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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship, hands down the best game I've ever watched. Loved beating a team that didn't even expect it to be a game.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ Hawk, man I miss that guy
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Meh.
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: No thanks

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Comment 05 Nov 2017

It's funny as I was watching this game I was suddenly reminded of a documentary I recently saw about George Custer's last stand.  An over-confident guy who was sometimes more lucky than good, and living more off reputation than actual ability, underestimated his opponent and arrogantly rode into enemy territory unprepared and got slaughtered...I not sure why this game made me think of that.

Comment 27 Jan 2017

He wants to play tight end, which we could use and the kid is talented but he's got baggage.  He wasn't well liked by his teammates here and he just quit on them with several games left to play, didn't even finish out the season.  We should pass on him. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I was listening to Cowherd today ( I know... but I was home sick) and he made a point about how the presence of Nick Saban in the conference and unrealistic fan expectations caused the SEC to run off all of it's good coaches.  The Playoff was embarrassing, and some changes need to be made, but maybe a little perspective is in order.  The Bucks had the youngest team in the country and still went 11-1 in the regular season and went to the college football playoff when they should have lost at least 3 maybe 4 games.  They lost 12 guys to the NFL.  They far exceeded expectations, we are a fortunate fan base.  Be thankful you are not a Vols fan (whom I live among and can testify to the misery of this fanbase) who are enjoying a near decade of mediocrity without any reasonable hope of a return to prominence.  (They are however champions of life!)  Wariner was an awesome OL coach, offensive coordinator not so much, I just hope we are not victims of our own success and running off good coaches because of unrealistic expectations. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Living in SEC country, I really wanted to see Bama lose.  And watching Clemson come from 14 down in the first half to making Bama fans cry at the end of the game was well worth my time.  It also was somewhat reminiscent of another team that came back from a significant deficit and also made Bama fans cry.  So now I will mock SEC fanboys still claiming how much better than everyone else their conference is, because they will still be trying to wave that flag.  No National Championship, a losing bowl record, only one team with 10  or more wins, all facts of which they will be constantly reminded.  It's gonna be a good day.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Completely agree.  What about making a defense have to change what they are doing because of us?  Adjustments anyone?  Remember Va. Tech's bear front?  Worked one time, never worked again.  Some teams tried it and then had to abandoned it when we burned them on it.  Clemson did defensively stuff we have seen all year, they just did it with better athletes than we have seen all year.  We just never adjusted.  No excuse.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

The problems began last year, when an extremely talented team kept covering up the offensive ineptitude by winning games.  What those guys are doing in the NFL this year tells you all you need to know about how poorly they were used by this offensive coaching staff.  No one should ever bitch about 11-1, except maybe if you are a team insanely loaded with NFL talent and you somehow manage to play far to many close games on a undeniably weak schedule, and then lose at home to a back-up QB.  The reflags were there then.  Well hopefully now they are undeniable, the offensive ineptitude of an Urban Meyer coached team can no longer be dismissed be saying “we need to get better” or “we just didn’t execute.”   We never actually got better, in fact it seemed to get worse. Talent was there and still is, time to fix the coaching. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Only 2 other teams failed to score 14 or more against Michigan St...Maryland and Central Michigan. We are in such good company.  In every other game MSU played, if their opponent had held them to 17,  they would have lost.  We really didn't get beat by that good of a team. Or that great of a defense.  I am baffled by this insistence on being a "power-run" team.  I am not sure when that took root, but I can't remember when Urban's offensive philosophy involved betting so heavily on dominating the line of scrimmage. (At least give it to the guy who is supposed to run it.)  We've been a spread, hurry-up offense, distributing the ball to playmakers.  We want to run 70 plays or more a game.  We are not Alabama, and we didn't beat them by being a power-run team.  We mix in some power-running concepts to keep teams honest, but we have had great success spreading teams out and attacking the edges.  It seems now we challenge teams to load up to stop the run (which they do) and then scrape by on better talent and a stout defense.  Holding MSU to 17 points should have been plenty good enough (As mentioned before no one that Sparty beat would have lost if they were able to hold them to 17 points).  This offense has strayed far from what they do well.  Spreading teams out, getting the ball in hands of playmakers, and making defenses have to account for the whole field.  Instead they stack the line, and we try to run it against them anyway.   If Western Michigan can score 24 points against Michigan St. then sure as shit the defending National Champions should.  That did not look like any Urban Meyer offense I ever saw.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

This will be watched many times over, and then again tomorrow.  I just spent an hour reliving one of the most epic seasons of college football. Ever.  The pain, the despair, then the redemption and triumph.  Chase complete.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I stood up and ran in place, yelling my head off, as Zeke ran 85 yards to set me free from the shackles of SEC oppression I had lived under for the better part of a decade.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Skip Cades Cove unless you want to take 2 and half hours to travel a 11 mile loop and see some deer in a field eating grass, it is a nightmare in July.  Laurel Falls  can be like waiting in line for a ride at Cedar Point.  Just about everyone who comes to the Smokies goes there.  Rainbow Falls is a nice hike but a little harder than you would expect.   Andrews Bald from Clingman's Dome is a pretty hike.  July can be hot and humid, and there are tons of people.  For your time in the park I recommend do something at a higher elevation, like Clingman's Dome/Andrew's Bald or hit up a swimming hole.  Midnight hole out of Big Creek picnic area is  a moderate hike to a deep pool with a waterfall pouring between 2 rocks, very refreshing on a hot July day.   Hope some of that helps.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Appreciate the love from Buckeye Nation, especially those of us taking up residence in SEC country.  Obvious many can relate.  For this year, we will bend the knee to no one.  Don't hold back, the SEC chest-thumping has gone on for far too long.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

You missed where I spelled convince instead of convenience, I can always count on there to be at least one grammar nazi out there.  Most likely an English major with an axe to grind, or an English teacher with no life.  

Comment 16 Dec 2014

This is the unfortunate effect of winning and success, other teams begin to pick off our coordinaters and assistants.  If recruiting is the life-blood of any program, than coaching staffs are the heart that pumps the blood.  If you look at the decline of any of the major programs in recent years almost certainly all of them have lost some of their key assistants.  Including Urban's Gator program after they won their 2nd national title. While I am happy for Herman, and our success, we need to hire good assistants and pay them well.  i.e. Ed Warinner needs a raise. (No way Fickel should be the highest paid coach on the staff).

Comment 01 Dec 2014

I believe we will see a lot of the same looks we got from Va. Tech, hopefully we are prepared this time for it.  This is the second time this year that we will not be favored going into the game, I've noticed when we are favored, we seem to start fast, and then let off the gas a little, this along with a few turnovers, allows teams to get back in the the game.  Then we tighten up and the play calling gets conservative.  Against Michigan St. we could not do that and have any hope of winning the game.  So we opened up the play book, and had the best game I have seen Ohio St. play in the Urban Meyer era.  We are going to have to do the same this weekend, cause we won't beat Wiscy without opening things up and taking some chances.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Western NC is great.  Good beer, nice people, great scenery.  Go hiking and learn to fly-fish.  Oh and it is not winter there for six months of the year.