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Born in Garfield Heights, Ohio and joined the USAF when I was 17 and retired in 2007 after 28 years. Have been a Buckeye fan all my life no matter where I was in the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching tOSU vs Wisconsin in 1974 and us beating them good

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Comment 11 Sep 2015

Driving from Ohio to Nebraska where I was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base and remember looking up in the sky to see AF One and its escort aircraft flying east when we were heading west on I-80.  There were no other planes flying.  Every gas station we stopped at had the news on and people were just crying.  It was intense to say the least and one of the saddest days I can remember.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

In 2014 the National Hotdog and Sausage Council reported $2.4 Billion in sales! I'll take mine with chili, cheese, onions, mustard, ketchup, and jalapeños. I am definitely a supporter to entrepreneurs across this nation selling these delightful morsels.  A pox on those not supporting local hotdog business endeavors!! 

Comment 21 Mar 2015

12:26 Saturday afternoon and I just put a pork shoulder on low and slow for Sunday dinner.  Will be serving it with baked beans and coleslaw for the Sunday family gathering. 

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Three Michigan women decide to go camping. They drive to a state park and set up their campsite.  After an hour or two they decide to go fishing in the nearby river.  They spend most of the afternoon fishing in the river but nothing is biting. Along comes a park ranger and asks to see their licenses. Each one produces the required document and then the park ranger asks if they have had any luck.  They all answer no.  The ranger decides to see what they are using for bait. He asks each of them to reel in their lines so he can check.  On each of the lines he discovers a magnet.  Puzzled he asks the women if they know what they are doing.  They all answer yes.  The ranger leaves shaking his head puzzled by their responses.  One of the ladies hits the one next to her and says "what a dumb ranger he was, doesn't he know there are steelhead in these waters."

Comment 11 Jan 2013

If they lose they could always blame it on hanging Chud

Comment 07 Nov 2012

German Buckeye,

Thanks for serving, I did 28 years myself.  I too will probably watch that game also it is either that or the Huskers as I am in the middle of Husker Nation, UGH!  Take care of yourself and again thanks.

Comment 15 May 2012
I don't even bother watching them anymore. The Especially Stupid Phony Network lost me a long time ago. I log in to vote on their site for people like Thad Matta or others competing on behalf of tOSU but I draw the line there. There are too many phony homies on there to not be biased in whatever they present. I wish it weren't part of my cable/tv package because I refuse to watch it yet I get charged for it.
Comment 10 Jan 2012

I didn't watch the game but from what I read in the articles seems like Jim Bollman was down in New Orleans last night calling plays for the LSU Tigers.  What a performance by the Bama defense, one time the Tigers get passed the 50 yard line all game?? WOW. I guess the spotlight on Honey Badger and his scheme of trash talking the Bama players mothers backfired on him.  Oh well looking forward to 2012 and the rebirth of tOSU teams in the near future.