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Comment 12 Jun 2019

Fair enough.. was just an honest question.  Wonder why Toutant just took a nose dive in the rankings?  Dropped 70 spots today on the composite

Comment 09 Jun 2019

I have a feeling Fields stays through his (true) senior year with the next 2 years being more workman like (2500 yds passing + 800-1000 yds rushing) and his senior year taking off and having more of a Haskins-esque year w/ 4k+ passing and less rushing

Comment 30 May 2019

I have a suspicion we’ll see the black uni’s Again this year, maybe even more than once. Nearly every recruit we have on campus wants their pic in that uniform. I also just saw a video clip on Rivals where they ask top recruits who has the best uniform and nearly all of them say “Oregon”. Love it or Hate it these kids love Alts and our Blacks so with recruiting being as important now as ever with the regime transition I have a feeling the blacks are here to stay 

Comment 24 May 2019

I"m sure Clemson Fans were getting a kick out of our board when we lost Jackson Carmen.  All fan bases do this sh*t, even ours. 

... doesn't mean it's still not funny though!

Comment 22 May 2019

Speaking of our new defensive coaches, I hope Coach Day sat them down and pin pointed how he shredded them in The Game. We can’t have them pull another “Schiano” this year a la Purdue / Iowa and once again get left standing on the outside looking in of the CFP

Comment 22 May 2019

Question for AE or anyone on the board with intel:

Are we pursuing Desmond Evans, the DE from NC at all? He doesn’t seem to have interest in the traditional southern powers and would be a beast under LJ’s tutelage. 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

Seems like Clemson is going to have the class many OSU fans were wishing for; Breese, Mickins, Davis, Williams, who knows who else?

They gonna be good for a min...