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Comment 18 Jan 2021

I think a HUGE underlying message with Olave and Ruckert returning should tell you how good Stroud and/or Miller must look in practice. ZERO chance these guys would be coming back if they didn’t have supreme confidence in whomever wins our starting QB job next year. 

Comment 16 Jan 2021

Thanks!  I guess he doesn't want to "play school".

Comment 14 Jan 2021

I think you forgot the /s

Proctor wiffs of just as many, if not more tackles than he makes. Not knocking the guy but he should take some lessons from Justin Hilliard on how to properly tackle. 

Comment 13 Jan 2021

I too think that Hausmann coming back should be a sure thing.  He can be the primary TE - if Ruckert goes pro - and the dude has some skills.  He had an amazing TD catch 2019 season, back of the endzone against Indiana I think.  Would give Stover a year to transition fully into the position too.

Comment 13 Jan 2021

I'm all aboard the Chris Ash bandwagon.... we need to shore up this defense (permanently) plain and simple. We've got blown out in 2016 (Clemson, 2017 (Iowa), 2018 (Purdue) and now 2020 (Bama).  Having a great defense is becoming the anomaly around here which is unacceptable for Ohio St.

Comment 13 Jan 2021

I’ve been saying this since he came in. Looked like a ballhawk / headhunter at Safety in high school and in the AA Game but - like you said - forced himself in at CB so he could make the “big money”. He’s most likely already be. Starting if he stuck to FS/SS. 

Comment 11 Jan 2021

He won't be in the league longer than 3 years (mark it down) and will be a role / reserve player at best during that time frame.  Haven't seen a worse DB at OSU since Pittsburgh Brown.