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Comment 12 Nov 2019

1. I noticed Baron Browning and Josh Alabi didn't play on Saturday vs MD (unless I missed something).  Is this injury or disciplinary related?

2. The Freshmen WR seem to have passed up Jalyn Harris.  Do you see him and Elijah Garnder as possible transfers this offseason?

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Gibbs looks like the real deal... dude is vastly underrated and could/should easily be a top-5 RB in the 2020 class.  He's got the wiggle, acceleration and size to be a feature back on this team.  If we lock him up I say we call it a day unless Bijan wants to jump in, yet if he does, I strongly feel Gibbs wouldn't be a part of the class. 

Comment 21 Oct 2019

Everyone just stay patient and let the season play out. I got a sneaky suspicion we’ll flip a major RB target if we keep rolling like this 

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Holmes will have 2 years of eligibility left. He hasn’t used his redshirt yet which he would do this year and he’d be a RSJunior next year with immediate eligibility since he’s graduating. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019
When will we have more clarity on the Leroux situation. Not piling on the guy just wondering for numbers. I know the updates of his weight, grey shirt, etc. I think there will be a transfer stud RB ready to step in and play. Look no further than Georgia again with White and Cook having to split carries with Swift (if he stays) and incoming Milton. Too many cooks in the kitchen and Justin can let them know how much he loves playing at OSU along with how much better the culture is here :))
Comment 12 Oct 2019

I f’ing LOVED these and the first alternate they wore (white throwback)!! God I wish they’d bring both those back!

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Not at all... still tons of mistakes, missed assignments, missed passes, penalties that kill drives.  We have TONS to improve upon... which is pretty scary.  The MSU game has to be the most deflated I've ever felt after a 24 point win.  We left 14-21 points on the board

Comment 07 Oct 2019

I had a feeling Wade would blow up this year and if he continues this trajectory our defense will be pretty unstoppable in the second half of the season. Replacing our entire secondary will be tough next year which is why I still haven’t jumped off the Ricks to OSU train. He’s gotta see how we’re perfoming combined with LSU’s porous secondary this year and know Cbus is the place for him IMHO  

Comment 25 Sep 2019

Doubtful. I even remember reading how some of our WR commits we talking about how good Stroud is and how they had great chemistry with him at one of the camps.  We need a backup plan with Miller’s injury issues