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Comment 30 Nov 2019
Exactly this. To look into Coach Days eyes and listen to what he was saying (or trying to day). He gets it. He realizes what this game is and means. Coach Day has done a hell of a job this season, and we as fans should be truely thankful for the coach we have.
Comment 09 Jan 2019

Birm mentioned this over on Lettermen Row.  Basically said it looked like the entire offensive staff was staying in place until late yesterday/early today.

He also mentioned that the Corey Raymond situation is a no go. I personally didn't see Corey leaving his alma mater to come to Ohio State, but crazier things have happened and I am anxious to see what name comes up next.

Here is the link to Birms article:

Comment 02 Jan 2019
I'm firmly in this camp. I have watched Freeman have success since he started his coaching career and wiuld love to have him back at Ohio State. I don't know that he would or wouldn't be interested though. Even with a pay raise, would he be interested in going back to a position coach from having full reign of Cincinnati's defense? Even coming back to his alma materand where his coaching career began, would he rather hold out for a DC position as a Power 5 program?
Comment 22 Sep 2018
The absence of Bosa will definitely be felt, but I have confidence Jonathan Cooper will step up and elevate his game. Chase Young and the rest of the D line will have to step their game up as well and provide constant pressure on the QB.
Comment 22 Sep 2018
I don't see Penn State scoring twice as many in the second half as Haskins and Co. I suppose it could happen if the coaching staff goes into ultra conservative mode, but I don't see Ryan Day taki g his foot off the gas. I guess we will see if Meyer has truly turned over control of the offense.
Comment 01 Dec 2017
It kind of seems like the tail is wagging the dog down there with the fans running the show.
Comment 06 Feb 2017

How about the Browns cutting Taylor Gabriel last year for him to go on to play and play well in the super bowl this year?