise. This is also free streaming w/ Prime.


Comment 13 Apr 2018

I highly recommend checking out the 2001 Remastered Deluxe Edition, which contains a bonus disc of the original Jamaican recorded master tapes, with no overdubs. Blackwell was worried that rock fans might not be able to relate to the new sounds, which lacked over-driven guitar solos and other rock elements. He opted to have British studio musicians overdub additional guitar and keyboard parts (with Marley's oversight) before releasing the album.  

While the original release is certainly a classic, the unaltered master tapes bring into focus the organic aspects of the original Wailers lineup. The rhythm tracks breathe more, and highlight the spacious nature of the dual back-beat style, where notes and beats that aren't played can be more powerful than those that are. But the real star of the master tapes is the vocal harmonies of Bob, Peter, and Bunny, which come to the forefront in the absence of guitar fills and spacey keyboard sounds. Shimmering, haunting, defiant, tender, playful, cool, the Wailers' vocal parts weave in, out, and through each other with a natural ease that reflects their early days as a doo-wop style vocal group. 

The original master tapes versions are available for streaming w/ a basic Amazon Prime membership. Tracks are marked as "Jamaican Version".


Comment 12 Apr 2018

Hell of a shot by Jones. Great sequence of plays on that goal. Holding the zone and pass from the knees from Cam, heads up pass from Panarin, and the finish by Jones. Three of my favorite players on this team. 

Hope they can pull it out in OT, but even if they don't, they've proven they can go head to head w/ the Caps, despite some Pens-style home cooking in the 1st period. 

Comment 05 Apr 2018

With the guaranteed point for regulation tie, the Jackets clinch a playoff berth. First time in franchise history for back-to-back playoff appearances. 

And as I typed this, the Pens score to get the extra point. Jackets can still secure home ice for first round w/ a win over Preds, and a Pens loss to Sens. 

Comment 05 Apr 2018

Heck of a game going on in Nationwide. 4-4 with 6 min left in regulation. Jackets and Pens both in post-season form. 

Comment 03 Jan 2018

Yesterday one announcer for the MeatChicken game innocently said "the Big Ten has had a good bowl season", and his colleague attacked him saying "well only New Years bowls and playoffs count, there are no points for the other games".

I didn't hear that bit, but that's just silly. OSU and USC were conference champions. That's a matchup that would historically have made the Rose Bowl the premier non-BCS/Playoff game. The fact that it was played a couple days earlier has no effect on the quality of the matchup.  The non-playoff NYD bowls only featured one team that played in a Power 5 championship game, and they lost to an AAC team. A bunch of games played between teams that finished 3/4/5 in their conferences mean more because the Cotton Bowl snatched up the better teams? GTFOH

There's only one thing worse than talking heads who spew inane SECPN talking points, and that's talking heads who make inane SECPN talking points sound even more ridiculous.